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Co-working space, Event space

25 40

The same four walls day in day out gets rather monotonous, trust us, we know! Therefore, we offer co-working spaces for independents, freelancers and small teams.

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Kuala Lumpur

Auditorium, Meeting Room/Space

3000 5000

DWC Dewan Wawasan Convention & Exhibition Centre consists of the main conference hall known as Dewan Wawasan.

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Co-working space, Event space, Meeting Room/Space

80 100

H Space is a Co-working Space in Mitraland Tower, Kota Damansara and KPMG Tower, Bandar Utama.

contact Starts at RM290

Kuala Lumpur

Bar, Club, Event space

199 1000

With its plush velvet walls, Velvet Underground is a unique venue that provides an exclusive haven for private parties or even more up-close and personal product launches or press conferences.

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Hotel, Outdoors

500 600

Many of us dream of having a Garden wedding here in Malaysia but are gut-wrenched by the unpredictability of our Malaysian weather.

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Kuala Lumpur

Event space, Unique venue

80 80

Sekeping Retreats have been a frequent choice for small weddings, engagement parties and even bridal showers.

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Event space, Private estate, Rooftop, Unique venue

100 200

Planning a party and bored of the normal venues? Here's a bungalow for any occasion.

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Kuala Lumpur

Bar, Café, Rooftop, Unique venue

100 180

Currently KL’s Best Kept Secret, HELI Lounge Bar is a brand spanking new dance club that is set to take KL’s night scene by storm and may no longer qualify for that catchphrase soon.

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Co-working space, Event space, Gallery, Meeting Room/Space, Outdoors, Private estate, Studio, Unique venue

50 80

European Home Decor Bungalow combined with Infinity Cove Photography Studio

contact Starts at RM1,000

Kuala Lumpur

Event space

0 2000

Trendy new shopping mall with an arty and edgy vision.

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Ballroom, Conference Hall, Event space, Halal Venue, Hotel, Meeting Room/Space, Unique venue

400 500

Fully-equipped, 500-pax conference hall is the perfect setting for banquets, receptions and conferences.

contact Starts at RM5,000

Bar, Restaurant

300 500

Signature is a trendy and premium gastro-lounge where award-winning signature cocktails are concocted and a great selection of international premium beverages are served.

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