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Top Birthday Venues in Singapore

If you are looking for the best birthday party venues, you will not be disappointed with what Venuerific offers! Browse through a plethora of spaces and venues where you can celebrate a memorable birthday party with your family and friends. Whatever size, style, or vibe you are aiming for, lion city will always have the perfect venues to rent for birthday parties.

Birthday Venues Rental Guide

Birthday Venues Singapore

At Venuerific, we help ensure that you will land on the best birthday venue Singapore can offer for your upcoming celebration. Since there are a plethora of available potential venues for your event, finding the ideal one might be overwhelming and tedious.

Thankfully, with our filter options and this handy guide, finding the perfect event place will not be a hassle! Let’s help you find the ideal birthday celebration venue in Singapore by following the tips below:

Know your budget
Start your birthday preparation by setting a budget, especially if you opt for affordable birthday party venues. Knowing how much you should spend on the event is a great way to ensure that every expense is worthwhile and accounted for.

Having a budget does not mean you always have to settle for less. Instead, you can use your limitations to carefully and wisely assess where you are spending your money. You wouldn’t want to overspend thousands of dollars on an underperforming venue with inferior services. You need to get the best value for your money, and setting a budget will help you get that!

Keep in mind that the longer your guest list is, the higher you have to spend. Fortunately, you can find an array of cheap birthday party venues Singapore has to offer. Click the links below and see the available venues based on specific price levels:

  • Budget: Bars, restaurants, and cafes are some of the ideal venues if you plan to spend $10 to $50 per guest. These affordable birthday venues will never run out of delicious food and pleasant drinks, which are a must for every special occasion!
  • Economy: For $51 to $100 per person, you will surely get your desired value for money by booking restaurants, function halls, and event spaces via Venuerific. These venues can provide ample spaces, welcoming vibes, and excellent services to help make your event successful.
  • Premium: Spend $101 to $180 per pax to give your guests the premium experience at the best birthday party venues Singapore has. From unique venues, galleries, and private estates, you can surely find a venue that can pass your high standards at Venuerific!
  • Luxury: Throw a birthday party at a lavish yacht or the most luxurious hotels and event spaces in Singapore for $181+ per guest! Make your special day a moment to remember by booking only the finest venue for the upper class here at Venuerific.
Look for a suitable location
When looking for the ideal locations for birthday party venues, you should ensure that the area is accessible to your guests by transportation or car. This is especially important if you plan to have your party last through the night. It will be excellent if your guests can return to their homes safely in the late hours.

In addition, look for a birthday celebration venue where you won’t have any security concerns. If your guests are from outside the town, ensure that the venue location is easy to find, even for those unfamiliar with the area.

To help you find out the best location for your birthday venue, Venuerific has filtered the listings per region across Singapore. Whether you are in the Central Area, North Region, South Region, West Region, or East Region, you can rest assured that a venue will always be available for your special day!

Book the birthday celebration venue in advance
You probably already know the date of the birthday party. Thus, you now have an idea of how early you should make your venue reservation. Once you have chosen the perfect venue for the event, book it in advance so you can have your dream birthday party.

Some popular venues might not be available on specific dates. Thus, if you really want to celebrate at a particular venue on the date of your birthday, either adjust your party date or ensure that you book the place in advance.

Although birthdays have a set date, it will be even greater if you are flexible on the schedule. Sometimes, unexpected circumstances, such as bad weather, emergencies, or delayed services, may happen. Thus, having flexible venue contract terms with regard to the schedule will help you manage your expectations.

Find a venue that can serve and accommodate all your guests
Make sure that your chosen venue can accommodate everyone on your guest list. In addition, your guests should comfortably fit in your desired space. Here are the links to the list of potential birthday party venues across Singapore based on the number of guests they can accommodate:

Although some venues are designed for intimate gatherings, booking small birthday party venues for a big group will make your guests uncomfortable and cramped.

On the other hand, booking huge event venues for birthday parties with less than ten guests is also not ideal. You would not want voices to echo as your guests mingle. Moreover, vast spaces with a small number of people will make the party feel empty and lonely.

Determine what venue type you would like to celebrate at

Look for a venue that matches the vibes and atmosphere of your birthday party. For instance, consider booking luxurious hotels or restaurants if you want a posh celebration. On the other hand, bars and clubs are great places for a wild party with your friends. Outdoor party venues are an excellent choice if you love nature and want to have an alfresco dining experience.

There are a plethora of venue types you can choose from at Venuerific and most of them are designed to hold birthday parties. To help you out, here are some of the fun birthday venues that you can book via Venuerific:

  • Restaurants: Birthdays held at restaurants are a classic for a good reason. No birthday is complete without scrumptious food and drinks. Make sure to save room for delectable desserts!
  • Bars and clubs: One of the best ways to celebrate a birthday (at least for adults) is to have a night out with friends. Who knows, your chosen venue might even designate a signature cocktail for you.
  • Yachts: Have a cruise on your special day to enjoy the fresh breeze and mesmerising ocean views with all your closest friends and loved ones!
  • Kids and Recreational: Are you throwing a birthday party for your child? Try kids and recreational venues to keep toddlers and children entertained and safe. These venues typically have vast spaces for activities and food set up.
  • Function halls: If you need help in planning and organising the event, book a function hall and get assisted in decorating the space based on your preferences.
  • Outdoors: Whether you want to have a pool party or simply want to experience alfresco dining during your special day, Venuerific has the best outdoor birthday party venues for you to choose from!
  • Ballrooms: Are you going to celebrate a formal or grand birthday? There are a plethora of ballrooms here at Venuerific that you can book to have the birthday party of your dream. These venues are excellent for large celebrations.
  • Hotels: Hotels are your one-stop destination for many types of events. Not only do they have flexible spaces, but they also offer catering and lodging services. There is nothing better than celebrating in a venue where everything is in place, just as you requested!
  • Rooftops: Have a memorable birthday by celebrating it on a rooftop venue where you can enjoy great views and fresh air. This venue type is excellent, especially during night parties where you can view the sunset, marvel at the bright moon, or watch some fireworks.
Check the food and drinks menu
Before you secure the birthday celebration venue, make sure you ask the venue host whether they can adjust their menu to meet any dietary requirements or guests' personal preferences. Some venues may not provide food and drinks, but they may allow external catering or let you bring your own food.

Tips on throwing a fun party at the best birthday venues

Securing the perfect birthday event venue Singapore has to offer will positively impact your event. However, you should not rely on the venue alone when it comes to the success of your party! Here are some tips on how you can make your birthday party fun and memorable:

Provide entertainment
Make sure the party has some entertainment like bands, DJs, karaokes, hosts, etc. Some venues provide entertainment options for extra fees, while others allow you to hire a third party for extra performances and fun. However, before hiring an entertainer, make sure that you let the venue know about that and check if they allow it.

Be considerate of other people in the venue
You can book the venue as a whole or rent a part of it for your party. If you are going to share the space with other people, make sure you are mindful of how your own event might affect the other guests.

If you are wary about how your guests will behave during the event, you should opt for venues with private rooms. Some venues have semi-private areas as well, which are separated but do not have as much privacy as private rooms.  

Have a theme
One of the best ways to have a memorable and fun birthday party is to incorporate a theme into your event. You can encourage your guests to wear costumes or follow a dress code whether you want them to show up as their favourite cartoon characters, animals, or artists. Check out some of the ideal birthday party ideas you can incorporate into your event here.

Birthday venues in Singapore FAQs

Where can I celebrate my birthday?
Aside from your home, there are a plethora of other venues where you can host your birthday party. Whether you are looking for affordable birthday venues or small birthday party venues, you can find the perfect location for your event here at Venuerific. Don’t know which one to pick? Check out this list of the best birthday party venues for all ages!

How can I plan my birthday party?
You can only stay at one age for a year so you should celebrate your birthday as much as possible. Planning a birthday party can be easy if you hire a venue since you won’t have to face decorating the whole house and cleaning up afterwards. Make sure you read the guide above to get some tips on how you can plan a successful birthday party. 

Can I bring my own food to the venue?
Some venues provide their own food and drinks for the clients as part of their package or as additional services. However, you can also find other venues that allow external catering. Before you decide to cook and bring your own food to the venue, talk to the venue host and ask if they allow that.

While there are hundreds of potential birthday party venues to choose, the one you will choose should depend on your personal preferences. However, following the guidelines and tips above will put you in a better position to find the best birthday celebration venue in Singapore.

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