Top Business Luncheon Venues in Singapore

Some conversations are better made during meals! If you don't want to close deals within the four walls of a serious and gloomy boardroom, take out your clients for a business luncheon. Whether you are looking for a cosy restaurant or a spacious event place, there's a perfect corporate event space Singapore here at Venuerific! Check out the best business luncheon venues in Singapore below:

Business Luncheon Venues Rental Guide

Business Luncheon Venue Singapore

While most business deals happen in the boardroom, yours can be different! Forge relationships with your clients in other venues through a business luncheon. Business luncheons are not solely held for closing clients. You can also celebrate your company's milestones and achievements through business lunches! One way to set a successful business luncheon is to have it in the best venue in Singapore. Here are some ideal venue types that you may want to consider for your business luncheon to make the best impression on your guests.

  • Hotel
    If you want to get exclusive and excellent customer service during your business luncheon, go to places where hospitality is a top priority. Hotels keep ahead of the competition by pampering their guests with outstanding customer service from their arrival up to their check-out.

    Conducting a business lunch in a hotel is a relaxing way of doing business. You can enjoy magnificent surroundings, excellent service, and of course, delicious lunches for you and your clients.

    Hotels are also a great place to find a plethora of cuisines ranging from the most sensational global dishes to the best traditional food within Singapore. You can even take advantage of other amenities and facilities within the premise of the hotel once you check-in.

    Conduct your business luncheon in the best hotels in Singapore to ensure that you and your clients will have an enjoyable and memorable stay!

  • Function Hall
    If you are planning to host a big business luncheon, another ideal venue type for your event is a function hall. One of the best things about halls is that they are spacious and versatile. Thus, you can easily arrange the seating or decorate the space the way you want it to look. Function halls are best for those who want to get their hands on the layout of the space. This is because these spaces are designed to accommodate gatherings or events of any size and type. Your business lunch attendees can surely maximise the room to eat and mingle.

    Moreover, the best hall venues in Singapore will most often have plenty of parking spaces in their lots. Thus, you will not have to stress out about on-street parking rules or, overall, the lack of parking spaces. Aside from their parking spaces, halls have a number of bathrooms as well that can handle a lot of guests at once.

    Most function halls also have their staff to assist you and ensure that you and your guests will have a seamless lunch experience. Some function halls even offer corporate packages in which they turn their multi-purpose spaces into the perfect business luncheon venue that will suit your preferences and needs.

    Renting one of the available venues at Venuerific will help you host your business luncheon without hassle! If you think this is the right choice for you, book the best function halls to rent for events in Singapore now.

  • Restaurant
    There is a popular adage saying that the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach. This is also probably why one of the most common places to hold business luncheons is restaurants.

    You can find a plethora of restaurants for business lunch in Singapore that will help you impress your clients with a meal. Depending on your guests, you can choose to rent a single table, a specific area within the restaurant, or even a private dining room.

    If you are looking for a peaceful and aesthetically pleasing business luncheon, check out restaurants around Sentosa! You will find a plethora of restaurants around the area that serve local and international food.

    The famous island is also popular for its beaches and attractions, making it ideal for cocktail functions, networking sessions, and business luncheons. 

  • Bar
    What better way to connect with your clients or celebrate with the team than over-sophisticated cocktails and bar food? A bar is an ideal venue if you want your business luncheon to focus on the networking aspect of your business.

    When choosing a venue, you want your choice to fall within the best bars for networking events in Singapore. Here, you will find various venues offering multi-functional spaces that will give your business luncheon a sense of community for work.

    A specific location you may want to look at is around Orchard Road where you and your guests can enjoy Eastern and Western cuisines along with a refreshing line of sophisticated cocktails.

    Don’t forget that you are hosting a business luncheon and not a party! Thus, make sure that your chosen bar has a built-in projector with a screen and microphone at the centre where you can do your presentation or speech.

  • Yacht
    We know what you are thinking, "a boat?!". Well, renting a luxury yacht is the way to go if you want to impress your clients by taking them out on the Singapore River or Singapore Strait. Conduct your business luncheon by renting yachts of different sizes and shapes to ride the waves around the city.

    Find the best yacht to rent for events in Singapore, take your clients on a cruise, and secure that deal! Renting a yacht will let you enjoy an intimate social gathering since there is limited space for a few guests only. Discover the lion city as you float on its waters by checking the availability and price of the available yachts here at Venuerific!

How to host a successful business luncheon in Singapore

Business luncheons are an excellent way to expand your company's reach and get to know your business partners and clients better. After all, ensuring that your clients' appetites are full can effectively close the deals.

If you want to host successful business lunches, you need to make some early preparations. This is to avoid unexpected circumstances like fully booked venues on your meeting date or your guests not showing up.

Here are the ideal steps you should take so you can host a successful business luncheon in Singapore:

  1. Inform your guests in advance
    The first thing you should do when setting up your business luncheon is to let your guests know about it. You don't necessarily need to hand out invitations immediately since you don't have a venue yet. However, informing your guests in advance will give you an idea about their food and location preferences.

    Remember that in the business world, everybody is busy. Thus, it is vital to get a spot on your target guests' schedule as soon as possible. Once you have the ideal date and time to suit everyone, it's time to find the best hotels and restaurants in Singapore for business lunches.

  2. Select a venue
    Since you are the host, you will be given the choice of picking the best venue for your business luncheon. When selecting the venue, always look for convenience and accessibility. Don't forget to take into consideration the dietary restrictions and food preferences of your guests as well.

    Fortunately, booking a venue can now be done with just a few clicks. All you have to do is explore a plethora of potential locations at Venuerific and contact the host to book the venue. This saves you the hassle of driving to the place or making hectic phone calls to schedule the venue.

  3. Send out invitations
    Now that you have your schedule and venue, it is time to hand out the official invitations. When writing an invitation, make sure you are transparent with your intentions.

    Clearly show that you are inviting them for "business" and not solely for a social get-together. Otherwise, your guests will feel disappointed once they see that you are starting a business pitch instead of getting to know them better.

    Also, don't forget to include the proper dress code in the invitation if your chosen venue requires it. Check out our complete guide to dress codes for events in Singapore so you can have an idea of what to include in your invitation.

    Moreover, ensure that you don't put your guest in a difficult situation. You can do this by leaving room for the guest to decline. 

  4. Arrive early at the venue
    On the day of the business luncheon, ensure you are the first to arrive at the venue. This will show your punctuality and professionalism. Arrive at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time of the meeting.

    Arriving early will also let you inform the venue staff about some last-minute changes so they can keep the interruptions to a minimum. For example, you can pay the bill immediately if you or your guest are in a hurry.

    Paying the bill before your guests come to the venue is also an ideal way to avoid confusion over who will pay for the meal.

  5. Let the guests eat first
    Keep in mind that your meeting will not solely consist of business talks. You are inviting your guests to a luncheon for a chance to talk with them. Thus, enjoying the meal first before bringing up the business talks will be better.

    After you and your guests are seated, spark some casual conversation and build rapport. This will improve your chances of getting positive results from your business luncheon. After the appetisers have been served or before the main dish arrives, that's the time you can segue into your business proposal.

Business Luncheon Venues Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a business luncheon?

A business luncheon is a meeting set during lunch in which the agenda revolves around business and work. 

What is the usual time for a business luncheon in Singapore?

Typically, business lunches are held anywhere between 11:30 AM and 1:00 PM. The duration of the business lunch depends on the attendees. However, most people allot 30 minutes to an hour for their lunchtime. 

What is the difference between luncheon and lunch?

Lunch and luncheon can be used interchangeably since both terms refer to the same meal. However, you can also use the word luncheon for formal situations like a midday meal with a business partner or client.

What do you wear to a business luncheon in Singapore?

The dress code for a business luncheon depends on the venue the meeting takes place. Make sure to read the invitation carefully and take note of the requirements, which may include the dress code. If there is no dress requirement, you can wear something you are comfortable with as long as it is not too casual. For best results, ask the host for the appropriate attire to give you an idea of what to wear.

How much does it cost to rent a business luncheon venue in Singapore?

The cost of renting a business luncheon venue in Singapore varies based on location and date. As a reference, business lunch venues in Singapore usually range from $25 to $180 per person.

Being a business luncheon host takes a lot of preparation, especially if you aim to impress clients and close deals! Follow the tips above and have your business lunch at the best business lunch venue in Singapore for the optimal experience. You can also set up a successful early meeting by checking out the top business breakfast venues in Singapore or business dinner venues Singapore.

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Elena Netiazhevska
5 / 5
Booked at Wine Universe Restauranowt & Wine Bar

very good wine restaurant for our private event.

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5 / 5
Booked at Urban Tavern

Have booked Urban Tavern for the third time. They have many venues and this is the newest one. It's a little smaller than the other venues they have but overall it is still very good. Location is very central and near to MRT. Service from Calvin and Cheryl was great. In their venue they have a huge 65 inch TV for karaoke and movies, and a really really large projector display for movie screening. Really awesome. Also love the fact that they upgraded the electronic dart board to the latest dart machine that players can even compete online

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5 / 5
Booked at Host

Rieke is very helpful and patient with all the request. Definitely recommended if you are looking for a place to hold a eventz

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Lihua Li
5 / 5
Booked at HAPPEN
The staff was very nice and helpful.

Very cozy and clean venue, facilities for like karaoke, pool table, foosball table, PS4 and board games , excellent location - very close to the MRT, Bus stop and Sim lim Tower.

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