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Hotels usually have a lot of space, making them great places for many events. With a relaxing atmosphere and great food, your guests will surely have a fun and memorable stay throughout your event. Book the top hotels in Singapore via Venuerific today!

Hotel Rental Singapore Guide

Hotels are a one-stop destination for whatever types of events you have in mind. Their spaces are huge and flexible, and they have complete amenities and facilities. Here are some of the popular venues you can hold in a hotel:

  • Wedding
    A wedding is a special kind of event that can be planned at any hotel event space. Hotels can accommodate small and large guest lists, and their spaces are flexible enough to meet the variety of arrangements that you desire. When putting together the facilities and services needed to host events like weddings, hotels take into account the different needs and wants of their guests. For this main reason, everyone, including you and the event staff, will spend a lot of time and effort making sure the venue is special. Some hotel event venues have open spaces where you can have your garden or outdoor wedding. Others have plenty of hotel event rooms that have adequate space where you can hold an intimate and small-scale wedding ceremony.

  • Parties
    No matter what kind of party you are holding, hotels are the number one venue space you should consider. They have everything you need for a memorable party, including lights and sound systems, decorations, tables and chairs, catering, and staff. Whether you want an indoor or outdoor party or are throwing a birthday or bachelor party, hotels can surely make your event unique and unforgettable. Some hotels even have casinos on-site, and most have swimming pools where you can hold your party. 

  • Movies or film showing
    More and more people are going to outdoor movie screenings and film festivals. All of these kinds of events are almost always held at hotels because of the atmosphere, the mood, the food, and the other services that the hotel can offer. When staying at a hotel, it seems natural to want to watch your favourite movie. Some hotels offer outdoor movie screening facilities, while others have a specific room where you can watch a film on huge screens or projectors. 

  • Corporate meetings
    When it comes to planning meetings and other types of business gatherings, many organisations like to book space in hotels due to their variety of flexible spaces and rooms. They can have halls that can be used for business meetings or events that can fit tens to hundreds of people. Events such as meetings have an element of formality and are usually attended by project stakeholders, investors, or upper management. Hotels are perfect venues for these types of corporate events since they often have exquisite and ornate designs. Upscale hotel event spaces also have top-notch amenities to host and organise business meetings of different sizes.

  • Product launches and exhibition
    A product launch or product exhibition means putting a product or service on the market or showing off its technical details. This kind of event could be geared toward the company's employees, their customers, or the media. It would be best if you thought about choosing your hotel based on its services and amenities as well as your products. For example, if your product is a car, you will need to choose a hotel with large rooms or outdoor areas where you can. If, on the other hand, you sell a line of swimwear, a hotel with a pool would be the best place for your product launch. 

  • Conferences
    Conferences often happen all day long and usually last anywhere from two to five days on average. The point of these meetings is to share new information about the topic being talked about and bring together people who work in a certain sector. If you are planning a conference, you should think about choosing a hotel that has not only big rooms but also vast outdoor areas and common areas. One of the best things about using hotels as venues for conferences is that they can serve as both a venue and a place for people to stay. In addition to the space and environment, hotels also have lodging facilities, enabling guests to relax in their rooms before or after the event. Most hotels have similar amenities and services, so deciding which one to book for your event will depend on the number of guests, your desired location, and your allotted budget. 

  • Classes and seminars
    Learning new skills through classes and seminars is a great way to make memorable events and can help people accomplish something and spend time with experts in the industry. To arrange a class or seminar in a hotel, you have to hire an expert on a certain topic. You can offer cooking classes and yoga classes or have a seminar to teach your target audience about something. 

  • Retreats
    Wellness areas are becoming more and more common at upscale hotel event spaces that go beyond meditation rooms and gyms. Now, you can do other types of activities that are ideal for retreats to completely recharge your batteries. Consider adding some spa moments to your retreat to give people a chance to get back in touch with themselves and get more out of the event. If you do not have much free time, you can make your own aromatherapy station in one of the hotel event rooms. You can use scented oils, candles, or other things to get the effect you want.

  • Workshops
    Hotels usually have a lot of empty space, which makes workshops a great kind of event for them to host. Most event hotel packages will take care of everything you need to host the perfect workshop, from setting up the pace to making sure you have high-quality food and sound equipment. No matter what kind of workshop you are planning to hold, the management can take care of everything that needs to be done. 

  • Team-buildings
    The goals of team-building activities are to improve relationships and help people work together to solve problems. Since these kinds of events are usually about having fun, the hotel you choose should be as warm and welcoming as possible, with nice common areas and places where employees can relax and unwind. 

  • Training
    When you choose hotels for your training events, you can be sure that you will always get professional solutions that meet all of your needs. Such venues have a lot of experience in hosting events like training, workshops, and seminars. Through the help of the hotel venue staff, you can set up the best conditions for learning that will keep your trainees focused and interested. 
Hotel Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

How much are hotel event packages?
Booking hotel event venues listed on Venuerific costs $10 to $181 and above per person. You can also take advantage of hotel event packages and deals that start at $500 to $2,000, depending on the venue, the number of guests, and other factors, such as additional services.

Where is the best hotel Singapore located?
You can find the best hotels around Marina Bay, Raffles Place, and Sentosa. These places are home to luxury hotel resorts near Singapore's central business and shopping districts. Most of the hotels you will find around the area are great places to learn, play, and rest.

How do I organise a hotel event space?
When choosing a venue, it is a good idea to think carefully about all of your options. Hotels are always a good choice for any event. When hosting your own hotel event, here are the three main tips you should follow:

  • Plan in advance: If you are thinking about holding your event in a hotel, one of the most important things to remember is that you need to give yourself a lot of time to get ready. This will give you a better chance of finding a hotel that fits your needs and budget.
  • Optimise your budget: Even though it might seem obvious, it's important to point out that the more services you hire the hotel to do, the more your budget may be affected. If you are planning an event that will have a lot of different things going on, you might find it helpful to take advantage of hotel event packages. Hotels not only rent out rooms, tables, chairs, and food, but they also offer audio-visual equipment, catering, and a wide range of other services and amenities.
  • Seek out help from the hotel event staff: One of the most important benefits of having an event in a hotel is the peace of mind that comes from having experienced professionals on hand. Most hotels have event teams whose only job is to help clients and make sure everything goes as planned. Keeping in touch with the hotel's event staff is a must if you want your gathering to go well. Use their help to your advantage by assigning some of the event planning tasks.
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Hotels are the perfect place for any event you are planning. But since there are hundreds of hotels around Singapore, it can be a daunting task to find the perfect one. Venuerific will make your job easier with the help of our smart search. Filter the listings based on the number of guests, location, and budget to find the best hotel in Singapore for you.

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