Top Office Party Venues in Singapore

Singapore is full of party venues for every celebration of any size, even if it needs to accommodate a whole company! Whether you are planning an office Christmas party or celebrating your company’s milestone, there is always a perfect venue for you here at Venuerific. Ensure that your co-workers will get a fun and memorable experience at your upcoming party by checking out the best venues below:

Office Party Venues Rental Guide

Are you the one who has been put in charge of organising your office party? Our first advice – don’t even try to consider turning your office into a dance floor. Let your co-workers get out of that gloomy working space and lead them someplace where they won’t see paperwork, office tables, and photocopying machines. “Wow” your co-workers and your bosses by throwing out the best office party ever! Organise a party that will be a talk around the office for weeks by checking out our guide for picking the best party venue Singapore below:

Determine the size of the party
The first thing you should plan for your office party is the guest list. Determine how many people are most likely to attend. You don’t have to throw out the invites yet since you still don’t have the venue. But it will be helpful to get that office party invitation template on standby.

Once you have a general idea of the number of people attending, start scouting for possible venues that can accommodate the party. If you want an intimate office party, you can host it in a bar but if you want to have fun within a larger space, try doing it at outdoor venues.

Keep in mind that booking big venues does not always mean better. Your goal for the office party is to make everyone socialise and get to know each other. You will have trouble achieving that objective if the party looks detached and empty since the venue is too vast. At Venuerific, you can find an affordable venue for an office party for 40 pax, 100 pax, and even 300 pax and above! 

Check the vibe of the venue
Finding a venue that can accommodate the size of the party should not be enough to secure your decision. Keep in mind that not all office party venues will suit the type of gathering you are planning. Thus, exploring the venue personally or virtually to check the ambience and environment before making any decisions is a great idea.

Inspect the ambience of the venue and see if it will suit the office party themes and office party dress code you want to implement. If you are throwing a themed party, make sure that the venue will pick up on the vibes of the event. Make sure you check out these fun and unique office party ideas to make your event more memorable and exciting!

The ideal vibes are personal and inviting, something that will encourage everyone to participate in the office party games that you prepared. Check out the array of possible office party venues here at Venuerific and pick out the ones that can pass the vibe you want to have for the gathering. To help you get an idea, here are some of the venue types you may want to consider:

  • Ballrooms
    If you want to have some natural light and flexible seating arrangements, choosing among the best ballroom venues for office parties in Singapore is one of your best bets.

    Ballrooms are a great choice if you have more than a hundred attendees. These spaces are also highly customisable, so you won’t have any problem ensuring that the place will have the decorations and feels that you are aiming for.
  • Bars and clubs
    Bars and clubs have great audio equipment, perfect for those who really want to release their stress and tension through dancing, singing, and drinking.

    The top clubs and bars for office parties in Singapore are great spaces that can provide a warm and cosy ambience. This will help the attendees feel comfortable and social. Also, rounds of tasty beers and alcoholic cocktails will surely get the party going!
  • Hotels
    Do you want your office party to exude elegance and style? Try booking one of the top hotels for office parties in Singapore! Here, you won’t have to worry about external catering or booking rooms for your office mates who are too wasted to go home for the night.

    Hotels are known for offering packages for various events. These packages are complete with catering, decoration, facilities, and amenities. 

  • Outdoors
    Whether you are aiming for a day or night party, outdoor office party venues in Singapore are a flexible and convenient choice! Join the party guests as they take selfies and groupies while enjoying Singapore’s stunning views.

    Outdoor venues are also perfect for those who don’t want to feel suffocated and cramped indoors or those who are still practising social distancing. Don’t forget to encourage everyone to watch the sunset or set fireworks as your party concludes! 

  • Restaurants
    What better way to enjoy bonding with your co-workers than enjoying scrumptious and delectable dishes? Choosing restaurants for office parties in Singapore will make the foodies fill out the office party invitation and RSVP immediately.

    Make sure that the restaurant you will choose can offer something new with fresh, and bold-tasting flavours to satisfy the palate of the attendees! A selection of healthy snacks for an office party is also ideal if you want to promote the health and wellness of the guests.
Pick a convenient location
Location is a key player in determining how many guests will confirm to attend the party. If you choose a location that is hard to reach and unfamiliar, chances are your potential attendees will decline to go.

The commonplace that everybody in your company knows is the office. Thus, it will be a good idea to choose a venue somewhere near your company office. This will encourage your target guests to secure their attendance since they have the capability of getting there.

On the other hand, there is also no harm if you want the venue to be somewhere outside of the hustle and bustle of the lion city. If you want the party to be a quick retreat, make sure that you can provide transportation for those who don’t have a car or are unfamiliar with the commute.

To help you sort out the location of the venue, we have an array of potential locations across the key areas in Singapore. Find out which is the best place by scouting for office party venues around the Central Area, North Region, East Region, West Region, and South Region.

Know what is included in the venue
Most venues for office parties in Singapore offer party packages that include an array of services to help you plan and execute your event easier. Make sure that the venue you choose can provide the amenities and services you need, like audiovisual equipment, tables, chairs, food, and drinks.

Finding an all-in-one venue can be your best bet, especially if you are working with a tight budget. This way, you won’t have to worry about thinking of office party food ideas. You can simply leave the catering and arrangements to the venue planners. What a convenience!

Make a list of the ideal party locations that you have chosen, and jot down the services and amenities that they offer or include in their packages. This will help you decide which venue is worth booking. Take advantage of happy hour deals at Venuerific as well!

Consider the small details
Most of the time, it is the little things that can impart a huge impact on the success of the events. That is why when booking venues for any corporate event in Singapore, don’t forget to consider the small details. Is there adequate parking for the guests? Are you the first one to host such an event in the venue?

Make sure to do your research and find out if the venue has good customer reviews. This will give you an idea of how well the quality of service and impact of the venue on your event is going to be. If you see something off that you think might affect your office party negatively, contact the venue host and try to see if they have an alternative solution. 

How to throw a good office party in Singapore

Once you have booked your office party venue, the next step is to fill out the office party invitation template and throw an amazing event. Check out some helpful tips on how to throw a good office party below:

  • Give out casual invites
    Office parties are not as formal as business dinners. Thus, you don’t have to disseminate a formal invite. A casual, easy, and fun way to invite people is through interactive email invitations that you can find on the internet. This will make you easily send mass party invitations and track the guests' RSVPs. Make sure the guests have an idea of what to wear to an office party!

  • Plan some office party games
    A company gathering will not be complete with office party games. Foster mingling and introduction among your co-workers by encouraging them to participate in various group activities and office party games. Do you think your co-workers are up for some active party games? Get them moving by organising tugs-of-war and musical chairs! If you want more relaxed activities, try playing guessing games, Bring Me, or Name That Tune.

  • Make people comfortable
    Keep in mind that one of the goals of office parties is to release the stress and tension of the office workers. Thus, make sure that the party will not become an informal work meeting outdoors. Avoid asking for work updates or designating tasks while at the party. Ensure that everyone is comfortable and has a place to rest their drinks and mingle with their co-workers. 

  • Provide good food and drinks
    No one will like to party with an empty stomach. Make sure your guests have something to drink and munch on by providing food and drinks throughout the event. When choosing the menu for the party, ensure that you have considered the preferences and dietary restrictions of the attendees. 

    At Venuerific, a plethora of office party venues offer vegetarian, Halal Certified, full course, international, and local food choices.

  • Celebrate!
    One way to lighten the mood of the office party is to have something to celebrate. Did you close a huge business client? Did somebody get promoted? Has the company hit your monthly, weekly, quarterly, or yearly quota and goals? Celebrate a job well done through your office party! 

Office Party Venues Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

How much does renting an office party venue in Singapore cost?

The cost of renting an office party venue in Singapore depends on the size and type of venue you want to book. At Venuerific, we can provide you with a list of potential venues that will fit your budget. We have budget office party venues for $10 to $50 per pax, economy venues for $51 to $100 per guest, premium venues for $101 to $180 per attendee, and luxury venues for $181 and above per person.

What are the best office party venues in Singapore?

The best party locations are the venues that can provide you with impeccable service, good food, and a relaxing ambience. You can check out our recommended office party venues and check if their packages and services are ideal for the party you envision!

What are the benefits of hosting an office party in Singapore?

Hosting an office party in Singapore promotes the company culture and the togetherness of the employees. It is also a perfect way to thank and appreciate the employees for their hard work and support. Throwing an office party also raises productivity and job satisfaction among workers. 

Book office party venues in Singapore here at Venuerific!

When it comes to planning an office Christmas party, or any type of office party, Singapore has a plethora of potential venues to offer! Whatever type of office party you are organising, figuring out the venue is a tricky decision. Make sure that everything runs smoothly by booking the top office party spaces and venues above!

There will surely be a venue for you that has the right vibe, adequate space, and great amenities here at Venuerific. You can also check out our selection of company dinner and dance venues in Singapore. There’s no time to dilly-dally. Start filling out that office party invitation template and prepare for a rocking office party!

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User Reviews for Office Party Venues on Venuerific

Piyumi Shakunthala
5 / 5
Booked at King and The Pawn
The space was set up nicely for us, warm and cozy.

Its really good for team events as the hundreds of board games allows everyone to interact and bond over. Grace and her team was very accommodating and helpful in every way. Highly recommended!

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5 / 5
Booked at King and The Pawn
We did our offsite here and it was a very nice experience.

Space was cosy and comfortable with a lot of natural light especially from the skylight. Also got the drinks package which comes with freshly brewed coffee from the barista + freshly squeezed juice. Colleagues gave me good feedback and thinking of doing it again next year.

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Ji Kai Ong
5 / 5
Booked at HAPPEN
Held a party at HAPPEN! it was really AWESOME!

Lili (our staff in charge) was very helpful and making sure we have everything we need. my staff had alot of fun singing songs play all the games take alot of pictures also! Thank you HAPPEN for a great time!

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Cheng Zhi
5 / 5
Booked at HAPPEN
Booked this beautifully designed space for my office's team bonding session and everyone had a blast!

Venue is well-equipped and filled with facilities for everyone to enjoy. Karaoke, pool table, PS4, foosball just to name a few. Very unique experience and definitely a wonderful place to host your event 100% recommend!

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5 / 5
Booked at Control Space by TheParallelSpace
Had a team building event here at Ctrl space.

Space was well equipped for both casual and formal talk!

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