Top Performance Venues in Singapore

Live performance events can be so fun, but sometimes very difficult to coordinate. What you need is a venue that can meet all your needs and customise to your event. Live performances can be literally anything- from a stunning dance performance, a great set of singing performances, stand-up comedy.... a play? Shakespeare classics, anyone? Perfect for both those who love to perform and those who love to watch! And if you're worried about distance, don't worry. You can choose your location and find venues near you. Lights, Camera, Action!

Performance Venues Rental Guide

Everyone loves a good performance, music, dance, or a big seminar on your passion for creativity. Your venue has to be well equipped or it takes away from the essence of your work and talent! You can start your search at our SG Clean venue, Civil Service Club Tessensohn Auditorium in Little India. With a capacity of 200 and world-class sound systems, your event will go really smoothly here. You could even stop by The Projector at Kampong Glam, for a variety of performance halls that come with lots of history, but also great facilities to make your event happen!

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