Top Unique Venues in Singapore

Choosing a location that is truly unique could be the last piece of the puzzle that makes your event a success! Whether you are preparing for a wedding, planning a business event, running a conference, or just want to throw a great party, we have the top unique venues for you to choose from!

Unique Venues Rental Guide

Your venue is one of the most important things that affects how your event turns out. As a result, it can be intimidating and daunting to choose the best place. Sometimes the usual venues, like hotels and conference halls, don't work at all for the event. Everyone will have a good time at your event if there are a lot of surprises. If you want to throw a really good event, host it in a unique and well-designed space that will keep your guests interested.

Why should you pick a unique venue for your event?

There are a lot of events that happen every year, and most of them happen in the same place or similar types of venues. It is possible that you have to do that to stay true to tradition. If, on the other hand, you don't have to follow any rules, you can choose any place that helps you reach your goal. A unique venue might be a better choice than the usual hotel or conference centre! Take a look at why you should choose a unique venue for your event below: 

  • To make the event worth remembering
    Events should be a great and memorable experience for the attendees. For example, many conferences are held in big hotels because it's easier to have both the conference rooms and the lodging for the attendees all in the same place. Convenient, yes, but will you remember it? Maybe not. If you want people to remember a conference long after it's over, don't hold it in a hotel like everyone else. 

  • The decoration is the place itself
    In different kinds of events, a lot of work goes into making the place look nice. But if you choose a unique place for your event, the place itself becomes the setting. If you choose a place with a lot of natural visual appeal or breathtaking views, you won't have to do as much extra work to get it ready for the event. 

  • Better, more powerful messages for the brand
    If the location you choose fits with the values of your business, your message might have more of an impact. For example, if your company cares a lot about taking care of the environment, planning team-building events at an urban farm can be a good idea. 
How to set up a unique venue

Now, let's look at some of the ways you can turn an ordinary venue into a unique space or improve the current setting of your chosen location. Whether you are setting up a unique wedding venue Singapore has to offer or redesigning an ordinary space, you shouldn't be afraid to think outside of the box! However, make sure to check with the staff or venue host to make sure you are following their rules.

  • Create a welcoming entry space
    When you're looking for ways to make your unique venue stand out from the rest, you probably think about the main event space the most. It makes sense to focus on the main event space, but most people won't enter this space directly. Instead, the doorway will be the first thing that they notice about both the place and the event. So, instead of leaving this area plain, you should always put a lot of thought into making it better. Depending on the size of the space you've reserved, and how much of the building you've rented, the entrance to your event could be a lobby, foyer, or the area right outside the room you've reserved. In any case, you should make personalised signs and have staff in the area to make sure that people have a good first impression of your event. This way, they feel welcome when they walk in, they know how to register or sign in, and they can immediately form a good opinion of your event. 

  • Change the seating arrangement
    Seating arrangements are a common part of many gatherings, but it's easy to forget about this part of the event. Most venues have seats and tables set up in a certain way by default. But that arrangement might not be the best for the event you are hosting. Think of some different ways you could set up the tables and chairs to draw people's attention to where you want them to go. You might be able to find a set-up that works better for your event and makes the place more interesting. If you want to make the seating arrangement more interesting, you might want to think about renting some more furniture. For example, if you are hosting a holiday party or an awards ceremony, you might want to think about getting some cocktail tables for people who want to stand while they talk and some smaller high-top tables for people who would rather sit with just a few other people. You can also make inviting lounge areas by putting sofas and armchairs in them. With these changes, you can cater to the interests of your guests and give the room's layout some variety, which makes it look better. 

  • Have unique lighting
    Lighting is one of the best ways to create the mood you want for an event. Are you putting together a lively event for business networking? Pick lights that are very bright. Having a beautiful gala? Having less light would be better. You might want to add some unique light fixtures to your venue to make it feel more personalised. For example, you could put some accent lights in the colours of your company at strategic points around the room's perimeter. You could also direct the light toward areas that are meant to be the main focus, like a stage or a product display. 

  • Have a photo op
    A great idea for any kind of event you are in charge of planning is to have a photo opportunity. By adding a photo op to your unique venue, it will look more one-of-a-kind, which will help your marketing efforts. The number of guests who take photos and share them online is directly related to how much buzz you can make about your event and your brand in general. You can hire a company to come to your venue and set up a photo booth for you. You could also set up a custom backdrop and have a staff member ready to take pictures or just let people take their own pictures in front of the backdrop. As a background for photos, a step-and-repeat banner is a great choice. When people take pictures in front of this background, they will feel like stars because it is usually used at red carpet events. Also, your company's brand can be added to every picture that is taken! 

  • Add customised signage
    Directional signs, which may also be called "wayfinding signs," are very important in any situation. The guests know where to sign in, how to get to different places, and when they've reached the right rooms thanks to these signages. The unique venue should have permanent signs pointing to things like exits, elevators, and bathrooms, among other things. But these signs won't tell your guests anything specific about what's going on at your event. So, you will need to put up some personalised signs to show people where to go around the venue. One way you can leave a mark of your company at an event location is using the fonts, colours, and pictures from your company's logo on your directional signs. This will make sure that each sign adds a personal touch to the venue and also helps visitors get where they need to go. 

  • Change the floor
    When you're looking for ways to make a place more unique, it's possible that the last thing on your mind is to look at the floor. It's possible that your venue's floor is a dull surface that doesn't add much to the overall look of the space. Even so, there is no reason for it to keep going on like this. Putting graphics on the floor is a great way to turn the floor into a more useful and creative part of your venue. Floor graphics are protected by a top layer that can stand up to foot traffic at your event. You can put floor decals with your own designs in any size or shape, as long as the place you want to put them has hard floors like wood, tile, vinyl, or concrete. Floor graphics can be put on even asphalt floors, which are usually used for outdoor events. You can put your company's logo on floor decals to make the area more customised, and people can also use them to find their way around the building. 

  • Use custom table covers
    Many places that host events offer basic tablecloths that you can use to cover the tables at your event. Most of the time, these tablecloths come in neutral colours like black or white. You can use these linens if you are planning a banquet or another event where people will be sitting down. But if the table is important, like the head table or the registration table, you may want to skip the standard black or white cloth and use a special table cover instead. Custom table covers come in different colours. Choose one that fits with your company's brand or the colour scheme of the event you are planning. Tablecloths made especially for your event are a great way to make your event look more professional. It's a good idea to buy a lot of these table covers and keep them on hand for events like trade fairs where your company will be present. 

  • Take advantage of centrepieces
    When you are planning a formal event, like a banquet, where people will be sitting down, the tables must have centrepieces. Most people think of flower arrangements, balloon bouquets, or candles when they think of centrepieces. However, if you want your event to be more memorable and unique, you should think about some of the many other options that are available. The most important thing is to think of centrepiece ideas that show off what makes your business unique. For instance, at a Christmas dinner put on by a car company, the centrepieces could be the miniature version of some of the company's popular models. For a company's anniversary party, the centrepieces could be old photos from the company's early years. If you want a simple but customised centrepiece, choose flowers, balloons, or candles with patterns and colours that match your company's brand. 

  • Fill empty spaces with banners
    Banners are almost always a good choice if you're looking for a way to make your place stand out. Banners on retractable stands are especially useful because you can get them in different sizes and use them to fill any empty spaces. Banners on retractable stands are meant to be rolled back into the stand's base when they are not being used. You can use them easily to make sure that every part of your location is unique and gets the attention it deserves. When making banners, you should think about the main message you want to get across to everyone at the event. If one of your main goals is to strengthen your brand, you might want to print some banners with your company's logo or show your company's core values, mission statement, or other parts of your brand. 
Unique Venue Singapore Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a unique event venue Singapore stand out?
When you're planning an event that won't be held in an ordinary space, there are a few things about the unique venue that should stand out. These can be how useful the venue is, how easy it is to get to, and how impressive its design and interior are. Your guests will have their minds blown if you choose a unique venue that has breathtaking views, cool vibes, and lots of opportunities for selfies. But no matter how great and perfect the place is, if it's hard to find or get to or doesn't meet the basic needs of your event, you might as well choose another venue. 

What services and facilities should a unique ideal venue Singapore have?
One thing to keep in mind when looking for unique venues is that some of them might not have certain amenities. So, it's important to make sure that the place you choose has everything you need. Here are some services, facilities, and amenities that a unique ideal venue should have: 

  • Their openness to alcoholic beverages: If you want to serve beer, wine, or cocktails, you need to make sure that the location doesn't ban the sale or use of alcohol. This feature is ideal for unique venues since it can make the event more exciting and fun.
  • One-of-a-kind catering service: It is ideal that you choose a unique venue that offers a special cuisine for your event. This will give your guests a dining experience like no other.
  • Interesting bathrooms: Of course, bathrooms are a must for every type of event. But it is better if you can find a venue that has an interesting bathroom interior or facilities such as art hanging on the walls or automatic sinks or toilets.
  • AV equipment: The technical stuff like AV equipment won't be that much appreciated by the guests. What they can appreciate is the quality of the music and video that the equipment can produce.
  • WiFi connection: Not all event venues provide free internet access to guests. So, if you manage to find an event space that provides free WiFi, it's an added advantage! Make sure to request to temporarily change the password to a word that will suit your event.
Where can I book a unique venue for corporate events?
You can book the perfect unique venue Singapore has to offer here at Venuerific! Whether you are looking for a unique meeting venue for 5 people or more than 300 guests, we always have something for you. Our unique event venues can cost from $10 to $181+ per pax, but you can also take advantage of our packages and deals that range from $160 to $2,500.

Book The Best Unique Venues Singapore Has to Offer via Venuerific

There are almost an infinite number of places where the event could take place. If you have the right vision and are willing to put in the work, almost any place can be turned into a beautiful, unique setting for an event. We hope that by now, your creative juices are flowing, and you're ready to start planning the best event you've ever thrown. Keep in mind that a unique venue can have the biggest effects. If you are looking for a unique venue hire a space here at Venuerific!

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