Top Wedding Ballrooms in Singapore

You shouldn’t have to compromise on your dream list for your special day. Wedding Venues can be a difficult choice especially when you’re trying to bring your vision to life. Whether you want a classic, white wedding, a colourful wedding, a floral themed-wedding, or something completely out of the ordinary, we have a versatile range of Wedding Ballrooms in Singapore, so your wedding event can be yours. Wedding Ballrooms are classic venues that can be so easily transformed to your vision and dream, and you should take advantage of that with some of our stunning, customisable venues!

Wedding Ballrooms Rental Guide

Bringing your creative vision to life is always a crucial aspect of your wedding day. Celebrate your special day with your loved ones at The Joyden Hall, where the possibilities are limitless. You can customise your wedding event here, and be sure to have vibrant and memorable day. Or, for a wedding ballroom amongst the beautiful natural landscape of Singapore, Mount Faber Peak will bring you the panoramic views of the hillside rainforest, making your wedding a lush experience! Whatever your wedding needs are, Venuerific has the guide to Wedding Ballrooms you cannot miss!

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