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Top Locations: Where to Find Johor Bahru Event Space Options? (2024)

Samantha Mayoralgo / Reading Time 7 minutes read / May 13, 2024

As 2024 unfolds, the demand for different top event spaces Johor Bahru continues to soar, catering to a diverse array of gatherings ranging from corporate conferences to lavish weddings. With its strategic location in Malaysia's southern region, Johor Bahru stands as a metropolis with dynamic energy and cultural richness. Whether you're seeking a sleek urban venue or a tranquil countryside retreat, Johor Bahru offers a plethora of options to suit every occasion and preference, including outdoor wedding venues, event halls, and small event spaces. 

Top Locations and Event Venues in Johor Bahru

1. Johor Bahru

bright event space with greenery, dark theatre space, blue space with projector, and hammock in outdoor patio

Experience the vibrant energy of Malaysia's southern city in Johor Bahru's event spaces, where modern amenities blend seamlessly with cultural richness, offering venues for all types of events against a backdrop of dynamic urban landscapes.

  • Common Ground Iskandar Space: In the heart of Iskandar Puteri lies Common Ground Iskandar Space. Certified as halal, they offer the largest co-working venue in Johor across 2 floors, and is accessible within an hour's drive from Singapore.
  • Space Oddity: Experience elegance, extraordinary spaces, and human-centric services at Space Oddity, where several event spaces for corporate events, weddings, performances, and more in Johor Bahru are provided. They have indoor and outdoor venues both for over 200 pax.
  • Event Space by Tai-pan: This event space Johor Bahru is perfectly suitable for celebrations such as product launching, cocktail parties or weekend seminars. Their room options include a Classroom, Meeting Room, Lounge, and more.
  • 99 Studio: Discover the harmonious fusion of European home decor and a cutting-edge Infinity Cove Photography Studio at 99 Studio, providing conveniences such as air conditioning, private rooms, a smoking area, and wifi, allowing guests to personalise their experience and create memorable events.

2. ⁠Iskandar Puteri

display of wedding flowers in front, outdoor venue, indoor venue with projector, indoor venue with greenery

Within the thriving economic hub of Iskandar Puteri, event spaces here exude contemporary elegance amidst futuristic skylines, offering sophisticated settings equipped with cutting-edge technology and luxurious comforts for unforgettable gatherings.

  • Bizmilla Wedding Hall @ Iskandar Puteri: Experience the excellence of Bizmilla Wedding Center's renowned wedding hall package, backed by years of expertise in event management, boasting multiple venue locations and central kitchen factories with professional chefs, making it the top choice for Malaysians across various event scales, with a mission to expand to 30 event halls nationwide by 2024, prioritising wedding packages.
  • Elite Garden (Weddings & Events): Elevate your celebrations with unparalleled elegance at Elite Garden and Indigo Garden, where indoor and outdoor venues harmonise to create the best experiences tailored to your event and wedding dreams.
  • WBA Space: Step into a world of limitless possibilities with our Space Rental Listings, offering flexible solutions and prime locations at Iskandar Puteri, where freelancers, startups, and established companies alike can discover their perfect workspace to thrive. It is definitely one of the best corporate event spaces Johor Bahru!
  • Ecowork Space: Step into Ecowork Space, where biophilic design intertwines with functionality, offering thematic meeting rooms, an indoor waterfall-adorned events space, and versatile amenities, crafting the perfect backdrop for a myriad of events from formal meetings to enchanting wedding ceremonies and captivating product showcases. 

3. ⁠Kluang

indoor bohemian event space, bespoke rental venue with LED screen, outdoor romantic venue, and semi-outdoor venue with beautiful aisle

Immerse yourself in the serene charm of Kluang's event spaces, where rustic simplicity meets modern convenience, providing intimate venues surrounded by lush greenery and tranquil countryside vistas, perfect for intimate gatherings and retreats.

  • Talula Hill Farm Resort Kluang: Immerse yourself in the serene beauty and sustainable ethos of Talula Hill Farm Resort, nestled in the foothills of Gunung Lambak, where organic farming meets holistic living, offering a unique retreat experience that harmonises hospitality with the rhythms of nature.
  • Casa Bianca Villa: A picturesque mountain-side village awaits you at Casa Bianca Villa, who offers not just a luxurious stay but also bespoke venue rental packages complete with LED screens, sound systems, stage lighting, suites, and elegant seating arrangements, making it the ideal destination for your next celebration or event.
  • Chantilly Event Venue: Another top wedding event venue Johor Bahru, Chantilly Event Venue is usually adorned with bright, luxurious florals, setting up your dream event space for making your vows. They also offer catering packages as well.
  • Kluang Container Hotel Sdn. Bhd: Indulge in a perfect blend of relaxation and celebration at Kluang Container Swimming Pool Hotel, your ultimate destination for hotel stays, private events, parties, weddings, family and friend gatherings, and birthdays with its outdoor pool, lush gardens, and more.  

4. ⁠Batu pahat

indoor seminar venue with long tables, honeymoon bed, simple event space with white hues, indoor wedding space with greenery

Discover the timeless charm of Batu Pahat's event spaces, where traditional heritage blends with modern amenities, offering unique venues immersed in local culture and history, creating an unforgettable backdrop for memorable events and celebrations.

  • The Katerina Hotel: At The Katerina Hotel in Batu Pahat, European-inspired sophistication meets modern amenities, offering newly renovated event spaces alongside friendly service and cutting-edge technology to ensure your gatherings are unforgettable.
  • Maple Lodge: Discover unparalleled comfort, value, and convenience at Maple Lodge Batu Pahat, where guests can experience exceptional event spaces alongside well-appointed rooms and premium amenities, ensuring a memorable stay in the heart of Batu Pahat. Many weddings have started enjoying their honeymoons!
  • Orchid Event Space: Embark on your journey of love at Orchid Event Space, where every detail of your dream wedding comes to life in a beautiful, spacious hall adorned with romantic décor, complemented by delicious menus and impeccable service, all at an "ALL In" price, ensuring a truly unforgettable celebration filled with love and cherished memories.
  • Qastina Palace: Home to the best buffets in the area, Qastina Palace towers in Batu pahat is known for its interesting Ramadan menu with a variety of interesting menus with traditional flavours, east coast, Chinese, Western and many more.

5. Skudai

indoor couch in front of crowd, scandanavian-style wedding, indoor event space with chairs and projector, meeting room with u-shaped table

Embrace the spirit of innovation in Skudai's event spaces, where dynamic environments inspire creativity and collaboration, providing state-of-the-art facilities and flexible layouts ideal for corporate events, seminars, and workshops in a bustling academic and industrial hub.

  • Lemon Tree Event Space: Lemon Tree Event Space lies a haven where every detail is thoughtfully curated to reflect the beauty of love in its purest form, ensuring cherished memories to last a lifetime. Consider this spot for your simple but meaningful weddings Johor Bahru. R.O.
  • Memories@The Spring: At ROMemories, guests discover an oasis where sustainability intertwines with fine catering, creating unforgettable gatherings while championing a return to cherished, slow-paced moments with loved ones, ensuring every event becomes a celebration of love and connection.
  • Bzz Hotel Skudai: Hold your business gatherings at Bzz Hotel's Seminar & Meeting Rooms, where rustic-industrial charm meets strategic convenience, offering setups for successful events, alongside uniquely designed rooms, top-notch amenities, and a rooftop cafe retreat, ensuring every stay and meeting is both productive and memorable.
  • GoodHope Hotel, Skudai Johor: Unlock the potential of your events with GoodHope, Skudai Johor Bahru's versatile meeting and event spaces, featuring pillarless ballrooms, customizable settings, and comprehensive packages tailored to ensure top-notch experiences, whether it's a gala party, wedding celebration, or business event. 

6. Desaru

outdoor networking tables with hotel behind them, tropical wedding venue, event space set-up with flowers outdoors, and round tables in bright indoor venue

Escape to the coastal paradise of Desaru's event spaces, where pristine beaches meet lush tropical landscapes, offering idyllic venues for beachfront weddings, outdoor gatherings, and resort-style retreats, surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty and serenity.

  • The Westin Desaru Coast Resort: Experience the epitome of sophistication and seamless collaboration at The Westin Desaru Coast Resort, where versatile meeting venues and scenic, breathtaking wedding spaces combine with unparalleled service and amenities to create events tailored to exceed your expectations.
  • One&Only Desaru Coast: At One&Only Desaru Coast, where tropical tranquillity meets seamless event experiences, offering spaces like lush rainforest-framed courtyards to oceanfront venues, paired with distinctive cuisine and tailored nature experiences, ensuring every event is unforgettable and effortlessly unique.
  • The Els Club Desaru Coast - Ocean Course: Exquisite golf courses surrounded by lush landscapes await you at The Els Club Desaru Coast — complemented by fully-equipped ballrooms and meeting rooms ideal for everything from dream weddings to successful business gatherings, ensuring unforgettable experiences tailored to your every need.
  • Lotus Desaru Beach Resort & Spa: Escape to the enchanting shores of Lotus Desaru Beach Resort & Spa, Malaysia's premier beach destination, where every moment unfolds in a fairy tale setting amidst pristine sands, lush palms, and captivating amenities, promising a rejuvenating retreat for families, couples, and event enthusiasts alike.

Final Word

In conclusion, Johor Bahru continues to solidify its position as a premier destination for hosting unforgettable events and gatherings in both Malaysia and Singapore. From the vibrant urban landscapes of its city centre to the serene countryside vistas of its outskirts, Johor Bahru offers a diverse range of event space options to suit every need and occasion, including outdoor wedding venues, event halls, and small event spaces. 

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Frequently Asked Questions
Johor Bahru event spaces are versatile and suitable for a wide range of events including weddings, corporate conferences, seminars, product launches, gala dinners, team-building events, private parties, and more.
Amenities commonly found in Johor Bahru event spaces include state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, high-speed internet access, flexible seating arrangements, professional event planning and catering services, spacious parking facilities, and access to recreational areas for leisure activities.
Yes, Johor Bahru event spaces cater to both large groups and intimate gatherings. Whether you're hosting a grand celebration for hundreds of guests or planning a cosy gathering with close friends and family, there are event spaces available to suit your needs.
Yes, Johor Bahru offers a variety of unique and themed event spaces to add an extra touch of flair to your event. From elegant ballrooms with stunning waterfront views to themed venues inspired by local culture or fairy tale settings, you'll find a diverse range of options to make your event truly memorable.
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