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11 Best Multifunctional Event Space Rental KL & Selangor Options (2024)

Samantha Mayoralgo / Reading Time 7 minutes read / Nov 16, 2023

Whether you're planning a corporate seminar, a vibrant party, or an intimate gathering, the right event space can make all the difference. In this blog, we unveil the top event space rental Malaysia in KL & Selangor that can fit any kind of celebration—from birthday parties to product launches. From state-of-the-art facilities to captivating atmospheres, these spaces are poised to elevate your event planning game in the vibrant cities of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. 

1. Vida Bukit Ceylon

wedding reception space and corporate seminars

VIDA Bukit Ceylon stands out as the best multifunctional event space rental in KL due to its prime location in the vibrant Golden Triangle, with unparalleled accessibility. The sky city view adds a touch of elegance, creating a visually stunning backdrop for any occasion. The availability of private spaces allows for personalized and intimate gatherings, while the state-of-the-art facilities, including modern workspaces and recreational amenities, ensure a seamless blend of work and leisure. Book Vida Bukit Ceylon on Venuerific today!

Best for: Weddings, ROMs, Solemnization, Dinner & Dance
Starts from: RM1,800

2. De.wan 1958 by Chef Wan The Linc KL

dining hall and banquet hall with neon lights

Chef Wan’s restaurant emerges as the premier choice for multifunctional parties in Kuala Lumpur, seamlessly blending the vibrant spirit of traditional Malaysian cuisine with an urban setting. The venue, curated with a tropical palette, exudes a lively atmosphere, capturing the essence of sun-soaked freshness and cool vibes. Not just a dining experience but a celebration of joy and connection, De.wan 1958 by Chef Wan The Linc KL is an unrivalled choice for hosting multifunctional parties in Kuala Lumpur. Enquire about De.wan 1958 by Chef Wan The Linc KL on Venuerific today!

Best for: Dinner and Dance, Conferences, Birthday Parties
Starts from: RM1,088

3. Astranova PJ Event Space

long hall with projector images

AstraNova Petaling Jaya's LED Event Space is one of the best multifunctional event space rentals in KL & Selangor. The combination of a spacious and versatile layout ensures that the venue can seamlessly adapt to diverse event needs, providing a dynamic and memorable experience for attendees. With convenient and ample parking facilities, coupled with starlight hanging lights, AstraNova can be booked on Venuerific now!

Best for: Corporate Events, Trainings, Seminars
Starts from: RM800

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4. Limone

restaurant with yellow hues and outdoor patio

A European-inspired cafe with a charming lemon theme, Limone.MY stands as the premier choice for restaurants for parties in KL. The elegant establishment not only provides a delightful fusion of European flavours but also offers a uniquely customizable menu, including cocktails, ensuring a tailored culinary experience for events. The cafe's ambience, inspired by European charm and the refreshing lemon theme, creates an inviting and versatile setting suitable for a wide range of event space rental KL themes. Enquire about Limone now!

Best for: Birthdays, Baby Showers, Bridal Shower, Meetings
Starts from: RM4,500

5. Motion Studio Asia (Mid Valley)

woman preparing table and tables for art activities

Being home to the first-ever Motion, Pendulum, Splat, and Bear Brick Art Painting in Malaysia makes this event space truly unparalleled for multifunctional parties in Kuala Lumpur. The fusion of innovative art forms, including Pendulum Motion Art, Splat Art, and Bear brick creations, adds a dynamic and visually stunning dimension to any gathering. Whether hosting corporate events, social gatherings, or artistic exhibitions, this space offers an engaging ambience for people of all ages. Book Motion Studio Asia (Mid Valley) on Venuerific today!

Best for: Kids Birthday Parties, Birthdays, Company Team Building
Starts from: RM69

6. Harson Event Space

tables and chairs in one row

Harson Event Space emerges as another one of the premier corporate event space rental KL options for all types of events. Its strategic location ensures easy access to public transportation, enhancing convenience for attendees. The venue's commitment to versatility is reflected in its well-equipped features, boasting air conditioning for comfort, a projector for dynamic presentations, WiFi connectivity for seamless communication, and ample seating. Learn more about Harson Event Space on Venuerific!

Best for: Parties, Seminars, Training Sessions
Starts from: RM620

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7. Colony @ Star Boulevard KLCC

outdoor garden with view of petronas towers and ballroom

Adorned with a captivating New York Tribeca theme, Colony @ Star Boulevard KLCC stands out as the premier choice for any kind of party in Kuala Lumpur. Its dramatic double-storey ceilings and expansive floor-to-ceiling glass panels create a visually stunning ambience, complemented by the allure of a lush rooftop garden boasting a sublime view of the iconic Petronas Twin Towers. The inclusion of complimentary items like microphones, projectors, and a stage ensures a seamless and well-equipped environment for a diverse range of events. Book Colony @ Star Boulevard KLCC, a top event space rental KL on Venuerific!

Best for: Ballroom, Dinner and Dance, Weddings
Starts from: RM5,000

8. Hush The Theatre

stage with chairs and spacious dance room

Another quintessential multifunctional event space in Kuala Lumpur is Hush The Theatre. Flexible and accessible, this event space rental KL has a capacity of up to 80, both standing and for dining, and accommodates various event sizes. The option for external catering; the provision of sound and light equipment; and the benefits of wheelchair accessibility make this a great choice for most events in KL. Book Hush The Theatre today!

Best for: Training Room, Seminar, Unique Birthday Parties
Starts from: RM800

9. B'york KL

tables with wooden chairs and long table with minimalist lush greenery

Beyond the aesthetics, B'york KL stands out with its seasoned team, boasting experience and talent in event management, evident from its successful track record with Zebra Square Kuala Lumpur. This space uniquely integrates elements of nature, featuring lush greenery that can effortlessly transform the atmosphere into an elegant oasis or embrace quirky jungle themes. The combination of a versatile atmosphere, expert event management, and a nod to natural aesthetics makes B’york KL a no-fail choice. Book B’york KL!

Best for: Kids Birthday Parties, Family Reunions, ROM/Solemnization
Starts from: RM1,005

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10. The Grey Box (GMBB)

spacious grey box foyer entrance and hall

The Grey Box emerges as the premier choice for multifunctional parties in Kuala Lumpur, offering a versatile and spacious environment capable of accommodating up to 250 standing or 150 seated guests. With the flexibility to host a diverse range of activities, from art exhibitions and fashion shows to corporate events and community bazaars, GMBB has done it all. A booking includes essential event features such as air conditioning, a microphone, a projector, and a stage—perfect for grand gatherings. Learn more about this multifunctional event space rental KL

Best for: Corporate Events, Product/Media Launches, Workshops
Starts from: RM8,000

11. Common Ground Bangsar South

tables and chairs where people are working and coworking

In the urban community of Bangsar South is Common Ground. This locale seamlessly integrates residential, commercial, and lifestyle components, offering a dynamic and vibrant backdrop for various events, including seminars, private meetings, and even birthday parties. Moreover, its strategic location ensures convenience and accessibility, being well-connected to car, bus, and train routes, facilitating a hassle-free commute for attendees. Book Common Ground Bangsar South on Venuerific today!

Best for: Coworking, Corporate Events, Intimate Parties
Starts from: RM150

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Final Word

Each venue on our list not only provides a space but crafts an immersive experience, ensuring that your event is nothing short of exceptional. From intimate spaces in the heart of urban communities to venues with lush rooftop gardens and cutting-edge technology, the options are as diverse as the events you're planning. Whether you're organizing a corporate affair, a social gathering, or a cultural celebration, these multifunctional event spaces in KL and Selangor are poised to exceed your expectations. Cheers!

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Frequently Asked Questions
Multifunctional event spaces in Kuala Lumpur offer a versatile canvas for various types of parties and gatherings. You can host corporate events like seminars, conferences, and product launches. Social gatherings such as birthday parties, engagement ceremonies, and weddings find an ideal setting in these spaces. Additionally, cultural celebrations, art exhibitions, fashion shows, and community events can be seamlessly accommodated. The adaptability of multifunctional spaces allows for creativity, making them suitable for any event that demands a unique and flexible environment.
Selecting the perfect venue in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor involves considering several key factors. Begin by defining the purpose and nature of your event. Assess the venue's capacity to ensure it accommodates your guest list comfortably. Consider the location and accessibility, factoring in transportation options for attendees. Look for venues that align with your event's theme and ambience requirements. Evaluate the facilities and services provided, ensuring they meet your technical and logistical needs. Finally, weigh the cost against your budget constraints. A thorough consideration of these elements will guide you toward selecting the most suitable venue for your event in KL and Selangor.

When searching for an event venue in Malaysia, consider the following facilities to ensure a seamless and successful event:

  • Adequate Space: Ensure the venue accommodates your expected number of attendees comfortably.
  • Technical Equipment: Check for audio-visual equipment, projectors, microphones, and a reliable sound system.
  • Air Conditioning: Especially important in the Malaysian climate, proper ventilation ensures the comfort of your guests.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: For seamless communication and online engagement during the event.
  • Furniture and Setup: Assess the flexibility of the venue in terms of furniture arrangement and setup options.
  • Catering Options: Confirm whether the venue provides catering services or allows external catering.
Kuala Lumpur and Selangor offer a vibrant and diverse backdrop for hosting parties. The cities boast a rich cultural tapestry, providing a unique and dynamic atmosphere for celebrations. The culinary scene is diverse, offering a wide array of local and international cuisines to suit any palate. Additionally, the cities are well-connected with excellent transportation infrastructure, making it convenient for guests to attend your event. Whether you're drawn to the modern skyline of Kuala Lumpur or the suburban charm of Selangor, hosting a party in these regions ensures a memorable experience enriched by the cultural diversity and accessibility that define this dynamic part of Malaysia.