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A Guide to Event Venue Rental in Singapore

FAQ Guide

A Guide to Event Venue Rental in Singapore

Singapore is a melting pot of cultures, which may be a surprise to some, as the country ranks the 176th in land area worldwide. Still, despite its size, Singapore has a plethora of cultures persevering, growing, and evolving on its very grounds. Its population consists of people from Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, Indian, European, and North American descent according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Singapore.

Because of this, the country is home to several holidays that pay homage to the country’s mix of cultures. By virtue, there is always a cultural exchange between the residents of Singapore: may it be in the form of food, arts, or celebration.

The country’s strength is also Venuerific’s; our company honors the variety of milestones in a Singaporean’s life. Whether it is their 1st birthday or their 50th, their large engagement party or their intimate solemnisation, their last minute offsite meeting or their long-awaited team building activity—Venuerific has a wide range of collections of venues for them, and for you.

In choosing the best event spaces in Singapore, you must consider three things: number of event guests, event catering, and event location. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, you would be pleased to know that Venuerific now also specialises in hybrid event venue rentals in Singapore.

Event guest number determines all other parts of your event, especially your catering and location. Most importantly, this gives you an idea of your budget. Large and high-end parties, for example, will cost more than intimate and affordable events. The beauty of planning parties in Singapore is that most venues are always high-quality, no matter your budget range. (Since the country is a melting pot, the food is almost always authentic and delicious too!)

Speaking of food, after building your guest list, it is also important to map out each guest’s food preference. This determines your event catering venues in Singapore. The country has its fair share of vegetarians, vegans, and those with a halal diet.

To make sure that everyone’s dietary needs are met, many explore halal venues in Singapore through Venuerific. We have hotels, restaurants, and private venues that offer an inspired spread of halal dishes. This usually hits two birds with one stone as halal menus more often than not offer vegetarian choices as well.

Lastly, when it comes to parties in Singapore, event location is king. It determines the level of escapism tied to your event—is it a look into an entirely different world? Maybe like a garden from Alice in Wonderland? Or is it simply a gathering of fun and unique activities? Maybe an event with a ball pit, a karaoke machine, a little cinema area, a bit of laser tag?

Guide to planning events in Singapore by Region:

  • Central Area: Easily accessible, the central area has event venues in Singapore with great buzz of being in town. Home to Singaporean nightlife and country icons such as the Merlion, this section of the country is home to both locals and tourists. Orchard Road, Clarke Quay, and Marina Bay Sands are all in the Singapore Central Area.

  • North Region: The second largest region of the country, Singapore’s North Region is the home of both residential life and lush, quiet greenery. Its regional centre, the Woodlands, offers many areas for recreational activities in Singapore such as golf, shopping, food tripping, and more.

  • East Region: Changi Airport, being one of the most beautiful airports in the world, is actually located in the East Region of Singapore. Did you know that you can hold parties in Jewel Changi Airport, its entertainment complex? Joo Chiat Road and East Coast area are also coming up to be one of the most happening areas in Singapore. If you want parties in Singapore that provide a short escape from the central area, it’s worth looking into the East Region.

  • West Region: Events in Singapore set in its West Region have a unique charm to them. In many ways, each venue has its own specialty: from coworking spaces in Singapore to spacious leisure clubs in Singapore, the West Region has it all.

  • South Region: Last but certainly not the least, the South Region of Singapore contains most of its by-the-beach activities. Sentosa Island, one of the country’s most popular spots, is here. Enjoy a day by the yacht or have a beautiful wedding that overlooks scenic views here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Venuerific is the largest event venue booking platform in Southeast Asia.

It offers a smart cloud-based venue management software that helps event space owners manage their venues and gain more clientele. The company was founded back in 2013.

The main Venuerific headquarters is located in Singapore. However, the company also has offices in its Southeast Asian locations, including Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, and Indonesia.

Visit our listing page and set a meeting with us (remember to provide details such as your name, venue name, email address, and phone first) to get started!

Once done, the Venuerific team will see you at your scheduled time. Please remember that this meeting usually takes at most 60 minutes, so schedule your appointments accordingly.

Start your Venuerific journey today and join the thousands of people who have trusted us over the years.

Venuerific is a tried and tested platform with almost a decade of experience. Through time, the platform has grown a strong, loyal client base, with up to 90,000 event organisers visiting the site per month.

As a curated marketplace with its own venue management system that includes advanced CRM, analytics, invoicing, and scheduling, Venuerific saves you time and money. This platform is made to serve businesses that are both old and new, as long as they are in the interest of growing.

In Venuerific, you have a wide variety of event spaces to choose from. Whether you need a bar, a yacht, a gallery, a restaurant, or even just a simple home, we’ve got the space for you.

Moreover, Venuerific takes pride in its zero cost booking model. Simply send your enquiries and your venue will get back to you ASAP. Each interaction between vendor and customer is fuss-free, just like it is supposed to be.

Event space rental in Singapore can cost from $200 for a 3-hour booking to $1,300 for an 8-hour reservation. The prices may be slightly higher during weekends.

Additionally, the event space rental in Singapore can differ based on the venue, with some charging per person and others on an hourly basis.