Top Engagement Venues in Singapore your engagement to your closest friends and family can be made in a light-hearted and celebratory manner by throwing an engagement party. Roll the ball for wedding plans and provide an opportunity for your friends and family to be more acquainted with each other! Ensure a successful and smooth-flowing event by booking the top engagement party venues Singapore has to offer.

Engagement Venues Rental Guide

Engagement Venues Singapore

Aside from choosing the best engagement party venue ideas, you will also need to determine other vital event factors, such as your budget and the number of guests you intend to invite.

If the soon-to-be-wed couple is not hosting the event, you should get their advice about the location. Be sure to consider the couple's other logistical concerns, such as the guest list and the meal choices as well. Check out the complete guide for throwing an engagement party below: 

Set a budget for your event

Determine the budget you want to spend on the event, especially on the engagement venue Singapore has to offer. This will help you determine whether or not you can afford certain things. The amount of money you want to spend on the party may be determined by the other financial commitments you have made toward the cost of the wedding.

The cost of throwing an engagement party can vary greatly based on the number of guests, the location of the event, and the kinds of food and beverages served. You should budget between $10 and $50 per guest if you want to do an affordable engagement party. Otherwise, you can spend $101 to $180 per pax if you want your guests to have a more premium experience.

If you are throwing your own event, you don't have to hold an extravagant engagement party if you are saving for your wedding and honeymoon. But if you do want a lavish party, you can book a luxury venue for $181 and above per guest.

Determine the date and the host

The engagement party is traditionally organized by the bride's parents. However, engagement parties can be hosted by anybody who desires to do so. If you decide that you would like to do this party yourself, that is also perfectly acceptable.

Once you have determined who will host, the next step is choosing a convenient day for you and your guests to have the party. The engagement party needs to occur within a reasonable time after the couple has announced their engagement.

Traditionally, engagement parties are held no more than a few months after the proposal, before the stress of wedding preparations takes its toll. Your party date will also determine which venues are available. Verify if the engagement venue in Singapore you are eyeing can accommodate your date by asking about its availability. 

Check out different venue types

Suppose you are looking for a venue that can meet your demands for food and drink. In that case, you should consider looking into the restaurants and bars located in your immediate area.

Hotels are also ideal engagement party venues. Choose a well-known location for hosting receptions if you want to enjoy a convenient venue where you can find in-house catering, bartenders, and waitstaff. Check with the hotels and country clubs in your area since they typically have function halls you may use for a large engagement party.

If you want to have lots of space and a more laid-back atmosphere, you should try to find outdoor engagement venues. Add some ambience to the outside area by lighting it with twinkling lights.

Don't be scared to think beyond the norm and search for something that will accurately portray who you are as an individual. You can do this by booking a unique engagement venue. Find a bowling alley, gallery, yacht, winery, or rooftop to have a party that your guests will never forget.

Find an engagement venue that can comfortably accommodate your guests

Find a location that can comfortably accommodate and house all of your guests. If you have a good idea of how many guests you would like to have at your party, you will have a better idea of whether you need a small or large venue.

Choose an engagement party location that has enough space for mingling and other activities. Suppose you want to include activities such as a scavenger hunt or other games where your guests will move around at your event. In that case, you will need to find a large enough location to accommodate these.

It is essential to be aware that venues have a maximum number of attendees. For instance, here is a list of ideal engagement party venues Singapore offers based on the number of guests they can accommodate:

Pick an accessible location

When it comes to picking the venue's location, proximity is one of the most important factors to consider. Engagement parties should be a handy destination for most guests. Not everyone wants to spend tons of money to fly across the country only to have dinner and drinks with their friends.

If the future spouses' families live in different parts of the country, it may be beneficial to hold the wedding in a place that is convenient, inexpensive, and accessible to all of them. In this case, hotels are a great venue location for the party, so the guests will have available lodging before or after the event.

Check out the available engagement party venues Singapore offers within the Central Area, North Region, West Region, South Region, and East Region.

Choose the food and drink

The engagement party is generally held around the dinner hour. However, you can experiment with other dining trends that work best for you. Engagement parties are sometimes the first chance for family members of the couple to get to know one another. Thus, hosting the meal in a family-style setting is the best approach to facilitate communication between both sets of relatives.

Enquire whether your ideal venue provides food and drink. You will want to ensure that the venue can accommodate those before you book it. If you enjoy preparing your own dishes or having customised meals, you might consider booking a venue that allows external catering.

You can also have a communal dining or buffet arrangement that encourages guests to mingle while eating. On the other hand, if you do not wish to have a sit-down dinner, most clubs can make arrangements for local and international appetizers.

Send out the invitations

You have the option of sending physical invites or electronic ones. Your decision will most probably be based on the atmosphere you want to create for the engagement party.

Ensure to send out invitations to your guests approximately one month before the party. This will give guests sufficient time to organize their calendars for the event. Include the dress code and links to the register on your invitation so each guest can come completely prepared.

When people find out that you are engaged, there is a good chance that they will want to give you a present. For the time being, you should only add things that fall within the low to moderate price range. You will have plenty of more expensive gifts after your wedding. 

Engagement party FAQs

What is an engagement party for?
Traditionally, the purpose of the engagement party is for the couple's closest friends and immediate family to get to know each other. The engagement party marks the beginning of two families becoming one larger extended family. 

How can I book an engagement party venue in Singapore?
There are so many different venues to pick from these days, making it difficult to narrow down potential locations. Fortunately, Venuerific has thousands of ideal Singapore engagement venues that you can easily filter based on the location, number of guests, price level, and more.

Who should I invite to my engagement party?
You can invite your close friends and family members to your engagement party. Typically, your guests in this event will also be invited to the wedding. The engagement party is generally hosted by parents, so any guests they intend to invite to the wedding are also invited to your engagement party. 

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An engagement party's purpose is to celebrate two people's decision to make a lifelong commitment to one another. Even though the wedding is still a few months away, there is no reason you can't start the celebrations as soon as possible!

Share the special announcement with your closest friends and family members at an ideal engagement venue Singapore has to offer! Enhance the bond between the happy couple and get picture-perfect memories by booking the event venue here at Venuerific.

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