Top Solemnisation Venues in Singapore

Solemnisation is an important part of your life together with your spouse. So, you should ensure that you hold it in a venue that fits your budget and requirements. Here at Venuerific, we can provide you with an array of great solemnisation venues Singapore that can provide you with the best amenities, facilities, and service that you deserve!

Solemnisation Venues Rental Guide

You fell in love, got engaged, and now you are getting married. Good for you! However, to be considered married in the eyes of the civil authority, you need to do the solemnisation of marriage. Today, we’ll give you a concise and informative guide on the solemnisation of marriage and how you can choose the most beautiful wedding solemnisation venues Singapore.

What is the solemnisation of marriage?

Solemnisation is the act of a wedding ceremony, with its Singapore wedding decoration and all, to effect the marriage officially. This is officiated by a wedding solemniser, who must also verify all legal documents and ensure that both parties consent to the marriage. The wedding solemniser will also be the one who will facilitate the signing of the Certificate of Marriage.

Before you take your relationship to the highest level, you need to know how to make your marriage official at the Registry of Marriages (ROM). Here is how you do that:

  1. Submit your marriage application
    Since you are planning to get solemnised outside of ROM, you need a copy of the Solemniser Consent Form. Hire your solemniser and make them sign the consent form. Don’t forget to get the contact of their buddy solemniser since they will act as a backup for contingency purposes.

    The next thing you need to do is submit your marriage application, formally known as a Notice of Marriage. You can do this online by going to the ROM’s website. Make sure that you have your important documents and information with you.

    After filing your marriage application, you will get a Summary of Notice of Marriage, which is a list of documents you need to make the statutory declaration for marriage. You are not allowed to cancel your application. Thus, you will need to file another Notice of Marriage if you did not get married within three months after filing the marriage application.  

  2. Attend the mandatory Marriage Preparation Programme or get a Special Marriage Licence
    If you are still a minor (aged 18-21), you and your spouse must be interviewed by a Ministry of Social and Family Development worker. Then, you must also attend the mandatory Marriage Preparation Programme.

    In addition, if you are below 18 years old, you and your spouse must apply for a Special Marriage Licence and get written consent from your parents or guardians for your marriage. Your parents will also be required to attend the whole or parts of the Marriage Preparation Programme. 

  3. Make the Statutory Declaration of your eligibility to marry
    The next step is to attend the Verification of Documents and Statutory Declaration, which will take up to 20 minutes only, given that there is no queue time. Once done, you can now collect the necessary documents from the ROM so your solemnisation can be arranged and take place. Your next step is to choose from an array of romantic solemnisation venues around Singapore!

Best Solemnisation Venue Singapore

Solemnisation Venues Singapore

Now that you have finished filing the needed paperwork, the next exciting step is to look for a solemnisation venue to say your I do’s finally! Whether you are looking for a unique and modern location or a cosy and tranquil venue, you won’t run out of choices here at Venuerific!

Does your guestlist require a solemnisation venue for 10 pax or more? Even if you have more than a hundred guests, we have an available venue for you! Take a pick at some ideal and possible solemnisation venues around Singapore:

Cheap solemnisation venues in Singapore

  • Cafes
    If you are looking for a budget solemnisation venue Singapore has a plethora of cafes you can rent! The top cafes for solemnisation in Singapore offer ample space and great service. This is a great way to save money, especially if you are planning to host your wedding in another venue.

    Cafes are a great venue for those who want to have an intimate solemnisation with only at least 5-10 guests. Some cafes have a unique and cosy ambience, while others are modern and chic. Thus, you won’t have to worry about running out of choices when it comes to the styles and services of the venue.

  • Restaurants
    Make sure you satisfy your guests’ palettes after watching you and your spouse say your I do’s by booking the top restaurant venues for solemnisation in Singapore. Lion City has a lot of exciting restaurant spaces that can suit the style and location of your choice.

    Booking affordable restaurants for your solemnisation in Singapore is convenient because you don’t have to rent for external catering. In addition, restaurants are already well-appointed with chairs, tables, and decorations. Thus, you and the venue won’t have to do the hectic tasks of getting additional services.
Small solemnisation venue in Singapore

  • Yachts
    If you do not have that many guests to invite and want an intimate solemnisation, consider doing it on a yacht. Complete the ceremony while on the waves of the lion city by booking the best yacht rentals for solemnisation in Singapore.

    Yachts are unique, romantic, and intimate spaces that you will surely enjoy with your spouse and the closest people in your life. The venue allows you to have privacy while appreciating the breathtaking views of Singapore.

    Enjoy spectacular views throughout your solemnisation and watch the stunning skyline with your spouse. You can book larger yachts if you want you and your guests to spend the night on the water. 

  • Unique Venues
    The unique venues for solemnisation in Singapore are perfect for you if you want to make the event extra special and memorable. Wow your family and friends with your tastes by booking venues with stunning architectures, distinctive spaces, and outstanding interiors.

    Choosing unique event venues allows you to host your solemnisation in a way that will make everyone feel like they are in a whole new world. Even in the busiest districts around Singapore, you will find one-of-a-kind venues exuding serenity and calming ambience, perfect for solemnisation. 
Large solemnisation venues in Singapore

  • Hotels
    There are many hotel venues for solemnisation in Singapore that provide reliable and convenient services, whether you want an intimate or grand event. Most hotels offer solemnisation packages that include solemnisation table and aisle chairs, catering service, and room check-ins.

    Hotels are a great venue for solemnisation because they are flexible spaces. Thus, you can ensure that you can find a solemnisation venue for 50 pax or a place that can accommodate 200 guests. With the spectacular views, convenient locations, and excellent services, it is no wonder that hotels are some of the cheap wedding solemnisation venues in Singapore.

  • Function Halls
    If you are planning to invite quite a number of guests for your solemnisation, check out the top function halls for solemnisation in Singapore. Function halls are often large. Thus, they are flexible enough to accommodate bigger guest counts for your event.

    In addition, function halls are also one-stop-shops for solemnisation since they already offer catering with set menus and other services in-house once you book the venue. With elegant interiors and experienced staff, you won’t go wrong if you want to celebrate intimate or large-scale solemnisation at function halls!

  • Warehouse
    For city dwellers, warehouse solemnisation is their version of the urban barn wedding. The warehouse venues for solemnisation in Singapore have converted spaces that offer industrial and chic vibes.

    Warehouse venues have a lot of space, so you have the liberty to style them without worrying about the limited area. You may even add some stations that other venues can’t due to space constraints. If you want high ceilings and exposed brick walls, you may want to check these venues out. 
Beautiful solemnisation venues in Singapore

  • Museums
    It may be very uncommon for couples to hold their solemnisation at museums, which is why you probably should do it if you want your special day to be unique! Of course, not all museums host weddings, solemnisation, or other events. This is why you must check with the venue first before setting your heart at the location.

    Fortunately, Venuerific has a list of museum venues for solemnisation in Singapore. Now is your chance to show your artistic and sophisticated side! Offer your guests a broad range of artistic pieces and designs by booking unique event spaces in Singapore, such as a museum.
  • Outdoors
    Have a serene and calming solemnisation by booking a garden or enjoy a glamorous and breezy one by renting an outdoor terrace. When it comes to the best solemnisation package Singapore has to offer, check out outdoor venues!

    The top outdoor venues for solemnisation in Singapore provide open and relaxing spaces, perfect for nature lovers! There’s no need for artificial backdrops. Let nature become the theme of your special event!

  • Gallery
    Show your appreciation for up-and-coming and independent artists by holding your solemnisation at an art gallery! Let artworks and sculptures surround you and your guests by booking the top gallery venues for solemnisation in Singapore.

Wedding Solemnisation Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a solemniser?

A solemniser is a person appointed by the Registry of Marriages to carry out solemnisation as an act of civil service. They are not getting paid for their time, but it is a common courtesy for couples to give them a token of appreciation or thank them for their time after the solemnisation process.

Each solemniser has its style of completing the solemnisation process. Some solemnisation can take 20 to 30 minutes, but others can take longer or shorter than that. 

How can I book a solemniser?

Those who are planning to get solemnised at the Registry of Marriages do not need to set up an appointment with a solemniser since the ROM will do it for you. You will only need to know how to book a solemniser if you are planning to solemnise at other locations.

There are thousands of licensed solemnisers in Singapore, and you can find the list at the Registry of Marriages. Once you have picked, you should start contacting them at least three months before your solemnisation date. Don’t forget to get the solemnise’s licence number because you will need this when submitting your File of Notice of Marriage. 

Where can I hold my solemnisation in Singapore?

You can do your solemnisation at a hotel, restaurant, function hall, and other unique venues. There are an array of possible venues where you can hold your ROM in Singapore. The best way to choose the best one is to search for your ideal venue type or location here at Venuerific!

How much is a solemnisation venue in Singapore?

The cost of the solemnisation venue in Singapore depends on the number of guests and venue type you want to book. Here is a list of the price ranges that we offer at Venuerific. Check out which price level fits your budget!

  • Budget: Save your money for other opportunities with your spouse by booking an affordable solemnisation venue in Singapore, costing as low as $10 to $50 per person. Choosing this criterion can allow you to book a solemnisation venue for 20 pax!
  • Economy: Planning to have a wedding ceremony after your solemnisation? Then, you don’t have to spend too much on the venue. Check out the solemnisation spaces with a price range of $51 to $10 per person.
  • Premium: Pay premium from $101 to $180 per person and make your grand day extra special by checking out the premium solemnisation venues at Venuerific!
  • Luxury: Let your spouse and guests know how important they and this day are by booking luxury solemnisation venues that cost $181 and above per person.
Saying “I do” to your partner in front of your family and friends will surely be one of the most special and memorable days of your life. Thus, you should ensure that you do it in Singapore's best wedding solemnisation venue! The next step after your solemnisation can be your wedding. Book one of the top wedding venues  and top solemnisation venue Singapore 2024 via Venuerific today!

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User Reviews for Solemnisation Venues on Venuerific

Celine Bek
5 / 5
Booked at 梦回 | Another Day
Great venue!

I came across Another Day on venuerific for my solemnization and chose them for their decor and unique concept. All the staff were extremely helpful from booking enquiries to actual day event. Everything was perfect! Highly recommended.

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5 / 5
Booked at Qanvast @ OUE
Smooth Coordination and Very Accommodating Staff

Thanks so much for making our event run so smoothly!

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Cheryl Ng
5 / 5
Booked at KOMYUNITI Bar & Restaurant
Solemnisation Event at KOMYUNITI

Very nice and cosy event venue suitable for any type of event. Aliff, the event space manager was really helpful and easy to work with as he accommodated to many of our last minute requests. The venue/restaurant staffs are very friendly and welcoming. Our guests enjoyed themselves very much.

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Genelle Lee
5 / 5
Booked at KOMYUNITI Bar & Restaurant
Solemnisation event

We had a last min change of venue as our previous location bailed out on us. We are lucky to have found this place which turned out to be so much better. The price is reasonable and the location is awesome. Most importantly, Mr Aliff and his team rendered great support and assistance to us all the way from the planning stage. They tried their best to help us and fulfil our requests, making our dream ROM ceremony possible. Everyone enjoyed the nice place and ambience. Thank you so much again!

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Ann Chong
5 / 5
Booked at KOMYUNITI Bar & Restaurant
Good location and venue for wedding solemnisation

We were glad to found Komyuniti via Venuerific for our wedding solemnisation. It has situated at Yotel Orchard, which is a good location for the guests who drives and those coming via public transport. The restaurant was spacious and bright and the staffs are prompt and friendly as well. Special thanks to Aliff, who has coordinated and assist us on our requirements at this difficult times. I would strongly recommend couples to consider Komyuniti as their solemnisation venue.

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