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Make your dream wedding come true by renting a venue in the beautiful garden city of Singapore! Venuerific’s array of popular and unique wedding venues Singapore will help you get an unforgettable ceremony with your one and only. Whether you are looking for gardens, beaches, or hotels, you can find the best wedding venues Singapore here. Check out our top wedding venues in Singapore below:

Wedding Venues Rental Guide

Searching for pretty outdoor wedding venues Singapore and wedding cake Singapore options for your special day can be both exciting and overwhelming. There are a plethora of places you can choose for your Singapore wedding. However, it would be best if you consider some key things before confirming your schedule at the venue.

Read this guide to the best wedding destinations Singapore and find out what makes a good wedding venue and other vital aspects that you should consider looking into when planning your wedding day.

How to choose a wedding venue Singapore

One of the most vital parts of planning for your wedding day is to know what to consider when choosing a wedding venue. You have to know what makes a good wedding venue to ensure that your big day will be fun and memorable. When choosing the perfect wedding venue, you have to keep the following things in mind:

  • Location
    The location is the first thing you need to look at when looking for the best wedding venue on your wedding day. Can the venue be easily reached to and from the location? Is it accessible by car? Are you and your guests conveniently located near the venue?

    Such factors are important when choosing the ideal venue for your wedding. You can find many wedding venues around Singapore’s North, East, West, South, and Central Area here at Venuerific!
  • Style
    For the optimum experience, ensure your wedding venue complements the theme or style you want. The wedding themes often come down to personal preference. If you plan to have an indoor wedding in hotel wedding venues Singapore, wedding restaurants Singapore, ballrooms, or event spaces, make sure to plan the decorations accordingly with your wedding planner.

    On the other hand, if you aim to have an outdoor wedding, you can choose gardens, wineries, beaches, or other locations where you and your guests can enjoy panoramic views.
  • Capacity
    Capacity limits are one of the most important factors you should consider when choosing indoor and outdoor wedding venues. Booking a large wedding venue will not just make you spend a lot of money but will also make your event feel empty and detached.

    Renting small wedding venues Singapore can make or break your event as well. Keep in mind that you can’t cram more than a hundred guests into a space that was designed to accommodate fifty. Fortunately, Venuerific has a list of wedding venues that can accommodate 6-25 pax, 51-100 pax, 151-200 pax, and even 300 pax and above.
  • Number of venues
    If you have a plan A, you should also have a plan B. With a plethora of available beautiful wedding venues in Singapore, it is not difficult to have more than one choice. Take a look at some of the wonderful wedding venues in Singapore and pick as many locations as you want.

    Even if you already had mentally picked your venue, you don’t have to cross out or remove the rest of the locations. Your list of venues will be helpful in case the one you have chosen will not be available on your preferred date or won’t be able to accommodate your requirements. 

How to budget for a wedding in Singapore

Allocating your wedding budget can be the trickiest wedding planning task, but it is the most important. Your budget breakdown will influence your decisions for your venue, guest list, food, and more. To help you get an overall idea of how much a wedding costs in Singapore and what percentage of the wedding budget should be the venue, check out the typical budget breakdown below: 

  • Venue and Catering (40% of your budget)
    Your wedding venue and catering will represent the bulk of your wedding budget, especially if you are setting your eyes on some fancy wedding venues. The prices will vary depending on the venue, date, and number of guests. It can go as high as $181 and above per person or as low as $10 to $50 per guest.
  • Photography and videography (15% of your budget)
    Specialised photographers and videographers do wedding photography and videography. Thus, expect that these will be the second significant bulk of your wedding budget.

    Choose the perfect pre-wedding photoshoot locations where your photographer can capture the best and most romantic moments of you and your soon-to-be spouse. Make your wedding photography and videography costs worth it by checking out some pre-wedding shoot inspiration for the best poses and snaps.

  • Solemnisation (10% of your budget)
    Solemnisation can also be included in your wedding budget. Some couples hold their solemnisation on the same day or just days before the wedding ceremony since it is more budget-friendly.

    If you want to hold your solemnisation in a different location, check out the top solemnisation venues here at Venuerific. You can also find affordable restaurants for weddings and solemnisation around Singapore.

  • Wedding rings (10% of your budget)
    Wedding rings or bands are an important sign of your exchange on the wedding day. Although wedding rings may look simple, most of them can cost between $1,000 to $3,000 each. Of course, the price will vary depending on the materials used to make it and the brand of the bands.
  • Wedding attire (10% of your budget)
    You have to wear the best wedding dresses and wedding suits and make yourself look the most beautiful in the room. Custom-made wedding dresses can cost at least $2,000, but you can opt for a more affordable option by renting wedding suits and gowns instead.
  • Music/entertainment (5% of your budget)
    If you want a rocking wedding from the start-up to the end, you need to have an incredible band or singer who will play and perform wedding songs throughout the event. You can also rent a wedding host to keep the event alive and entertain your guests. Music and entertainment can take up to 5% of your whole wedding budget.
  • Decorations and flowers (5% of your budget)
    A few thousand dollars will also go to the decorations and flowers on your wedding day. Again, the price will vary depending on how intricate and fancy the decorations and flowers are. You may opt to hire the top florists for weddings in Singapore if you want the freshest and most suitable flowers for your event.
  • Dowry and gifts (3% of your budget)
    A traditional Singapore wedding may require giving a dowry to the bride’s family. The dowry can be in the form of cash or other items like pieces of jewellery. Depending on the family, you can spend as low as a few hundred dollars or pay up to $5,000.

  • Miscellaneous costs (2% of your budget)
    Other miscellaneous costs like wedding cars and transportation, corkages, or additional after-party costs can take up to 2% of your budget. 

Best affordable wedding venues in Singapore

Here are the places where you can find the best and most popular wedding venues in Singapore:

  • Outdoor wedding venues in Singapore
    If you want an outdoor wedding venue, check out the popular locations around Sentosa. Some of the available wedding spaces around the area feature open-air venues that can give you a panoramic view of a garden or the whole city, perfect for solemnisation and weddings!

  • Hotel wedding venues in Singapore
    Hotels are one of the most convenient and popular places where you can hold your wedding. Check out the available hotels around Marina Bay and Changi that offer stylish suites and rooms to accommodate your wedding guests. Changi is also sought after for its green and sustainable stays, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

  • Beach wedding venues Singapore
    If you want to attain a beach-like wedding without having to go out of downtown Singapore, you can try finding wedding venues around Bugis and Changi. There are several resorts and clubhouses around those areas where you can enjoy the fresh air and invigorating views.

Wedding Venues Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a wedding event typically cost in Singapore?

Weddings in Singapore often cost between $30,000 to $60,000 but can go as high as more than $100,000 depending on the type and scale of your wedding.

How far in advance is it to book a wedding venue Singapore?

Ideally, you should book your wedding venue in Singapore at least 12 to 14 months in advance, especially if you are flexible about the date. However, if you will hold your wedding in the least popular months, you can book the venue in as little as three months. 

What are the average rental costs for affordable wedding venues in Singapore?

The most affordable wedding venue rental in Singapore starts from just $699 for 3 hours on weekdays and $2,100 for 4 hours on weekends. Prices vary based on the venue and may be hourly or per person.

What should a wedding venue in Singapore include?

Whatever the amount of your budget is, your wedding venue should have a suitable area for the main ceremony, a space where your guests can sit, and lounge spaces where you can prepare. Some ideal venues also have valet parking, catering, and wedding reception needs. To ensure that your venue has the essentials you need, here is a wedding venue checklist you can follow:

  • Will there be a wedding coordinator?
  • Is it large enough to accommodate the ceremony and reception guests?
  • Is there access for persons with disabilities? Is there enough parking space within the venue?
  • Are there any restrictions when it comes to evening noise?
  • Is there a secure room where wedding gifts can be stored?
  • Is there a dance floor?
  • Are confetti and fireworks allowed in the venue? 

  • Is there a separate room for the bride and groom to use?
  • How many rooms are there for overnight guests?
  • How much does it cost to stay overnight?
  • Is breakfast included in the package?
  • What time should the guests check out the next day? 

  • Does the venue offer in-house catering?
  • Can they offer samples of the menu?
  • Will the catering provide equipment like tables, chairs, glassware, etc.?
  • Can the venue supply the wine and champagne?
  • Does the venue charge for corkage? 

  • How much is the reservation fee for the venue?
  • Is there a cancellation policy for the wedding venue?
  • Do I need to deposit to secure the date of the reservation?
  • How much is the deposit, and when is it due? 
You already know that a wedding can be a once-in-a-lifetime event. Thus, you should make sure that you will get the best wedding wishes and experience on your big day. Following the guide above will help you secure the perfect venue for your Singapore wedding.

Don’t forget to inform the best man and maid of honour to secure the booking of the best bachelor and bachelorette party venues in Singapore!

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