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Delight your palate with our modern European cuisine that you wouldn’t want to miss! With the addition of herbs, you can expect our dishes to be aromatic, flavourful and tasty, taking it on an entirely different level with it’s fresh-from-the-garden taste right at your table. Not to forget the dietary health benefits with their inherent healing and restorative properties!

Whether it’s a cosy lunch or romantic dinner, Vineyard at HortPark has you covered! Nestled amidst the verdant greenscape of HortPark, Vineyard recreates the experience of the European countryside, taking you on a journey away from the bustling city. End your day with a picturesque view where you get to indulge in a romantic full-course meal while enjoying the beautifully setting sun accented by the reflecting infinity pool with your loved ones!

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Top 3 Event Venue Features

  • Multi-functional event space
  • Nestled within HortPark away from the hustle and bustle of the City, Vineyard is the perfect venue for any occasion.
  • Celebrate life’s special moments amidst gorgeous greenery!

Event Venue Details

  • Air conditioning
  • Bar tab
  • Bring your own stuff
  • Full bar
Accessibility, food, rules and more

Additional Information

Indoor Dining: $4,900++ (Mon-Thu), $9,000++ (Fri-Sun)

The Verandah: $3,500++ (Mon-Thu), $4,500++ (Fri-Sun)

Exclusive Restaurant: $7,500++ (Mon-Thu), $11,000++ (Fri-Sun)

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Cancellation Policy by The Venue


Should the event be cancelled after confirmation, the Deposit will be automatically deemed forfeited by the Client to be applied against the cancellation charges payable by the Client, as follows:

06 months prior to the date of the event - Amount equivalent to 50% of total charges for the event calculated based on the minimum guaranteed numbers

02 months prior to the date of the event - Amount equivalent to 70% of total charges for the event calculated based on the minimum guaranteed numbers

02 weeks prior to the date of the event - Amount equivalent to 85% of fotal charges for the event to calculated based on the minimum guaranteed numbers

07 days or less to the date of the event - Full contracted amount (100%)

Where the Deposit is insufficient to cover the cancellation charges payable, the balance will be billed to the Client through the credit card details provided.

In the event that any applicable restrictions or regulations imposed by law render it illegal for the event to be held, or the Client shall be permitted to postpone the event date, and such postponement will not be deemed a cancellation. The above-stated cancellation charges still remain applicable for any cancellation of the postponed event date. Such a postponement of the event date is subject always to the Restaurant's availability on the newly requested date.

The package agreed to under this Agreement may not be transferred by the Client to another person, and any such intended transfer will be deemed to be a cancellation of the Event.

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No, only weekends.

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Goh Nai Shin
Vineyard at Hortpark Vineyard at Hortpark
5 / 5

Had such a wonderful gastronomic experience! The dishes are such a delight that Vineyard at Hortpark: A hidden gem nestled in the heart of lush greenery. 🌿 From the moment I stepped in, I knew this was no ordinary dining spot. Here’s why: Mushroom Soup: Imagine velvety earthiness, a warm hug in a bowl. It whispered secrets of forest floors and cozy evenings. Seafood Bisque: Rich, brimming with oceanic flavors—the kind that transports you to seaside escapes. Each spoonful felt like a celebration. Duck Confit: Crispy skin yielding to tender meat, accompanied by a heavenly jus. A symphony of textures and tastes. White Wine Mussels: Plump mussels bathed in fragrant broth—a simple yet divine pleasure. And here’s the magic: Vineyard delivers fine-dining elegance without the hefty price tag. 🤑 But what truly stole my heart? Their commitment to locally sourced ingredients, supporting our hardworking farmers. 🌾👨‍🌾 The service? Solid—friendly, attentive, and just right for this cozy setting. 🍷 And let’s not forget where this culinary wonder unfolds: Hortpark, a green oasis where every bite feels like a communion with nature. 🌳✨ So, fellow foodies, add Vineyard at Hortpark to your must-visit list. Trust me, it’s a flavor journey worth savoring.

Shu Zhen Seet
Vineyard at Hortpark Vineyard at Hortpark
5 / 5

Burrata salad and mushroom soup were divine. For the vongole, the pasta was really yummy, but it would have been even better if the clams were cooked in the sauce as well! The iced tea we ordered were both really nice too. Overall, we had a really nice time with good food!

Vineyard at Hortpark Vineyard at Hortpark
5 / 5

Hosted our wedding dinner at Vineyard, it was a truly delightful experience thanks to the invaluable assistance of Aaron. Despite a few initial hiccups arising from a change of point of contact, Aaron's attentiveness and support during the transition and on the actual day were remarkable. Food and service was immaculate and the team's wealth of experience played a pivotal role in ensuring our dinner was seamless, making it worry-free.

Gaius Leong
Vineyard at Hortpark Vineyard at Hortpark
4 / 5

Perfect evening and food. Service can be improved. Scallops $22, 4/5 - frozen variety but done well. Leek was hard to chew. Pink oyster mushrooms $14, 4.5/5 - something like battered mushroom fries, perfectly fried (oily) but thinly crisped. This dish came late. Veal brisket $36, 3/5 - meat did not pack any taste. It was a bit tough, but could be pulled apart. Jus/mash was tasty but could have been a bit more concentrated. Tuna steak tartare $20, 4.5/5 - quite a perfect rendition, tartare scooped onto a flower pie tie cup. Four servings but adequate as a main in my opinion. Could have been more chilled if intended to serve cold. Bombe alaska $28, 4/5 - mostly for show. Inside was dark choc ice cream, outside was caked in meringue and sponge. Tasted below average but the fire was a nice performance. Cocktails were $16-18. Negroni and tequila sunrise were decent. House pour sparkling wine $12 - quite impressive. Well chilled and serving size was nice. Service: We came under a reservation which had an anniversary note (Chope), but when we arrived, the staff did not ask if we were under a reservation, and just gave us a table for 2. Luckily i did not have Chope vouchers or promos to use. I ordered pink oyster mushrooms as a starter, though on menu it was a side, and ordered the tuna tartare as my main, which on menu was a starter. This, the waiter did not understand. I ended up receiving my oyster mushrooms at the same time my partner received his main. Essentially the waiter served my partners starter (scallops) and then asked me if my oyster mushrooms was my starter and then that the kitchen would prepare it. Quite disappointed at this but they can only learn.

Min Lee
Vineyard at Hortpark Vineyard at Hortpark
4 / 5

Price is very reasonable given it’s Xmas. We had a scallop starter dish, which was really good. Complements to the chef! Main course (xmas dinner set) was well presented and the dressing paired well with the food. Overall, it’s a restaurant that I will revisit.

Starts from $3,500

Starts from $3,500

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