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Express gratitude to your wedding attendees with an exceptional reception! Elevate your special day's success and memories by selecting from Singapore's diverse wedding reception venues. Discover options like ballrooms, function halls, and restaurants to create your perfect celebration.

Reception Rental Guide

If you're the kind of person who's been dreaming about your wedding your whole life, you might already know how you want the tables at your reception to look. Otherwise, you're in the right place for wedding reception table ideas and inspirations. We'll also impart tips and ideas for wedding reception decorations and how to find the best wedding reception venues Singapore has to offer.

How to decorate a wedding reception table

When setting up a wedding reception table, there are many ways to get the look you want. Here is a short list of things to remember when setting up your wedding tables.

  • Tables
    Tables come in all shapes and sizes, but wedding tables tend to be the same size and shape. Your tables should be beautiful, whether they are round or square. Rustic, heavy wooden tables are a good example since they can be displayed even without a tablecloth. 

  • Table linens
    Table linens help set the style of your table. They can be as simple as white or as fancy as heavy silk. Think about how the colours of your napkins, linens, table skirts, and table runners will affect the look of your reception. 

  • Place settings
    This means setting the table with individual sets of glasses, dishes, and silverware. You can decide whether your sit-down dinner will be formal, casual, or no setting at all. 

  • Centrepieces
    Your wedding centrepieces can be tall, hanging, short, or even table runners with greenery wreaths. Make sure the decorations match your wedding theme and don't block your guests' view of the other people at the table. You can use lanterns, candles, flowers, or a mix of these as wedding centrepieces. Later in this guide, we will show you other ideal centrepieces for a wedding reception table.

  • Place cards and table numbers
    The place cards and table numbers can do more than just help you find a seat. You can also use them to make a subtle or bold statement. If you want your guests to sit wherever they want, you can get rid of them. When you have a sit-down dinner, these cute and creative pieces make it easier for waiters to bring special menus to your guests, like halal-certified or vegetarian-friendly options, when they know where they are sitting.

  • Chairs
    Chairs are often overlooked, but they can really make a room look better. Look for quality, comfort, and style. You don't want a guest to be uncomfortable at your wedding reception because the chair wasn't strong enough. Chair covers, unique sashes, and cheap baby's breath and greenery decorations can help you give your wedding chairs a beautiful, personal touch.

  • Table lighting
    Nothing changes the mood of your reception table more than the right lighting. Get ideas from twinkling lights, LEDs, chandeliers, candles, and more to make a dining room that everyone will remember. 

Wedding reception decorations tips

If you have booked affordable wedding reception venues and want to save further on wedding reception decorations, many great ideas won't break your bank. Here are just a few.

  • DIY: Make the centrepieces and other wedding table decorations yourself if you or someone you know is crafty. Fill glasses or vases with strings of lights or votive candles, buy your own fabric for tablecloths or table runners, or make your own flower arrangements.

  • Glasses as party favours: You can also use glasses as party favours. Use customised or personalised wine, pint, or mason jar glasses at each place setting that your guests can take home at the end of the reception. You can have your names, initials, and wedding date engraved on them, or you can tie a small tag with a note and a ribbon.

  • Bracelets as napkin holders: Use bracelets or other jewellery from the dollar store to hold your napkins in place. Table numbers or napkins folded in a triangle or diamond shape make a round table look better.

  • Use round or oval dishes: If you have a long or square table, round or oval dishes can soften the look.

Wedding reception table ideas

Planning the decor for your wedding reception table is a really fun part of getting ready for your wedding. Your wedding table decorations, like the centrepieces, table runners, and napkins, should show off your theme, colour scheme, and creativity.

We have lots of ideas to help you personalise your wedding. Whether you are planning to choose from cheap wedding reception venues, these wedding reception table ideas and centrepieces will help your event look more creative and glamorous.

  • Candles: Put candles in vases and votives for a warm, modern look that goes well with metals and lots of greenery. Check to see if naked flames are allowed at your venue. If not, use LED candles.
  • Bud Vases: Put sprigs of leaves and wildflowers in bud vases or old milk bottles and place them next to colourful taper candles and glasses to add pops of colour to a banquet-style table arrangement.
  • Seasonal decors: Celebrate the time of year with your wedding table decorations and use colours that are found in nature. The rich oranges, reds, and browns of autumn have made it a favourite season for many.
  • Flowers: The tables at your reception will look more elegant and romantic with flower centrepieces, but you don't have to get one big arrangement. With small touches of flowers and leaves, you can change the look of your table.
  • Potted Herbs: Herbs are great low-key centrepieces that don't cost much. They will make your table smell great and look pretty if you choose a herb like lavender. Try to choose herbs that go well with the seasons. Mint and basil are great for spring and summer, while rosemary and thyme are better for fall and winter.
  • Flowers and fruits: Use fruit to give your flower arrangements a new look. Apples, pears, and pomegranates look great in the fall, while lemons and green apples look beautiful in summer displays.
  • Beach items: Are you getting married by the sea? This idea for a wedding table decoration should get you excited! Use glasses in different shades of blue and green, and, of course, the shells.

Important factors of wedding reception venues in Singapore

Getting ready for a wedding can be tedious. You have to find time to choose your wedding hall between the dress, the colours, the bridesmaids, the guest list, and making a budget.

Many people say, "it's all about the location," and they're right. Whether you are looking for affordable wedding reception venues or not, the location of your reception area is very important. Here are some factors you need to consider when deciding where to have your wedding reception.

  • Proximity
    Will you get married somewhere else, like in a church? If so, how far is the wedding hall you're thinking about? The church should be as close to the reception area as possible. Even if the drive is only 20 minutes, your guests might complain about it. Even if your wedding reception is at the same place as your ceremony, try to keep the commute between locations as short as possible.
  • Style
    The style of your reception should mirror the theme of your wedding. Avoid booking a lunch wedding reception at a hilltop if you choose a beach location. Before choosing the perfect place, you should consider the reception venue's style. Will your wedding be very formal, or will it be more laid-back? Whichever it is, make sure the place you pick fits your style.
  • Wow Factor
    Many couples believe a beautiful venue is the most important thing to them when planning their reception. It's easy to understand why. You can hire decorators, caterers, florists, and other professionals to make your venue look nice, but you can't make a boring ballroom look amazing. Unique reception venues are some of the best places to find breathtaking views and charming surroundings.
  • Capacity and space
    Ensure that the number of people on your guest list is less than the maximum. If you want a DJ, photo booth, or any other creative feature at your wedding, you should plan on needing more space to set them up, so your guests don't feel crowded. If you want a dance floor at your reception, give each guest an extra three square feet. If you plan to have 100 people at your party, the dance floor should be about 300 square feet, so everyone has enough room to have fun. 
  • Size and number of seats
    The way the venue sets up the reception tables is another thing to think about. If space is going to be tight, ask the venue coordinator if they can set up round tables instead of square or rectangular tables for reception seating. Round tables can fit more people in the same space as square or rectangular tables. 
Reception Venues FAQs

What is a reception?
A reception is a party held after a wedding ceremony. Although various rituals and traditions are associated with receptions, most events will only include food, music, and dancing. This party is conducted to welcome guests who came to the wedding. As a general rule, wedding ceremonies last 30 minutes to an hour. However, brief and charming wedding programmes are also acceptable, although most wedding parties at the reception last 4 to 5 hours. 

Is it required to have a reception during the wedding?
A reception is not required to enjoy your small wedding day with your guests. There are plenty of additional ways to add unique touches to your important day without going over budget. You can organise a small meal at your preferred restaurant or small outdoor gatherings. You can still have a wonderful wedding celebration without a reception if you have a small guest list. Of course, you will still need to feed your guests even if you don't intend to organise a reception. 

Where should a wedding reception be held?
Some of the best and most common wedding reception venues include hotel ballrooms, function halls, rooftops, unique venues, and other event spaces in Singapore. Other couples choose to have their receptions where the wedding ceremony takes place. For smaller weddings, restaurants, cafes, and yachts are typical locations for receptions.

Wedding Reception Venues Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

What types of wedding reception venues are available in Singapore?

From elegant ballrooms to charming restaurants, Singapore offers a wide range of wedding reception venues such as function halls, outdoor spaces, and unique locations to suit various preferences.

How far in advance should I book a wedding reception venue?

It's advisable to book your venue 6-12 months before your wedding date to secure your preferred choice, especially during peak wedding seasons.

Are catering services available at these wedding reception venues in Singapore?

Yes, numerous reception venues offer in-house catering services or partner with reputable caterers, providing diverse menu options to suit your preferences.

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There are many things to consider when choosing a wedding reception venue, such as its location and decoration. Before you sign a contract with a reception venue, ensure it will provide the comfort and the wow factor that you and your guests are looking forward to. Plan your wedding easier by hiring a reception venue in Singapore via Venuerific today!

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