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Proposing to your loved one is easier when you do it in an excellent venue for wedding proposal. Whether you want to keep things simple or are thinking of creative proposal ideas, the top proposal venues Singapore offers will help you secure a "Yes."

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Proposal Venues Singapore

There are countless creative ways to ask the love of your life to marry you. However, developing a successful marriage proposal will take a lot of careful planning. This collection of unique wedding proposal ideas is designed to help you out in that regard.

  • Do it on the rooftop
    Booking a rooftop venue allows you to take advantage of the lion city's incredible views and fresh breeze. Spruce up the area by adding proposal flowers and other decorations. Then, invite your partner for a date, get down on one knee, and get that sweet "yes!" Enjoy the rest of the day as you watch the sunset or dance under the moonlight.

  • Hire a personal chef or become one
    You can organise a romantic evening by hiring a personal chef or booking a venue for cooking classes where you can cook for your significant other. Then, have the ring be put on the plate or incorporated into food during one of the courses. Make sure your partner won't swallow it!

  • Utilise a book
    Do you want to show your darling how creative you are? Try making an arrangement with a bookstore and encourage your bookworm partner to visit the place. Make her a personalised book that she would want to open. You can even put her picture on the cover to fully take her by surprise! You can use the blank pages to write a letter or poem, or you can choose to cut the interior of the book and place the ring inside it. 

  • Cover a wall with photos of you and your lover
    Print some photos you have taken with your sweetheart during your relationship. Then, choose a romantic venue with an available blank wall, such as a hotel. Inform the venue host that you will hang some decorations on the wall. You can also hang the pictures up all over the room. Reminding your significant other of all the happy and romantic moments you have spent together will make it easier for you to get that "yes." 

  • Solve a customised puzzle
    Use a customised puzzle for your wedding proposal to have a special proposal day. Solve the puzzle together until your partner reads the question, "Will you marry me?" Then, it's time to get down on one knee with the ring and ask for her hand.

  • Yacht proposal
    Singapore Singapore has plenty of lakes and seas where you can sail with your loved one. Rent a yacht and enjoy a romantic dinner under the stars and above the soft waves. Then, pop the question while both of you are engaged at the moment.

  • Revisit your first date
    Bring your partner to the restaurant, cafe, or other venues where you two had your first date. If you still remember, place the same orders as you did on your first date. Reminisce all the great things you two have done together after your first date to show how your relationship has developed. Then, pop the big question! Choosing your first date location is a suitable venue for the proposal. There is something romantic about popping the question at the same place where you and your significant other had your first romantic meet-up. 

  • Find an outdoor venue for a wedding proposal
    Secure the best outdoor proposal venue Singapore has for your big day. These venues are just what you need if you and your partner love engaging in the great outdoors. Nature indeed brings a sense of awe and can make the atmosphere romantic and relaxing. Try going trekking or proposing on a cliff. Ask her to marry you while doing her favourite outdoor activities. Don't forget to take photographs! 

  • Host a trivia night
    Invite your families and common friends to an intimate party and host a trivia night. Have someone ask your girl the question, "(Name), will you marry (Name)?" Or you can pop the question yourself as a host!

  • Use a photo booth
    Go somewhere that offers a photo booth and propose to your significant other while both of you are inside. Let the photo booth take a series of pictures while you ask her to marry you. Make sure to check the timing of the booth before you start proposing. 

  • Include baked goods
    Sweet treats are a fun and sweet way to propose. Bake a bunch of doughnuts or muffins, each with letters forming the sentence "Will You Marry Me?" 

  • Take her to a live music event
    Does your girl love music? Book a bar and invite a local band or her favourite singer for a live performance. Take things to the next level by reaching out to the performers to find out if you can get them to make an announcement, setting the stage for your proposal. You can also plan to propose on stage.

  • Create a webpage
    Build a unique website dedicated to your marriage proposal. Include media like photos, videos, or voice recordings, then send the link to your significant other. Don't give out any idea about the website content immediately! Just tell her to open the website and nothing more.

  • Propose with your kids
    If you and your partner already have kids, try including them in your wedding proposal. There is a good chance your spouse will shed tears of happiness, which is always an advantage.

  • Spend lavishly
    Are you making a lot of dough? Book a luxury venue for a wedding proposal and spend lavishly on your future wife! Visit a special location or unique venue and ask a special question while basking in the gorgeous scenery.

  • Allow your pet to participate
    The "aww" moment you strive for during your wedding proposal can be achieved by inviting your pets to the event! Book a pet-friendly proposal venue and let your four-legged friends engage in your special day.

  • Arrange a family dinner
    It may be a great idea to make the marriage proposal while having a lunch or dinner party with both of your families. Share the moment with all your loved ones by arranging a family gathering. If your spouse is very close to their family, there is a good chance that she will want them to be included in the event.

  • Use proposal flowers
    Most girls love flowers, so take advantage of these powerful wedding proposal decorations. Reserve a private room at a restaurant or a hotel suite and ask the staff to help you decorate the space with flowers. You and your significant other can get dressed up for a formal dinner, or you can stay in your pyjamas and enjoy the night in your room. Both options provide a romantic and intimate atmosphere, perfect for popping the question!

  • Give her a fortune cookie
    One of the wedding proposal ideas Singapore can offer that is literally sweet is giving your lover a fortune cookie with the words "Will you marry me?" inside. There are plenty of Chinese restaurants around lion city where you can request a custom fortune cookie for your wedding proposal.
Proposal Venues FAQs

What is the most important thing when choosing a marriage proposal venue Singapore?
Planning a wedding proposal is not as easy as you think. Various factors will affect how the event will turn out. No matter what your plan on executing the proposal is, make sure that the venue you have chosen is aware of it so they can also help you prepare for your big day. If you want to make the proposal in a food establishment, ensure that the meals are prepared just as you want them to be. The taste of the food may ruin the overall vibe of your romantic dinner. 

How much does booking a venue for a wedding proposal cost?
On Venuerific, you can take advantage of packages and deals to make the venue prices more worth it. Wedding proposal packages and deals range from $100 to $6,000, depending. You can also find venues that cost $10 to $181+ per guest. Overall, your wedding proposal venue costs will vary depending on the venue type and the number of guests.

What knee should I bend when proposing?
Both knees should bend when proposing, but your left one should be on the ground. You should hold the ring box with your left hand and use your right hand to open it. 

Book the best proposal venue in Singapore via Venuerific

There are plenty of wedding proposal ideas Singapore has to offer that you can do in public and private venues. Make sure to pick one that suits your needs and preferences since not all ideas will work for everyone. No matter what your plan is, it will be beneficial if you do it at special marriage proposal venues that you can book via Venuerific.

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