Top Party Venues in Singapore

Make your party more special and memorable by holding it in the best party venues Singapore has to offer! Whether you are planning an upcoming birthday, celebrating a special day, or looking for top Halloween parties and activities in Singapore, you will find the perfect party venues Singapore to book for parties here at Venuerific.

Singapore offers a variety of party venues to suit every type of celebration, from birthdays to corporate events. Here are some popular party venues in Singapore:

  • Rooftop Bars: Singapore is known for its stunning skyline, and rooftop bars are a popular choice for those looking to celebrate with a view. These venues offer a stylish and sophisticated atmosphere, perfect for adult birthday parties or corporate events.
  • Private Dining Rooms: Many restaurants in Singapore offer private dining rooms that can be booked for intimate gatherings. These spaces are great for hosting a birthday dinner or small celebration with friends and family.
  • Function Rooms: Function rooms are versatile spaces that can be used for a variety of events, from corporate meetings to birthday parties. These venues typically offer amenities such as AV equipment and catering services, making them a convenient choice for event planners. Overall, party venues in Singapore are diverse and cater to a range of needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for a stylish rooftop bar or a cosy private dining room, Singapore has something to offer for everyone.

Party Venues Rental Guide

Sometimes, having a house party can be too tedious and laborious. Thus, it is ideal for holding your event in the best party venues Singapore has. If you are looking for a house party, bachelorette party, or birthday party venues Singapore, Venuerific has some of the best places for you! Before you secure your booking, make sure your chosen outdoor or indoor party venues Singapore can tick all of the following vital factors you should consider below:

Accessible and convenient location
It is ideal to start with a list of potential locations when choosing the perfect venues to book for parties. Prioritise venues that are conveniently located near most of your guests. Consider those near-famous landmarks to ensure your guests can find the venue quickly and easily.

Keep in mind that your venue's location will affect your guests' attendance and mood. If the venue is too far or difficult to locate, chances are your guests will be in a frazzled mood by the time they arrive, or worse, they won’t come to your party at all.

Ensure that the location of your event is easily accessible and near your guests by checking the available party venues within Singapore’s Central Area, North Region, South Region, West Region, and East Region. 

Sufficient parking lots
Remember that your party will require guests to come over. Thus the venue must have enough parking spaces to accommodate the attendees’ cars. Ask the venue host about the number of parking spaces available for your event or if there is a curbside drop-off.

The best party venues for large groups in Singapore will always have sufficient parking lots for your event. However, if you think the venue does not have enough parking space for all your guests, think of other solutions.

Check if you can find parking lots around the area that you can use in exchange for a rental fee. However, ensure the guests can easily reach the venue to and from the parking lot. Another solution is to facilitate carpooling or arrange Uber or taxis from a meeting area to your venue. When doing this, make sure you can also help the guests return to the previous meeting point or their homes. 

Adequate space
Make sure the party venue has enough room for the number of guests you expect. If you want an intimate gathering, you need a space that has the right size for your guests without being too cramped. Or, if you plan to have a wildly large party, make sure there is enough space for your guests to enjoy dancing and mingling around.

Ask the venue host about the capacity of their venue. You obviously can’t fit a hundred people into a venue with a 50-pax capacity. Moreover, all venues have fire and safety codes they have to abide by, which can be affected by the number of people inside the location.

At Venuerific, there will always be a list of venues you can book based on the number of your guests. We have available venues that can accommodate the following:

Booking a suitable space for your event will prevent having an over-large, echoing venue or an uncomfortably crowded place. In addition, you also have to coordinate with the venue host if you want to customise your setup, especially if you have a themed party.

Reasonable rental fee
It is vital to spend your dollars wisely if you only have a limited budget, like in most cases of finding the best company party venues. Ensure the venue's price is worth it by taking full advantage of the included amenities and services.

Always ask what due upfront, what the non-refundable deposits are, or if there are any cancellation fees you need to know about. You should also check if there are other additional fees that you should pay for, like gratuities, corkages, or overtime charges.

At Venuerific, you can always find a plethora of venues that fit your budget! Check out the links below to see a plethora of venues based on your budget: 

  • Budget: You don’t have to spend a massive amount of money to have a good time with friends and family! For only $10 to $50 per guest, you can enjoy singing, dancing, eating, and bonding at various bars, clubs, and restaurants around Singapore.
  • Economy: For $51 to $100 per pax, you can welcome your guests to your party where they can enjoy amazing food and excellent services at a super value for money pricing. Some of the affordable party venues Singapore has to offer consist of function halls, hotels, and event space Singapore.
  • Premium: Spend $101 to $180 per guest and let them have a wonderful time in premium venues that can give your party some unique and exclusive touches. Offer your guests high-grade food and beverages and give them an unforgettable experience! Whether you want to hold your party in a private estate, unique venue, or even outdoors, Venuerific has an ideal space for you.
  • Luxury: Dazzle your guests as they enter Singapore's grand and luxurious event venues. Spend at least $181 per pax to drink and party the night away. Hold your party in a spacious yacht or elegant hotel; the choice is yours! 
Flexible menus
Do you prefer a buffet, full-course meal, or external catering for your party? It is essential that you know what type of food and beverage you want to serve to your guests. Moreover, you should find a venue that is flexible enough to accommodate dietary restrictions and personal preferences.

The party food can play a crucial role in how much your guests can enjoy the event. At Venuerific, you can find an array of potential party venues that offer vegetarian, halal-certified, local, and international food options. Don’t forget the drinks! Your party should not run out of wines, beer, cocktails, juices, and spirits.

Exceptional services and amenities
You need to know what other services and amenities are available in the venue and whether you must also pay for them. This is most important if you are renting the venue in a package. For instance, some venues serve their own food, but others allow you to have external catering.

Most venue packages also include tables, chairs, and linens that you can use, assuming that they match your desired theme and ambience. Some venues provide setup and clean-up services as well as audio-visual equipment for you to use. 

Popular party venue types in Singapore

You can hold your party in a variety of venues, whether indoors or outdoors, common or unique, intimate or large spaces, and so on. To help you choose the ideal place for your party, here are some of the popular party venues in Singapore:

  • Restaurants: Hosting your party in a restaurant is an excellent idea for many reasons. One is that restaurants can take the preparation and serving of food off your hands. Decorating and cleaning up the venue are some services you can take advantage of. All you need to do is to secure the booking and show up at the party!
  • Bars: Depending on their aesthetics and ambience, bars can exude strong vibes, which is what you will want to have a memorable and fun party. Each bar can be unique in its own way. Some are great for daytime parties because of their airy space and natural lights, while others are excellent for night-outs due to intimate setups.
  • Clubs: Like most bars, clubs rarely sleep, which makes them an ideal venue for evening parties. These fun zones can be booked under a budget, and they never fail to let you meet new friends or rekindle old ones over drinks.
  • Hotels: If you want an all-in-one venue for your party, look no further than hotels. Hotels can provide you with in-house catering, lodging, parking spaces (some also have valet parking), and professional staff services. Some hotels can even offer packages including event planning to help your party be more exciting and memorable.
  • Function halls: If you are throwing a huge party, function halls are the places to go. These venues can facilitate your catering and decorating needs. Their staff can also help you with planning and will do most of the physical work that huge parties require.
  • Outdoors: Do you want to party while enjoying the cool breeze? You can host your parties outdoors! Whether you want a rooftop party or treat your guests with al fresco dining, there’s always a list of outdoor venues to choose from here at Venuerific.
  • Yachts: One of the grandest places to throw a party is on yachts. It is relatively easy to organise a yacht party since you don’t have to decorate a lot. As you sail the sea, the scenery is enough for your guests to get mesmerised!

Tips on how to throw the best party in Singapore

Although you already have an idea of where you should hold your party, the venue alone won’t be the only key to the success of your event. Here are some helpful tips on how to throw the best party in Singapore:

  • Have a themed party
    Make your party more memorable by incorporating a theme. Ensure that your chosen venue can match the party theme. Check out this guide to throwing a costume party in Singapore to help you generate unique and fun ideas for your themed party.
  • Ensure the availability of the venue
    Do not send the party invitation unless you have secured the booking of the venue. Always make sure that you are in contact with the venue host and have informed the staff of any changes before the guests arrive.
  • Be flexible on the party date
    There’s no harm in setting your mind on a specific date. However, circumstances like bad weather, delayed services, or emergencies can happen. Thus, always check the weather ahead of time and monitor the developments of the preparation as your schedule approaches. It might be best to have flexible venue contract terms with regard to the date so you won’t be too disappointed if the event gets cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. 
  • Start the party on time
    Time is essential, even for party-goers! It is vital that you start the party based on the time you have indicated on the invitation. But what if the attendees are late? Well, that is why it is vital that you choose an ideal and convenient venue location.
    When choosing the location, you should also consider the traffic. Are you holding your party during the rush hour? Then expect that there will be a delay in your guests' arrival, especially if the location is far! To reduce the chances of your guests arriving late, you should choose an accessible and convenient location. You can also help the guests get to the location faster and easier by providing optional transportation. 
  • Reserve the parking lots for your guests
    If the venue you have chosen is large and popular, chances are there will be many other guests utilising the space. It is a good idea to reserve parking spaces for your attendees, so they don’t have to park in a distant location or pay additional parking fees. 
Party Venues Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I hold parties in Singapore?

At Venuerific, you can find party venues in Singapore for every celebration! The most popular places to hold parties in the lion city are restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, function halls, outdoors, and yachts. Here are some of the top party venue Singapore options for wedding parties, birthday parties, corporate events, and all else in between:

  • Urban Tavern Singapore - Easily accessible and equipped with amenities such as a pool table, card games, and a ping pong table, Urban Tavern Singapore is a top party venue in Singapore. It is also fully furnished with designer ware and facilities.
  • Yacht Zen Sea 1 - Able to accommodate 3 groups of 5, Yacht Zen Sea 1 is an elegant 42-foot Princess yacht berthed at the prestigious One Degree 15 marina club in Sentosa Cove. This party venue in Singapore is for people looking for an elegant yet fun space for friends and family. You can also enjoy water sports while celebrating on this boat
  • Osomatsu Izakaya - This premier Japanese restaurant is a multifunctional event space that can hold up to 300 people standing. Osomatsu and Izakaya KTV also have private dining that can be personalised from food to decorations to entertainment and more (yes, cocktails included!).

Where should I go for my birthday in Singapore?

When it comes to cheap party venues Singapore, Venuerific can always provide you with a plethora of ideal locations and spaces. Some of the best birthday party venues in Singapore for all ages are located around the Central and East regions of the Lion City.

When should I book a party venue Singapore?

When booking a venue, whether they are birthday party venues Singapore or company party venues Singapore, it is essential that you do it in advance. The earlier you book the party venue, the better. Ideally, it is best to book a party venue at least eight months before the event, so you have enough time to plan the program, secure services, and invite attendees.

How much does it cost to rent a party venue Singapore?

Finding and renting a party venue Singapore can cost from as low as SGD $240 to SGD $5,000. It is worth noting that the final price of your party in Singapore will depend on where you’re holding it though. The range of party venue Singapore options includes cafes, private restaurant spaces, event space buyouts, and even karaoke bars. 

Where can I find birthday party packages Singapore?

Venuerific—the premier venue marketplace across SouthEast Asia—also has the top party venue Singapore packages for birthdays. Check out the top event spaces on the platform to see the latest promos and special offers from the top event venues in Singapore. 

Book the most affordable party venue Singapore at Venuerific!

The party venues should exude the style, quality, and atmosphere you want for the event. Everything from the catering, date, and attendees’ experience will also depend on the venue you have booked. Thus, it will be helpful to follow the simple guidelines above to choose the best private party venues Singapore offers.

Whether you are looking for an office party venue Singapore, a unique 21st birthday party venue Singapore, or an affordable kids birthday party venue Singapore has it all! Check out a plethora of ideal venues and spaces for your event here at Venuerific.

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User Reviews for Party Venues on Venuerific

Selena Aguilar
5 / 5
Booked at Velixir
Freaking awesome party venue!

Hosted a team Christmas party at this venue and everyone had a blast! It’s a really nice and cozy space and very new and clean. The owners (Casper and Nicole) are super friendly and accommodating. Vibe is gucci, amenities are pretty complete and we never ran out of things to do. 11/10!

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Joyce Lee
5 / 5
Booked at Terra Loft
Ideal spot to chill and unwind

So glad that we are able to unwind and relax at TERRA. We enjoyed the warm and homely atmosphere. The addition of a pool table was a pleasant surprise that added an extra level of enjoyment to our experience. We're grateful to have discovered such a wonderful venue!

Show more Show less

Manfred Tan
5 / 5
Booked at SocioQ

Engaged them for a birthday party, person in charge was very prompt in replying my queries, and showed me around before I decided to book the location. Place was very clean & the location was spacious enough to acomodate my 30 guests, overall a good time!

Show more Show less

Yinglong Yue
5 / 5
Booked at LDF 老地方 @ Syed Alwi
The place is awesome, we had a great time to celebrate our ROM with our friends.

The staff is kind and responsible. Once we found the mic doesn’t work. They sent in technician in a flash to help us rectify the issue. Would like to recommend this place to my other friends and for sure will revisit again for our next gathering.

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Joyce Lee
5 / 5
Booked at 21Above
Great space !

amazing space for parties and gatherings. We had a blast playing shuffleboard and belting out tunes in the karaoke room. The party lights added a lively atmosphere. And not forgetting the ball pit! it brought back the joy of childhood days. Such a fantastic venue for unforgettable fun!

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