Top Kids Birthday Party Venues in Singapore

Kids birthday parties are a great way to encourage your child to have fun and make friends. Ensure that your child looks forward to his special day by holding it at the best kids' birthday party venue. Leave the venue to us and start inviting your kid's friends and classmates as well as your family. There are many places to go for kids' birthdays that can offer the best services to give your child a fun and memorable celebration. Check out some of the top kids' birthday party venues in Singapore and unique kids birthday party ideas right here

Kids Birthday Party Venues Rental Guide

Planning the most awesome birthday party for your child can be both fun and stressful. There are many things to prepare for, starting from the budget, theme, and venue to the food, games, and party favours. Worry no more because Venuerific will guide you through the whole process of planning the best party for your kid!

How to plan a kids birthday party Singapore

The last thing you want for your child during their party is for them to cry or be disappointed in the event's outcome. Keep in mind that that day will be a special part of their childhood memories. So, make sure to give all you got in setting up the best party!

We are here to help you plan the perfect birthday party for your child. Simply follow the guide below to hold a fun celebration at Singapore's best kids' birthday party venues.

  • Decide on the theme of the party
    Having birthday themes for kids helps set the tone of the party. Plus, it makes the event more fun and interactive! The best way to decide which theme you will be using is by asking your child exactly what they want. Otherwise, you can also have an idea of an ideal theme for the party by thinking of your child's favourite characters, TV shows, toys, or movies.

    Make your child's favourite movie come to life by checking out the best movie-themed kids' birthday party ideas in Singapore!

  • Choose the venue
    Once you have the birthday themes for kids in mind, the next thing you need to do is to find a great and cheap kids birthday party venues Singapore that can accommodate your needs and wants for the party. There are a plethora of kids' birthday party services and venues that you can book here at Venuerific!

    You can choose to hold the party inside your chosen location or opt for the top outdoor birthday party venues. An outdoor venue is great if you plan to host a kid's birthday party games outside or want to enjoy an outdoor pool party. On the other hand, private indoor venues are also a great choice, especially if the weather turns bad.

    When booking a party venue Singapore, a function room for kids birthday party Singapore, or cheap kids birthday party venues Singapore, make sure that the place can accommodate the number of your potential guests. Inform the venue host of the time and duration of your party so they can make the necessary preparations as soon as possible. Often, a kids' birthday party lasts for 2 to 4 hours and is held on weekends from 11 AM to 2 PM.

  • Plan the party favours
    You may want to send the guests home with a little something that will remind them of their fun experiences from the party. Some of the most popular party favours or goody bags you can hand out are personalised snack buckets or bags, colouring materials, play dohs, wands, and other toys and treats that kids will enjoy.

    The party favours you will give out can also depend on the theme of your party. If you are choosing a unique kids' birthday party venue, make sure that the goody bags and theme will be distinctive and special as well.

  • Pick the menu
    Food is one of the most vital parts of a kids' birthday party. Fortunately, you don't have to prepare and cook all the food by yourself because the top birthday party venues in Singapore can do the job for you. There are also many restaurants that celebrate kids' birthdays, which you can book or order your food.

    Some venues will let you cook and bring your own food for the event. You can also find venues that allow external catering. Most often, kids' birthday parties start before lunchtime. So, make sure that your food options are suitable and heavy enough for lunch.

    Don't forget to bring or request healthy finger foods that are eye-catching and suit the party's theme to keep the kids and adults busy while munching and having fun throughout the event. 

  • Plan the games and activities
    A party will not be a party without games and activities! Make sure to consider your venue when planning the fun games for kids' birthday parties. Some venues offer indoor archery tag, art jamming sessions, swimming pools, and other fun activities.

    Check out some fun birthday party ideas and the perfect venue for each of them here at Venuerific! If you are looking for the best 1st birthday party ideas for your baby, there are venues around Singapore that have indoor play spaces that babies and toddlers can enjoy.

    Most venues will provide a professional entertainer as part of their birthday package. However, you can also opt to hire your own clowns, magicians, princesses, and other entertainers as well. Don't forget about the prizes! Since the participants are kids, you can give them toys, candies, and other treats that children love.

  • Create booths
    A kids' birthday party will be more fun if it has booths. You can try setting up a photo booth so your child and their friends can strike a pose on their special day. Photo booths are a great way to collect snaps of the celebration, especially if you don't plan on hiring photographers or are busy with the gathering to take the pictures yourself.

  • Send invitations and wait for the special day!
    Your kid's birthday party is now good to go! All you have to do is send your guests the invitations and wait for the special day to come. Since you have already done pretty much all of the preparations, you will have a better idea of how the party will flow.

    Make sure to get to the venue earlier than the guests so you can welcome them. The best birthday party venues in Singapore are often easy to locate. Still, make sure to keep your lines open in case a guest gets lost and needs help in finding the venue.

    You or the host can start the program with a short video to greet the celebrant or a short game. Then, you can proceed to the candle-blowing and lunchtime.

    After eating, allow the guests to socialise and make use of the booths and activities you have prepared. You can also set some dancing or singing numbers as well as other side activities to keep the guests entertained.

    Before the party ends, don't forget to hand out the giveaways or loot bags. Thank the parents and children for attending the party and let them greet the celebrant again.

How to keep everyone entertained at a kids birthday party venue Singapore

You have to keep in mind that children can get easily bored. Thus, making sure that there are no dull portions of the event is a must. Of course, you have to consider the age of the guests when ensuring that the event is in order.

For instance, unlike babies who like blowing bubbles or singing songs, children will want more imaginative and energetic activities. Here are some helpful tips on how you can keep everyone entertained during a kid's birthday party.

  • For children aged 2 to 3
    Children aged 2 to 3 can easily go from excitement to anger within minutes. Thus, birthday parties with attendees like this will most likely be full of emotions.

    For instance, most 2 and 3 years old children are quite possessive of their toys. Thus, ensure that the toys children will put their hands on are similar or, as much as possible, the same.

    Some children will begin to understand parties once they hit 2 or 3 years old. This is especially true for those who are already starting preschool and daycare. Thus, you can set up singing or circle activities and other fun games for kids' birthday parties.

    Do not expect too much from the kids since they may still have trouble cooperating with other kids. You can keep the party to about an hour and a half to avoid exhausting them and yourself.

    Lastly, do not forget to ensure that there are no hazards within the place. No lighted candles or fire hazards should be present. Try not to open your child's gift during the party as well because some kids won't understand yet that those items are not theirs.

  • For children aged 4 to 5
    Children aged 4 to 5 are energetic party-goers and will surely like participating in active games where they can burn energy. Five-year-olds tend to like playing make-believe games or kids' birthday activities that require them to have some props on their hands.

    Since fours and fives already have small motor skills, you can now allow them to make their own crafts like finger painting and colouring. Treasure hunting will also work well for them since they have a lot of physical energy and imagination to use for play.

  • For children aged 6 to 8
    Kids aged 6 to 8 will most likely already have friends and same-aged family members to play and socialise with. They are old enough to know what is fair as well as how to follow the rules and participate in games accordingly.

    Children at this age also like to play games with puzzles or clues. Thus, you can include activities and games with secrets and mysteries in them to poke their attention and encourage them to participate.

Kids birthday party Singapore timeline

What should you do first and last when planning a party? When is the best time to book a reservation at kids' birthday venues? When should you start planning? As your child's birthday gets near, such questions may formulate in your head. We have put together a kids' birthday party timeline so you can keep track of what needs to be done. Check it out below:

  • Two to three months before the event: This is when you should think about the guest lists and choose one of many birthday themes for kids available. If you want to book a popular venue, make sure you do so within this timeframe or earlier.
  • One month before the birthday: Send out the invitations and ensure that the decorations and theme of the party are on point. Buy the necessary prizes, party favours, and additional decorations. This is also when you should book someone who bakes kids' birthday cakes.
  • Two weeks before the party: Confirm the kids' birthday cakes, hosts, and venue. Plan the menu or re-check with the in-house or external catering you have booked.
  • A few days before the birthday: Buy all the additional food and drink. Make sure you are informed about the outline of the party activities and other fun games for kids' birthday parties.
  • Day of the event: Arrive early at the location and help out in decorating the venue. Welcome the guests and start the party!

Kids Birthday Party Venues Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a kid's birthday party last?

The duration of a kids' birthday party depends on the age of the children as well as the games and activities in the event. A kids' birthday party should usually last about 2 hours, which is long enough for the kids to have fun without getting bored or extremely exhausted.

What day is best for a kids' birthday party?

Fridays and Saturdays are the most preferred days to set a birthday party. This way, the children won't have to worry about getting up early the next day to go to school. 

Where are the ideal locations for kids birthday party Singapore?

As a parent, you should ensure that you will be holding your kids' birthday parties at the best venue in Singapore. Here are some of the popular locations around lion city where you can find a plethora of venues for your child's birthday party:

  • Chinatown: Located near the Central Business District (CDB), you will find a plethora of venues around Chinatown that can serve delicious Asian dishes and host family-friendly activities. The area is also conveniently located within walking distance of the MRT stations. So, your guests can enjoy the charming and quaint architecture of the town while going to and from your party. Raffles Place: Scout for the best location in the heart of CBD by booking venues around
  • Raffles Place: Singapore's earliest commercial centre is not just full of stores and offices but also multifunctional event spaces where you can hold your kids' birthday party.
  • Tanjong Pagar: Inspire the children's creativity and spike their imagination by inviting them to one of the artistic venues around Tanjong Pagar. The area is full of trendy and hip venues and is home to the iconic landmark, Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market and Food Centre.
  • Throw a memorable and fun-filled kids' birthday party for your child to let them feel how loved they are! Simply follow the guide above to ensure that the party will go as planned. Make sure that the event location you will choose is as special as what parents would pick as their kids' 1st birthday party venues! Check out more venues for different event types here at Venuerific.

When should I book a kids' birthday party venue in Singapore?

It is recommended to book a kids birthday party venue Singapore well in advance, ideally, a few weeks or months before the event date, to ensure availability and avoid disappointment.

How can I make my child's birthday party in Singapore fun and memorable?

You can make your child's birthday party in Singapore fun and memorable by choosing a kids birthday party venue Singapore that offers age-appropriate activities and games, arranging for good food and drinks, creating a fun and colourful theme for the party, and capturing special moments with photographs and videos.

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when you enter Terra, you can feel like a HOME to you, everything you need is there even with shower facilities. staff was super friendly. definitely will come back again

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Great space to host any small to medium event.

The place is cosy and clean. Facilities provided also in great condition.

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Very good convenient and clean space. Used for birthday party. Alfresco with more tables and chairs for people to eat. Main floor has entertainment and even more space! Party light there was awesome too. There is a ball pit for small kids to play too! Recommend to those who need a space for events or parties.

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Beautiful venue with karaoke, ball pit and more games, the staff also super friendly. Definitely will come back again.

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