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$200 and Under Cheap Kids Birthday Party Venues in Singapore 2024-2025

Samantha Mayoralgo / Reading Time 4 minutes read / Sep 14, 2023

We understand that as parents, we want to throw the perfect celebration for our little ones, but the rising costs of kids' birthday party venues Singapore can often put a damper on our creative ideas. Fret not! In this blog, we're here to prove that you don't need to break the bank to host an unforgettable kids' birthday bash in the vibrant city of Singapore. Whether your child dreams of a playful park party, an exciting indoor adventure, or a cozy dining experience, we've scoured the Lion City for cheap kids birthday party venues in Singapore. Get ready to discover budget-friendly gems! 

1. Happy Space

play area and spacious room with foosball table

Happy Space, with its 900 sq ft of vibrant and versatile event space rental Singapore, is an ideal venue for hosting a memorable kids' birthday party. Its flexible layout allows you to adapt the space to suit your party's specific needs, whether it's setting up games, crafting stations, or a designated kids' corner. With dedicated and attentive staff committed to ensuring a pleasant experience, this cheap kids birthday party venue offers a canvas for cherished memories to be created.

Starting Price: $85 

2. X-scap8

kids hanging on playground and spacious cafe

Bring out your kids’ energy by booking X-scap8 for their birthday party. One of the cheapeast kids birthday party venues on Venuerific, X-scap8 is the largest integrated indoor Funground on Orchard Road. Its 10-meter high elements obstacle course will surely be a hit for the kids and teens, and its ‘Eat-Play-Laugh’ RestoBar will certainly give your party the food and drinks it needs. Top activity areas include a Smash Lab (where you will smash your worries away with baseball bats); X-Warrior Challenge (thrilling obstacle course); Balls & Birdies Golf Simulator; and Arcade Gaming!

Starting Price: $60

3. HiThere

spacious room with tv and private room with tv and speakers

Your “game day” kids birthday party awaits you at HiThere! This event space boasts key features such as spaciousness, gaming amenities, a relaxed atmosphere, and abundant natural light. The ample parking spaces and multi-functional design also add convenience and flexibility for party planning. Oh, and did we mention that they also have darts and an ice curling table? There’s a lot of play to be had for the adults too!

Starting Price: $60

4. Paintblush Pte Ltd

easels in stands and photobooth area

Imagine a celebration where children get to unleash their inner artists! The focus on paint-related activities opens up a world of possibilities for fun and entertainment. Kids can express their imagination on canvases, creating their masterpieces and bonding over the joy of painting. Paintblush Pte Ltd’s art-jamming activity includes a photobooth, pantry, and presentation area too. With Paintblush Pte Ltd, you're not just booking a venue; you're creating a vivid and unforgettable experience for the little artists in your life.

Starting Price: $100 (for 2-10 pax)

5. 7th Heaven Cafe

young boy's birthday party and indoor karaoke space

Karaoke night with friends and family never gets old! 7th Heaven Cafe is like a treasure chest for cheap kids' birthday party venues in Singapore! With different room sizes, you can choose how intimate or grand your celebration is going to be. As if it can’t get any better, 7th Heaven Cafe also has a list of Nintendo Switch games for people of all ages! (Yes, Mario Kart IS included) So, you get yummy food, lots of drinks, and a cozy spot where kids can play, laugh, and have the time of their lives while grown-ups relax (or play too)!

Starting Price: $150 (for 2-16 pax)

6. Yeast Side Farrer Park

industrial laidback style pizza parlor and spacious upbeat area for birthday parties

Who doesn’t like pizza? Simplify your party planning at Yeast Side Farrer Park, one of the cheap kids birthday party venues in Singapore. Being a relaxed and informal setting, you allow kids to enjoy themselves without the formality of a traditional venue. Moreover, with a lot of space, you can hold special workshop activities for your guests too! 

Starting Price: $100

kid blowing cake

In wrapping up our exploration of cheap kids birthday party venues in Singapore, we've uncovered a treasure trove of budget-friendly options that promise big smiles without breaking the bank. It's a testament to the vibrant and diverse party scene in the Lion City, where creativity knows no financial bounds. These affordable event venues in Singapore prove that when it comes to celebrating our little ones, you can have your cake (or pizza!) and eat it too—without emptying your pockets.

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