Top Christmas Party Venues in Singapore

The holiday season is right around the corner, and Christmas tends to sneak up on us faster than expected. To ensure you host the most unforgettable Christmas party ever, it's essential to start planning and preparing as early as possible. Selecting the perfect venue is a crucial aspect of your party that requires early attention.

At Venuerific, we understand the significance of finding the ideal setting for your upcoming Christmas celebration. That's why we offer a curated selection of exclusive private Christmas party venues Singapore and the best corporate Christmas party activities. Our diverse range of venues ensures you'll find the perfect space to create magical memories with your loved ones during this festive season.

Christmas Party Rental Guide

One of the best ways to start planning your upcoming Christmas party is to think of some unique and funny themes that your guests will love. It can be hard to plan a Christmas party for family and friends. But don't worry, we can show you how easy it is!

Fun and unique Christmas party games and ideas

People always say that Christmas sneaks up on you so quickly that before you know it, the most popular time of the year is back to get everyone in the mood to party.

If you're throwing a party or have been asked to plan one, you'll find that many parts must come together for your party to have the "wow" factor. One of these factors is the theme. We scoured the internet for themes, so you don't have to! Listed below are the most fun and unique Christmas themes we found that apply to most private Christmas party venues.

  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    The 1971 and 2005 movies, based on the book of the same name, are a story about some lucky kids who got a golden ticket and got to see the chocolate factory.

    To incorporate the Christmas theme into your party, you will need a lot of candies and chocolates that can double as decorations. For example, tall vases filled with sweet treats can be used as table centrepieces. You can also put chocolate candy bars and other chocolate treats on the Christmas tree. 

  • White Christmas
    White Christmas is an old-fashioned Christmas scene. Everything in the room, from the linens to the chairs to the dinnerware, must be white or off-white with silver as an accent colour. Christmas trees and snowflakes should be white. For example, silver-wrapped gifts can be put under the trees to make the place look like a Winter Wonderland.

    It's easy to entertain people because you can play old Christmas songs. Even though "White Christmas" is the theme, you don't have to serve only white foods. Dishes with light colours will do the trick. However, since everyone will be wearing white, you might as well avoid foods with red sauce. White drinks such as white ale, eggnog, and white cosmopolitan can be served. 

  • Christmas Murder Mystery Party
    A Christmas murder mystery party is a great way to have fun. You can give each guest a role to play, and they will stay in character all night. Someone will have been killed at the party, and one of your guests will play the part of the killer. Everyone will try to figure out who the murderer is while the murderer tries to avoid being caught.

    You can help your guests get into character by giving them props and costumes. You can get scripts for murder mysteries online. The best number of people for a murder mystery party is between 8 and 15. This theme is best done in private Christmas party venues Singapore can offer, such as hotels and event spaces.

  • Santa's Workshop
    Turn your rental Christmas party venue into Santa's workshop! Each table should be a place to work on different projects for Santa. One is for giving guests gifts, another is for desserts, and the last one is for the main dish. A separate table should be set up for drinks.

    In the spirit of a workshop, come up with a way for your guests to put together their own drinks, food, and gifts. There are many ways to make the party fun, like having people make their own sushi or sort donations for a good cause. Put someone in charge of being Santa Claus. He will also be the one to tell people what to do. Give out Santa hats so everyone can act like elves or get into the Christmas spirit. 

  • Candyland Christmas Party
    If you like bright colours, the Candyland theme is better for you. Your decorations should be fun, bright, and centred around candy. The same should be true of your food. How about a candy bar and colourful finger foods? You can also set up a station where people can decorate their own cupcakes or book a cooking workshop venue instead.

  • Christmas Mask Ball
    Do you want a classic theme for your Christmas party? Hosting a grand masquerade ball gives everyone a rare chance to dress up. Ask them to come to look their best. And, of course, you need to pick a place for your event that is as grand as your theme. Choose from these luxury Christmas party venues and see which one fits your event best. When decorating the venue, you should try to make it look luxurious. Then, arrange some snacks, drinks, and Christmas party songs, and the place is ready for the grand ball.

  • Worldwide Christmas Party
    Christmas is celebrated differently in every country. You can have a party to celebrate these wonderful differences by putting your guests into groups and giving each group a country. Ask them to make a fun and engaging video about the country's special customs.

    Rent a place where everyone can sit comfortably in front of a projector where all the videos will be shown, such as function halls and theatres. Everyone can come wearing the typical Christmas decorations from their countries.

Top private Christmas party venues Singapore has to offer

When a party is being planned, the host or organiser is under a lot of stress. Going step by step and putting things in order of importance will ensure the party starts and ends with a bang. What better way to make a good impression than finding the best place for guests to have fun, eat, be entertained, and also with the best Christmas party outfit ideas?

Choosing the location for the Christmas party is a big decision that depends on your budget and the type and number of people you invite. Listed below are the most common and cheap Christmas party venues Singapore.

  • Restaurants: Restaurants are a great place for a small group to have a Christmas party. You can usually rent a private dining room if you want an intimate dinner. If there are many people, you can rent the whole restaurant. Food and drinks are served at the restaurant. The only thing left for you to arrange aside from the menu is the Christmas party songs you will play at the party.

  • Hotels: Large Christmas parties can be held in hotel rooms, function halls, conference halls, or ballrooms. Big companies hold their Christmas parties in hotels so their employees will have a night to remember. The party package includes food and drinks that can be served buffet-style or at a table.

  • Function Halls: Large event spaces like function halls can be rented for Christmas parties with many guests. A DJ is often hired to play Christmas party songs with the party's theme. A big part of the hall may be cleared out so that people can dance, play games, and do other fun things.

  • Country Clubs: Christmas parties at private clubs are usually only for members and are generally hosted by them. Food can be part of the package, or you can just rent catering services for the Christmas party.

  • Bars: Young people in their late teens and early 20s like to go to bars, which are great places for private Christmas parties with close friends. The party could rent a room in the bar where drinks could be ordered and served only to the group.

  • Outdoors: A garden, rooftop, or outdoor pool can make your guests feel refreshed and at ease. Live bands and other musicians usually sing Christmas party songs for the guests. Food and drinks are either included in the package or provided by an external catering service.

Christmas Party Venues Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

What types of Christmas party venues are available in Singapore?

Singapore offers a diverse range of Christmas party venues to suit various preferences. You can choose from options like upscale banquet halls, rooftop bars, garden settings, private dining rooms, and even unique themed venues.  

How long does it take for a Christmas party to last?

Christmas parties should often last three to four hours. Usually, this is plenty of time for some enjoyable games and activities and for you to serve some food and beverages without having to rush or have it go on for too long. We advise waiting until Saturday if you want to host a party with families and kids. Start the party early in the evening, say, at six or seven, so as not to conflict with bedtime. 

When should I schedule a Christmas party?

Schedule the Christmas party up to five weeks in advance if you can. Give guests at least a week or two's notice, so they have time to make other arrangements. We believe that 7:00 pm is the ideal time for a Christmas celebration to begin. 

How much does it cost to book a Christmas party venue in Singapore?

Depending on your guest and venue type preferences, booking a Christmas party venue in Singapore ranges from $10 to $180+ per person. For budget venues, you can find packages that start at $100. You can also find luxury venue packages costing at least $900 and above. 

Do Christmas party venues in Singapore provide catering services?

Many Christmas party venues in Singapore offer in-house catering services, while others may allow you to bring in your own caterers. It's essential to discuss your catering preferences with the venue manager during the booking process.

Book the best Christmas party venue Singapore can offer via Venuerific

This year, don't just throw another boring Christmas party. Make it one to remember! Get creative and pick a theme that will push you out of your comfort zone. Put on your party hats and prepare for the best Christmas party ever! Choose from the best themes from our list above, and book the best Singapore venues for Christmas parties here at Venuerific.

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