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Show your cooking skills or learn how to cook by organising a cooking workshop in an efficient and convenient venue you can only find here in Venuerific! Encourage people to use their kitchen and opt out of using food delivery apps. Book the best venue for cooking workshop Singapore has to offer by picking from a plethora of choices below:

Cooking Workshop Rental Guide

Cooking Workshop Venues Singapore

Planning a cooking workshop is a great way to show off your skills or learn a new one. If you have already set your mind to organising a cooking workshop, you will want to target those who are interested in cooking. Most people who are interested in joining a healthy cooking workshop are:

  • Foodies
  • Companies that want to hold a team-building event
  • People who want to learn how to eat healthier
  • Professional cooks
  • Couples or groups of friends who are looking for a fun activity
  • Culinary students 
In addition, you should start deciding what kind of cooking workshop you want to organise. This will attract the right audience for your event. Keep in mind that the focus of a cooking workshop should also be on the people you meet and not just the food.

Types of cooking workshops

Since there are many types of foods, you have a vast selection of topics to choose from. Some ideas are: 

  • The art of frying
  • Preparation of bread and pastries
  • Preparation of meat-based or plant-based meals
  • Various grilling methods
  • Traditional cuisines (Italian, Greek, Mexican, etc.)
  • Mastering different spices and seasonings and their applications 
You can go even further by providing people with particular conditions with cooking sessions specifically tailored to their needs. For instance, those who suffer from hypertension, diabetes, indigestion, or ulcers need to adhere to specific dietary requirements and would be well served by understanding how to treat their conditions with food.

You can also host cooking workshops for a specific age group, such as children or senior citizens. As much as possible, focus on one type of cooking workshop only. For instance, not everyone will want to sign up for a workshop that teaches how to make 20 different dishes because it seems overwhelming and tedious. What you can do is teach 20 recipes that are all vegetarian-friendly or halal-certified. Doing so will draw a much more enthusiastic audience.

How to find the best cooking workshop venue in Singapore

Hosting or planning a cooking workshop should not be difficult once you have secured your venue booking here at Venuerific. To make it easier for you to choose from our plethora of venues, here are the factors you need to consider:

  • Space
    No matter how many are enrolled in your cooking workshop, you and your students will require space to move around as well as to store their bags, tools, and other culinary-related items. Congested areas make it difficult to move around and may violate the social distance directives that apply in your region.
  • Seating
    Make sure there are sufficient tables and chairs in the venues since these are needed for you and your students to work or dine. 
  • Ventilation
    Keep in mind that you will be cooking a lot, so there is a chance that the activity will produce smoke, aromas, and sweat from the food and the people inside the venue. A venue with excellent ventilation will help eliminate these aromas and smoke so you and your guests can breathe easier and have a better experience in your workshop. 
  • Pest control
    Pests are a big no-no in any food establishment. Ensure to choose a venue that has pest control to help prevent the presence of disease-causing insects and animals, including cockroaches, mice, and flies. Also, check the place if there are any holes or cracks through which pests can enter. 
  • Cleaning tools
    Find a venue that can provide cleaning tools or get them on your own. Your cooking workshop students should help you clean up after the event. It will be easier if you can provide them with cleaning tools. Some venues have a cleaning crew as part of the booking package or as an additional service.
  • Dinnerware and silverware
    Ensure that the venue has a sufficient number of pots, pans, spoons, spatulas, forks, cups, bowls, and plates for your perusal. It will be better if the venue has more dinnerware and silverware than what is required. Check with the venue ahead of time regarding this so you can bring additional utensils and dishes if needed. 
  • Natural gas or electrical current
    Gas ovens cook food quicker and are cheaper than electric ones. However, electric stoves and ovens are easier to use. We recommend going with gas, but it will be a personal preference in the end. 
  • Cooking station
    The more stoves, grills, and ovens you have, the more participants you can accommodate and the greater the number of recipes you can test. A fair number of participants at each cooking station is two. People won't be as willing to participate if there are more than that since it will be challenging to move around and concentrate on cooking. 
Top venues for a cooking workshop Singapore has to offer

Singapore has a plethora of potential venues for different kinds of events. When it comes to cooking workshops, there are six main types of locations you can choose from: 

  • Cooking studios: You can find studios that are either designed for cooking classes or can be converted to suit such events.
  • University/schools: Universities that offer culinary courses surely have laboratories and kitchens complete with cooking equipment for their students. Check the nearest university or school in your location and see if they have available space or kitchen facilities that you can rent.
  • Restaurants: Restaurants are one of the best cooking workshop venues since they are complete with cooking tools and equipment, tables and chairs, as well as cooking staff to help with your event.
  • Hotels: Hotels can accommodate vast numbers of people all at once, so they are an excellent venue for large-scale cooking workshops.
  • Outdoors: Do you want your cooking workshop to be more unique? Try doing it in an open space. Cooking workshops held outdoors often focus on grilling or roasting meat and vegetables. Outdoor venues are equipped with natural ventilation and a relaxing atmosphere.
How to organise or hold a cooking workshop

The amount of pressure from organising a cooking workshop can be significantly reduced if you prepare in advance. Check out how to efficiently organise a cooking workshop below:

  • Determine the level of interest in your cooking workshop
    The first thing you should do is determine the level of interest and demand for your chosen type of cooking workshop. You can discuss it with your peers or on your social media accounts. Provide a phone number or email address through which people can reach out to you to express their interest.
  • Secure a venue and date
    After determining that there is sufficient interest, the next step is to book a location for the event. Don't forget to have a plan B by having a backup venue to safeguard your event in case the first venue cancels your booking unexpectedly. 
  • Promote your cooking workshop
    Now that you have a venue booked and a schedule, it is time to get the word out about the event through the use of social media and advertisements. Share information about the upcoming class on your social media accounts. Discuss who it is intended for, what they will learn, and how it will help them. You might also want to form partnerships with your venue and request them to help you spread the word about the event. Also, communicate this information to any local organisation or workgroup, if you belong to any. 
  • Hold your cooking workshop smoothly
    On the day of the event, you should arrive early to set up and make any necessary last-minute checks. We strongly suggest that you hire an assistant for your cooking workshop. This will allow you to focus on supervising the event rather than being bogged down with numerous administrative tasks. As each of the participants arrives, greet them with a drink, conduct introductions, and give everyone time to make small conversation with one another. Next, pair them up or put them in small groups and give each group a recipe and a station. Evaluate how they are doing as they are cooking. This could involve giving advice on quantities, explaining how ingredients work and tasting the finished product. Then, place all of the finished meals on a communal table and give everyone permission to take photographs. Lastly, start digging into your delicious creations. 
Cooking Workshop Venues FAQs

When should I hold a cooking workshop?
The most excellent time to host a cooking workshop is during the weekends of the summer season. This is typically the time when people are taking vacations and finding fun activities to do. You can still organise a cooking workshop any time of the year. But sometimes it is more difficult to persuade people to sign up. For instance, the first and last months of the year are some of the busiest times since everyone is either preparing or saving their finances for the holidays.

How long should a cooking workshop be?
Cooking workshops are typically less than two hours long. Learning how to prepare certain foods in a short amount of time and with little effort is the primary focus of most cooking workshops. At least 20 minutes should be allotted for arrivals and introductions. Then at least an hour for the preparation and actual cooking time. And another 20 to 30 minutes for the meal and photo opportunities. 

How much does renting a cooking workshop venue in Singapore cost?
Hiring a cooking workshop venue in Singapore typically starts at $10 per pax but can go as high as $181 and above. Use Venuerific's smart search to filter the venues based on your desired price level, number of guests, and location to get a list of the best cooking workshop venues Singapore for you.

Book the best cooking workshop venue Singapore has at Venuerific

Ensure that your cooking workshop is a success by planning it carefully and booking the venue here at Venuerific. Use the guide above to plan your event and prepare for the most fun and efficient cooking workshop Singapore offers.

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