Top Dinner and Dance Venues in Singapore

Hosting a dinner and dance party can take months of planning, especially if you want to celebrate a significant achievement and milestone with your guests. One of the critical decisions you need to make early in the planning process is choosing the best venue for dinner and dance Singapore has to offer. Fortunately, Venuerific has a plethora of potential venues and spaces for such events! Check some of them out below:

Dinner and Dance Rental Guide

There are a lot of factors you should consider when hosting or organising dinner and dance events. But there is no need to worry because once you have secured the best dinner and dance locations Singapore has to offer, the planning process moving forward will be as smooth as you want it to be. Below is a valuable guide on how to plan a dinner and dance event.

  • Secure the perfect dinner and dance venue
    Whether you are looking for luxury dinner and dance venues or are willing to settle for a cheap dinner and dance venue Singapore has to offer, the best place to scout for spaces is on Venuerific. Whatever you choose, it is ideal to find an exciting and unique venue to make your event more memorable and fun. In addition, check your desired venue if they offer the best dinner and dance package Singapore has. A dinner and dance package will provide you with everything you need for a fantastic party. Once you have booked a venue for dinner and dance, you are one step closer to hosting one of the most unforgettable dinners and dance events.

  • Draft your guest list
    The venue and the guest list come hand in hand when it comes to planning a dinner and dance party. At Venuerific, we can provide a list of potential dinner and dance venues based on the number of guests you are expecting to come. By utilising our smart search, you will be able to filter the following list:
    Dinner and dance venues for 6 to 25 guests
    Dinner and dance venues for 26 to 50 guests
    Dinner and dance venues for 51 to 100 guests
    Dinner and dance venues for 101 to 150 guests
    Dinner and dance venues for 151 to 200 guests
    Dinner and dance venues for 201 to 250 guests
    Dinner and dance venues for 251 to 300 guests
    Dinner and dance venues for 300 and above guests 
    Your guest list can affect your decision when it comes to choosing the venue and vice versa. You can either draft your guest list or find a venue first. Either way, you have to ensure that there is enough space for your guests. After you have secured the venue, you can now prepare and send the dinner and dance invitation card.

  • Plan the menu
    A dinner and dance party will not be complete without food. You can save time and money if you book venues that can offer catering services, such as restaurants and hotels. In case your chosen venue does not have its own menu, you should inform them that you will be hiring an external catering service instead. Once you have secured your catering team, make sure that you inform the chef and staff about specific dietary requirements or meal preferences of you or your guests. It will be ideal if you can offer a variety of dishes to your guests, such as vegetarian, halal-certified, and even local or international cuisines.

  • Book entertainment
    Dinner and dance activities and games are one of the most important drivers of the party. You can’t expect your guests to entertain themselves and dance on their own. You have to hire a dj entertainment Singapore, host, live band, or other types of entertainers to encourage your guests to come to the dance floor and prevent awkward, dull periods. Try to come up with a rocking dinner and dance performance as well, if possible.

  • Choose from the best dinner and dance themes
    When it comes to dinner and dance themes Singapore will never go out of ideas. You can arrange photo booths around the venue and inform your guests to dress in a certain way to capture unforgettable memories. Having a themed party is also a great way to break the ice and keep the event engaging.

  • Do not forget the drinks
    Think about the vibe of your dinner and dance party. Do you want it to be civilised, or do you want your guests to drink till they drop? If it is the former, then you might want to avoid providing spirits. But if it is the latter, then try having a cash bar or open bar full of beer, wine, cocktails, and other alcoholic beverages. You should also revisit your guest list when deciding about the drinks. If you have a more male-to-female ratio, make sure to stock more beers and hard liquors. Otherwise, ensure to have more wines, cocktails, and ladies' drinks in stock. 

  • Think about the end of the dinner and dance party
    Make sure to consider the safety of your guests after the party, especially if you are providing alcoholic beverages during the dinner and dance. Keep in mind that since the event is scheduled for the evening, there are chances that your guests won’t be able to catch the last bus or train home. Thus, make sure you have an alternative plan in case your guests will have a difficult time going back home. Check for nearby hotels or inns and see if you can get them a discount or an available room. Coordinate with some of the other guests to see if other guests can hitchhike up to their nearest stops. Having alternative plans for your guests after the party will make you a thoughtful host. 

Dinner and Dance Venues Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost me to book the best venue for dinner and dance Singapore can offer?

Whether you are looking for an indoor or outdoor dinner and dance venue Singapore will always have something for you here at Venuerific. Typically, venues for dinner and dance will cost $10 to $181+ per guest. However, you can get venue deals and packages that cost from $100 up to $3,000 and above.

The best way to find the perfect venue for dinner and dance is to use our smart search above. Simply type your event, number of guests, and location, and you will be provided with a plethora of options. You can also make the search results more customised by filtering the venues per price level, city, and other categories.

Is dinner and dance a formal or informal event?

A dinner and dance party can be formal or informal, depending on how you want it to be. Generally, dinner dances require guests to dress formally and dine gracefully with other guests. However, the atmosphere of modern dinner and dance parties depends on how the host or organiser planned the party. 

What do guests do at a dinner and dance?

If you are curious about what is dinner and dance, these parties are typically held to celebrate the achievements and milestones of a company, organisation, or individual. These events include a dinner followed by a formal dance, which can either be a lively group dance or a romantic interlude.

What is required in a dinner and dance?

The requirements for a successful dinner and dance are the same as with other types of parties. However, you should pay more attention to booking the perfect venue and hiring the right entertainment and food catering services. Keep in mind that the activities at the party will include a lot of dining and dancing. Thus, entertainment and food are a must. 

Where to have a small company dinner and dance in Singapore?

At Venuerific, we offer a wide variety of potential venues for small-scale dinner and dance parties. Check out our list of dinner and dance venues for 6 to 25 guests and see if you can find something that fits your budget and requirements.

Book the best dinner and dance venue Singapore has at Venuerific

As long as you follow the simple guide above, you will surely have a successful and memorable dinner and dance party in Singapore! Book the best dinner and dance venue Singapore has to offer here at Venuerific. Hiring a venue can be done within a few clicks, and you can also take advantage of various venue packages and deals!

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