Top 60th Birthday Party Venues in Singapore

Making it to 60 is a significant milestone. That's a lifetime's worth of joy, insight, and unforgettable experiences with friends and family! As the new decade begins, many people look forward to trying other activities, retiring, travelling the world, and spending more time with their grandchildren or pets. But before those things, throwing a celebration to celebrate your 60th birthday should be an opportunity to honour the unique journey you've been on! Book the best 60th birthday party venues in Singapore here at Venuerific!

60th Birthday Party Venues Rental Guide

60th Birthday Party Venues Rental Guide

We have everything you need to have a great time at the party, whether you're the honoured guest or trying to think of creative 60th birthday party themes to commemorate a loved one's big day.

A ballroom extravaganza or a small get-together with close friends and family are some of the appropriate ways to celebrate 60 years of life. It would be best if you first decided what you want to do to commemorate the milestone birthday before you start searching for 60th birthday party ideas.

If you want to throw a big bash but don't want to break the bank doing it, all you need to do is hire a professional party planner or look into renting a venue. To avoid last-minute scrambling, get the ball rolling on preparations for a significant event at least three to four months in advance. You may begin preparations a week to a month in advance for more low-key, unstructured parties.

The party planning process may seem daunting at first. Still, it's somewhat manageable if the many tasks are broken down into more manageable chunks. From picking out a theme to setting up the venue, here is a quick rundown on how to throw a memorable 60th birthday party. 

Decide on a party theme

It's natural that the 60th year of life, when many individuals retire, become grandparents, or downsize, should be the beginning of a new chapter in which they bring their prior experiences and knowledge with them. Whether the celebrant is a parent, a close friend, a spouse, or another significant figure, these exquisite and simple 60th birthday party ideas are sure to capture the joy and excitement of this momentous occasion.

  • Poker Night
    There will be a casino/poker night to celebrate the special day. You and your friends or family may put on your best attire and have a blast while gambling on poker or roulette. If you are not going to play casino games, the casino table or even the colour scheme of the casino is a great decor for a 60th birthday party.
  • Jubilee Diamond
    Throw a diamond jubilee party like the royal family and make your event a royal occasion. Although diamond jubilees were traditionally used to commemorate milestone anniversaries of 60 years, Queen Victoria held one to honour her 60th birthday. To celebrate turning 60, we're having a glam party—luminous gems, metallic threads, and bubbling champagne come to mind. 
  • River Cruise Celebration
    A 60th birthday cruise is an excellent idea if you live near a port and want to do something special to celebrate. Relaxing on the sand and surfing while enjoying the company of your invited friends and having a delicious meal is a perfect way to spend a summer day. One idea to make the evening for the guest of honour even more memorable is to take them on a sunset cruise on a yacht. As the last rays of sunshine sear, the sky and the city lights glimmer in the distance, your loved one may extinguish the candles on their birthday cake.
  • BBQ Party
    On your 60th birthday, have a barbecue in your backyard party and keep things relaxed. Here, there's no need to fuss about how to decorate for a 60th birthday party. We recommend sticking with the basics like hotdogs, hamburgers, and skewered veggies for the menu. Sangria should be included in this.
  • Black and White Party
    You can choose whatever colour you want, although black and white are always a safe bet. Create 60th birthday party decoration ideas in black and white and request that your guests wear those colours to your event this year. Incorporate your passion for music into your 60th birthday bash by hiring a jazz band, quartet, or pianist and decorating with sheet music.
Make the 60th birthday party invitations

Make invitations with the party's theme if you have one. Adapting an invitation to a particular party's theme is easy. Even if you're not going for a specific theme, you can still make your invites stand out by utilising embellishments like glitter or foil. Send out invitations at least a month before the party, and try to give as much detail as possible about the event. Remember that everyone is busy with their goals and obligations and that making arrangements with others might be challenging. 

Offer some tasty food and drinks

When visitors to your party are hungry, the celebration is a failure. Suppose you're planning on having many people around for your birthday celebration. In that case, a buffet is a great way to ensure that everyone has plenty to eat. You won't have to worry about people becoming hungry since they can feed themselves whenever they choose. Treats of some kind are a necessary component of each birthday celebration. An extravagant birthday cake, a dessert table presentation, or a tower of miniature cupcakes may all ensure that everyone at the party will find something to their liking. Think of using humorous cake toppers with phrases like "over the hill" if the celebrant has a good sense of humour. Cake toppers (such as cardboard cutouts) may also be used to fit the party's theme.

Plan the party favours

Give your guests a keepsake of the celebration to take home with them. Miniature bottles of liquor or themed pastries are great party favours for adults. You may leave a basket of them at the entrance or give them out individually. 

60th Birthday Party Singapore FAQs

What are the best 60th birthday party venues Singapore?
The best 60th birthday party should ideally have catering services, efficient AV equipment, adequate space for dancing and mingling, and comfortable tables and chairs. Some of the popular venues people are looking for for their 60th birthday parties are restaurants, hotels, function halls, rooftop venues, unique venues, and event spaces.

How much does booking a 60th birthday party venue Singapore cost?
Hiring a 60th birthday party venue in Singapore can cost somewhere between $10 to $181 and above per pax. You can also find packages and deals here at Venuerific costing $100 to $6,000, depending on the number of guests and type of venue. 

What is a 60th birthday party called?
A birthday of any age is cause for celebration, but turning 60 is especially noteworthy. It is considered the beginning of the golden years, or the diamond jubilee. When a Chinese person reaches the age of 60, it signifies the completion of five cycles through the Chinese zodiac, which returns them to their natal zodiac and signals the beginning of a new life cycle. 

How can I make my 60th birthday even more special?
You might want to use special decorations like balloons, confetti, pom poms, and streamers to decorate your party. You can also make your party fancier by using centrepieces, photo booths, party games, and personalised party favours. You can spend as much time and effort as you decorate the venue for a 60th birthday party. 

What colour should I wear on my 60th birthday?
Purple and blue are both colours suitable for a 60th birthday party. Centrepieces, banners, and other 60th birthday decorations can be made with a wide range of happy, multicoloured designs. The colours blue and purple stand out the most. Most of the time, the background is black, but it often has brightly coloured designs that look like streamers. 

What should I give someone for their 60th birthday?
Diamonds are the traditional gift for someone's 60th birthday, just as they are the traditional gift for a 60-year wedding anniversary. It 9s fine to give someone you care about something that looks like a diamond since not everyone can afford or want to buy an actual diamond. 

Have The Best 60th Birthday Party Singapore Has to Offer

No matter how you plan to celebrate your 60th birthday, renting space through Venuerific can be very helpful to make your party ideas for 60th birthday come true. Book the best 60th birthday party venues Singapore has to offer today!

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