Top 30th Birthday Party Venues in Singapore

Your 30th birthday party isn't just a celebration of the end of your 20s. It is also the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Thus, ensure your 30th birthday party is fun, creative, and full of family and friends. Ensure everybody will show up to your party by booking the best venue for 30th birthday party Singapore has to offer below:

30th Birthday Party Venues Rental Guid

30th Birthday Party Venues in Singapore

When planning your big day, all your 30th birthday party ideas should be incorporated into the theme, decorations, food, and even the 30th birthday party invitations. Whether you are looking for 30th birthday party ideas for your wife or 30th birthday party ideas for your husband, we have some fun ideas to impart!

Glamorous 30th birthday party themes that are worth trying

Before you start planning, choose a theme for your 30th birthday party. This will get the party going. Here are some 30th birthday party ideas in Singapore that will make your special day a memorable party.

  • 90s party
    Travel back in time and use a theme from a different decade. Go all out for this theme and ask your guests to wear clothes from the 1990s if you want this party to be a success. Flashback parties are all about the music and clothes that match the theme.

    Focus on creating a vibe that reminds you of your favourite times during the 90s. One way to do this is by making a great playlist of songs from that decade. A 90s party is best held in a club or lounge.

  • Casino Party
    Make your own Las Vegas by throwing a casino birthday party! This is a fun theme full of cocktails, casino games, and the classic red, black, and white casino colour scheme. Give out treats like a spade or heart-shaped cookies and casino chip cookies. Play cards and dice games. You can even try renting roulette tables.

    Casino parties are great 30th birthday party ideas for the husband. But if you think of this as a potential 30th birthday party idea for your wife, you can change the colour scheme to gold to make it look more elegant.

  • Pyjama Party
    Keep things cosy by having a pyjama party! This is a fun idea for those who do not want to throw a formal cocktail party for your 30th birthday. You can change things up by asking your guests to wear their favourite pyjamas instead. Spice things up by giving a prize to the person who shows up in the best pyjamas! 

  • Black and White
    The classic black-and-white event is one of the most glamorous 30th birthday party themes. This classy theme requires guests to wear black and white. Match the theme by sending black-and-white 30th birthday party invitations to set the mood for your guests.

    A black-and-white party is best scheduled during the evening. Thus, you should ensure that the theme still reflects despite the time. Focus on creative ways to light the room. Don't forget to serve black-and-white finger food and cocktails. You can also set up photo booths where guests can take black-and-white photos they can keep for a long time.

  • Pretty in Pink
    Are you thinking of the best 30th birthday party ideas for your wife? Try the Pretty in Pink theme, with lots of pink decorations and treats. This gives you plenty of chances to use pink on the birthday cake, decorations, and invitations. Pink cocktails, pink decorations, and of course, pink outfits are all popular "Pretty in Pink" ideas. If most of the guests are girls, hire a manicurist to set up a booth where they can get pink manicures at your party.

  • Party Back in 199x
    Take you and your guests back to the year you were born. Food, decorations, and entertainment from your birth year should be a big part of the party. For instance, if you were born in 1992, play songs from famous singers and bands during that time like Guns N' Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Billy Ray Cyrus, Boyz II Men, and Madonna. You can also rent arcade game machines, a disco ball, or a boom box. 
30th birthday party checklist

Once you have decided on a theme, you can start thinking about the more significant aspects of your birthday party. 

  • Vibe
    The first thing you need to decide is what you want from your birthday party. This will affect everything from what venue you should book to what to do for your 30th birthday party.

    Drinks with friends in a bar? An intimate dinner with your closest friends and family members at a restaurant? A big ballroom party? How you want your event to look and which friends you want to invite will affect your budget, the venue, the types of entertainment you can have, and the whole event.

  • Budget
    Set your budget and know what you must have. How much are you willing to spend? Will you pay for everything, or will your friends pay for themselves? If it's the second option, choose budget or economy venues to ensure everyone can meet the "minimum spend" needed to use a space exclusively.

    On the high end, you can book a premium and luxury for the 30th birthday party venues Singapore has to offer. You will have to decide on your budget and your must-haves at the same time. It will help you remember what you should prioritise when looking for a venue or menu that fits your budget.

  • Venue
    Venuerific provides a plethora of spaces that you can use as your venue for a 30th birthday party in Singapore. While we provide the convenience of online booking, it is still an ideal decision to check out the venue personally. This way, you will know if the place you are considering is the right one.

    While you are checking out the venue, ask about all of the following things that could be important for your party such as:
    Audio-visual equipment
    Food and drinks Bar tabs
    Parking spaces

    Don't worry, you can also contact the venue host and book a venue inspection online via Venuerific!  

  • Food
    We recommend picking a venue where guests can have easy snacks like finger food and canape. Most venues have a set menu with prices per person. Most of the time, you will have to choose a few dishes from the menu for your event.

  • Decorations
    People usually have a good time at their 30th birthday parties, and the decorations should reflect who you are. Signs with the number 30 and cute birthday sayings should be everywhere at the event venue. You could make personalised canvas prints in the colours of your party and put them near the bar or gift table.

    Moreover, you can add your initials or the number "30" to decorative throw pillows to make the perfect lounge area for your guests. With balloons and a table of props, you can set up a photo booth to get people to take pictures. You can also set up a "birthday wish wall" where people can leave birthday wishes and advice about entering their 30s.
Ideas for a Surprise 30th Birthday Party

As friends get older, they might not want to plan a party together as much. So, throw the party for them! You can take charge and mark this special occasion by planning and hosting a surprise party they will never forget.

Even though it is easy to send private 30th birthday party invitations through social media, you should do your best not to post anything about the party online or risk ruining the surprise. Here are some suggestions for surprising a friend or loved one:

  • Make sure the birthday celebrant is not at the party location during the birthday surprise preparation.
  • Make it clear on the 30th birthday party invitations that the party is a surprise.
  • Ensure the guests arrive at the venue early for the surprise to work.
  • Finish setting up the birthday party at least two hours before the surprise.
  • Ensure your guests are hiding in the right place, and don't let them park in front of the venue. 
30th Birthday Party Venues in Singapore FAQs

Why is the 30th birthday a special occasion?
For many people, reaching their 30th birthday is a significant milestone. It often marks the beginning of their phases in which they start to buy and invest in their houses, get married, and start their own families. Thus, the 30th birthday is a time to celebrate the end of your thrilling and eventful twenties. 

What are some of the best 30th birthday party games?
Drinking games are some of the popular 30th birthday party games you can do. However, you can also try other fun games like Name That Tune, where you will play a 5-second snippet from a song and let the contestants guess which song it is. You can also try to Stuff It!, where you require the contestants to stuff as many big puffy marshmallows as they can in their mouth within one minute, then ask them to recite something funny afterwards.

How much is a 30th birthday party venue in Singapore?
The cost of a 30th birthday party venue in Singapore depends on the venue type and the number of people you expect to attend. For a cheap venue for a 30th birthday party, Singapore has a host of locations costing $10 to $50 per person. If you want to celebrate your birthday in a luxury venue, expect to pay at least $181 and above for each guest.

Book your 30th birthday party venue in Singapore via Venuerific

Why start a new decade in silence? Say goodbye to your 20s and hello to an older and wiser you! Now is the time to plan a party that is all about you, so make sure to follow our ultimate 30th birthday party checklist. Once your birthday party ends, the perfect way to finish your celebration is by going to an after-party venue!

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