Top Halloween Party Venues in Singapore

What do you need to have the best Halloween party? Probably a lot such as food, venue, entertainment, and other services. But why exert so much effort into arranging each one when you can secure them all with just one booking? Hire a Halloween party venue in Singapore and enjoy packages and deals that will make organising your event easier and quicker!

Halloween Party Rental Guide

Halloween Party Venues in Singapore

Whether an adult or children's Halloween party, throwing a party can be overwhelming and tedious. The good news is that it's really easy to throw the best Halloween party. Follow this guide to organising the most memorable and fun Halloween party or take a look at the top Halloween parties and activities in Singapore 2023.

How to plan a Halloween party

Even though Halloween is full of treats and tricks, it doesn't have to be hard to plan a Halloween party. We'll cover everything you need for a great Halloween party below:

  • Time and date
    Plan your party ahead of time, especially on holidays like Halloween. Decide where your party will be held and book it as soon as possible so you won't have to find other venues or settle in a place you don't want because your target location is already fully booked. 

  • Theme
    Choose a theme for your Halloween party after you've set the date and place. Think outside the box! Whether you are looking for adult or kindergarten Halloween party ideas, we will list down some good ideas for themes later in this guide.

  • Invitations
    Now is the time to send the Halloween party invitations. Use your DIY skills to make some scary invitations that your guests will remember. 

  • Decorations
    Pick or make your own decorations. Start making plans for your decorations based on your theme. Whether you want to go shopping or do it yourself, you have a lot of options. 

  • Halloween party menu
    A party isn't a party without food and drink. Arrange and plan the food and beverages way before the party, so you don't have to go shopping or cook at the last minute. Try hiring a hotel or restaurant if you want the food and drink to be out of your hands, or book a venue that allows external catering. If you want your guests to bring something, you can make a pot-luck list.

  • Halloween party games and activities
    Make sure you plan suitable activities for the type of party you're having, whether for adults or kids. This will ensure that everyone has something to do at your party and will make it memorable. 
Themes for an adult Halloween party

When planning a Halloween party for adults, it can be hard to find the right balance of scary and festive without getting too childish. We have put together some of the best ideas for Halloween parties for adults, including themes, activities, foods, and drinks. These ideas are just the right mix of fun and scary to make your event something everyone will remember.

  • Murder Mystery
    At any time of year, murder mystery events are great for adult parties, but they're especially good for the spooky season. They can be done in person or online, and almost any number of people can join.

    Setting up the story and making the characters are two of the most important parts of planning a murder mystery party. No matter the period or style, the key to a good murder mystery party is a lot of creativity. You can find free scripts you can print out on the web, or you can create one yourself.

    Once you've decided on the details of your murder mystery, you can plan Halloween decorations that fit the location and period. You can also ask your guests to dress in a way that fits the theme for the best Halloween costume party Singapore can ever have. For example, if you choose a 1920s theme, you decorate the place and ask guests to dress in clothes from that time. Don't forget to serve finger foods and gin!

  • Wine Tasting
    The best Halloween party menu for adults includes wine, one of the Halloween party drinks. You might enjoy a wine tasting if you like to get a little fancy at parties. Buy various wines that go well with the season and set up tasting tables.

    To make the event more fun, decorate each table with a different Halloween theme, such as a vampire table, a pumpkin table, a witch table, a creepy-crawly table, etc. You could also decorate the wine bottles to match the chosen theme.

    As people come, give each one a ticket with their name or a number that lets you know who they are. Ask them to try wine at each table and put their ticket in the bowl, box, or cauldron with the wine they like best. After everyone has tasted, tell everyone what the wines are.

  • The Spooky Forest
    The best thing about this theme is that you can decorate the venue to the max for Halloween! There are various outdoor venues in Singapore that may allow you to decorate the place like something from a horror movie!

    You don't actually have to spend a lot of money on this theme. You can also make trees out of cardboard boxes, crumpled tissue paper, and paper. If that's still too much, you could hang paper tree silhouettes on the walls. Make sure there are trees since they are this theme's most essential party decorations.

    Set the mood with the proper lighting. Hang some rubber bats and make spider webs out of cotton batting. Lastly, scare your guests with a playlist of forest sounds and scary screams as the Halloween party music. Everyone will remember your party!  

  • Halloween Scavenger Hunt
    Scavenger hunts are fun any time of year, but they can be especially exciting around Halloween. You can make your own, find one online, or go with one that was put together by a professional.

    You can make clues and hide them around the house or in a particular area. Participants could look for a sad-faced jack-o'-lantern, a porch scarecrow, leaves of a specific colour or shape, and so on. When a person or group finds an item and takes a picture, they get the next clue. The team that gets to the end of the course the fastest wins. 

  • Halloween Feel Box
    Make a Halloween feel box with things inside that feel scary or gross but aren't. Use a plastic container or put a bowl inside a box if the materials are messy. Cut a hole in the top that is big enough to fit a hand. Some common boxed items are skinless grapes that look like eyes, steamed cauliflower that looks like a brain, and kelp or shirataki noodles that look like worms. Be sure to label each box with fictional names.

    There are many ways to use a scary feel box, but the best way is to make it a competition to see who can name the most items correctly. You could also turn it into a drinking game. As people come up to the tables, let them read the label and touch what's inside the box. Set a one-minute timer and ask them to describe how they feel. Make the shot a punishment or a reward, depending on how much alcohol your friends can handle.
Children's Halloween party ideas

Adult Halloween parties might be okay with severed limbs and the living dead. But most young kids (and their parents) would rather have fun that is right for their age than have a scary fright night.

There are many ways to make sure your Halloween party is a howling good time, whether you are looking for kindergarten Halloween party ideas or Halloween birthday party ideas for 8-year-olds.

  • Mini masquerade
    Ensure the party guests wear a mask as part of their Halloween costume. This will let you have a party with monsters, ghouls, and goblins dressed in masks. You can let your guests vote on who they think has the coolest or scariest costume, and the winner can be called the best masquerader. 

  • Kiddo-sized maze
    Set up a kid-sized maze in an outdoor venue for the best adventure ever. You don't have to plant and grow a field of corn before you can enjoy this fun activity. Instead of buying corn stalks, buy bales of hay to use instead. You can even stack them to make them fit people of different heights.

  • The Mummy Race
    To have a mummy race, wrap your guests' legs in white paper towels or tissue. Then, they race to the finish line without ripping their tissue paper. Whether or not your little mummies make it to the end in one piece, they will remember these Halloween party games for a long time.

  • Unknown box
    Your guests will scream when they play this game (with laughter, that is). Start by cutting holes in the sides or tops of closed cardboard boxes. Then, have the kids reach inside each box and try to guess what's inside. Surprise your party guests by hiding weird, slimy, or sticky things like peeled grapes, cold-cooked spaghetti, mashed banana, and Jell-O. 

  • Magic show
    Hire a magician to do a magic show to have the best Halloween party trick or treat. Your guests can enjoy seeing real magic happen right before them, and they might even be able to help with some parts of your magician's act.
Halloween Party Venues FAQs

What do people usually do during Halloween parties?
During Halloween, most families host costume parties, participate in themed activities like bobbing for apples and share ghost stories. Children occasionally go "trick or treating," which involves knocking on doors in familiar neighbourhoods and collecting candy. However, the best bet during this time is to stay indoors and have the best Halloween costume party Singapore will ever have.

When should a Halloween party be celebrated?
Halloween is a holiday observed the night before All Saints Day or November 1, thus on October 31. Usually, a Halloween party is celebrated on October 31 or the weekend before or after that date.

How long should a Halloween gathering last?
For toddlers and children, two to three hours is usually plenty. Ideally, you should schedule the party for the weekend, so the guests have plenty of time to prepare and rest after the party. If possible, throw the party before or during Halloween to keep the level of interest, anticipation, and involvement. If the party is for adults, you can throw it as long as you want. 

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