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Sharing a meal is one of the best ways to spend time with people you care about. Moreover, you can have fun at lunch and dinner parties and meet new people while eating and drinking tasty food and drinks. Have a wonderful dining party experience by booking a lunch or dinner party venue here at Venuerific! Choose from a potential lunch and dinner restaurant, cafes, bars, event spaces, and more below:

Lunch/Dinner Venues Rental Guide

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When people think about throwing a lunch or dinner party, they often only think about what they will cook. But what if you don't have time to prepare dishes and your house for the event? The most convenient and efficient solution is to hire a lunch venue or affordable dinner party venue Singapore has to offer.

To ensure the success of your dinner or lunch party, here is a list of simple ideas that you may find helpful: 

Plan and get ready ahead of time

Even if you are just having lunch or dinner with friends, you will have a better experience if you plan ahead. Making a checklist is the best thing you can do. Below are some things you will need to prepare for a lunch or dinner event. We will discuss these points throughout this guide:

  • Budget
  • Venue
  • Food
  • Guest list 
Set a budget

Hosting a lunch or dinner for a group of people can be both expensive and hard work. But if you plan things out well, it should not be a problem. Setting a budget will help limit your expenditure. However, this does not mean you have to settle for less.

Typically, the host will pay for the party. However, if it is just a casual lunch or dinner with close friends and family, you can ask them to chip in. The point is to ensure the event is fun and worth the expenses.

The food and the venue are the two main expenditures you need to consider when setting a budget for the party. At Venuerific, you will surely find an affordable dinner party venue in Singapore can offer that will suit your budget. Depending on your budget, you can also book economy, premium, and luxury venues that cost around $51 to $181+ per pax.

Think about the venue

How many people do you want to attend your dinner or lunch party? You can choose between indoor and outdoor spaces depending on how many people might come. Outdoor venues typically have larger and more open spaces for your guests.

No matter how many people are coming, meal parties and cooking events are best hosted in lunch and dinner restaurants, hotels, and bars. This is because these spaces have readily available lunch and dinner menus. You won’t also have to hire additional services for tables and chairs since the venues already have those.

If you want to have your lunch/dinner party outside, you can try rooftop venues or even yachts. Make sure you have trash cans around so you do not pollute the venue as much as possible.

For large-scale lunch or dinner parties, you can consider ballrooms, function halls, or event spaces, which you can redesign or rearrange so the venue will suit your preferences and the party's requirements.

Inspect the venue

If you are hiring only a hotel ballroom or a specific table in a lunch and dinner restaurant, make sure to consider the people who will be around during your party. Be careful about noise and think about how other guests around the venue may feel if you play loud music or invite talkative and excitable friends and families.

Check the ambience of the venue

Food psychologists say that the atmosphere is just as important as the food because how people feel about a meal depends greatly on how much they like the atmosphere. Keeping this in mind, the small details are worth it. Include these things in your party preparations, whether they are fairy lights, unique decorations, or small gifts. Don't forget the playlist! 

Create your guest list

You can write down the number of guests so you can figure out how many tables you need for the whole party. On the other hand, you can determine the number of people you can invite depending on the size of the room where you want to have your party.

In addition, make sure you pick a time that works for everyone. Ensure there is adequate space for your guests by checking out the potential lunch/dinner venues based on the number of people they can accommodate below: 

Create a lunch and dinner menu

Different people like different kinds of food. Get to know your guests to make sure everyone feels welcome and at ease. For instance, ask if there will be children at the party or if anyone has food allergies.

The number of health-conscious individuals like vegans and vegetarians has grown. Thus, you might want to offer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals to meet the needs and preferences of everyone. There should be both organic and processed drinks to choose from. To be sure, prepare beer, cocktails, juices, and spirits.

When you give your guests a lot of choices, it will be easier for them to find what they like best. You do not have to be a great cook to achieve an excellent and successful lunch or dinner party. If you are not confident with your cooking skills, you can book a venue that can provide the event with food or hire an external catering service.

Ask for help

Having dinner or lunch with friends or family means that you can also help each other out when you need to. If you think the task is too overwhelming for you, do not be afraid to ask for help with anything you need. This may include delegating someone for a specific task like inviting people to the party, arranging transportation, or hiring additional services like lunch and dinner catering.

Add aspects of tradition

You can show respect for your family tradition in many different ways. For instance, do your friends like having beers, cakes, or any specific dish or drinks during get-togethers? Does your family always pray together before and after meals? Adding aspects of traditions is an excellent way of showing how you value the people around you and the activities you do together. 

Relax Last is to relax

You already have everything set up at your chosen dinner or lunch venue. There will be plenty of other days to see your friends and family, so take it easy and do whatever you do with love. Feeling a little nervous about hosting a fun lunch or dinner party is natural. However, keep in mind that the point of the event is to be together and have a good time, not to win the "host of the year" award. 

Lunch/Dinner Venues in Singapore FAQs

How much does renting a lunch or dinner venue in Singapore cost?
Booking a lunch or dinner venue in Singapore depends on the number of guests you have and the type of venue you want. When it comes to meal parties, you can find an available lunch and dinner restaurant, hotel, country club, bar, and event space that you can book for as low as $10 to $181 and above per pax.

What are the best lunch or dinner venues in Singapore?
No matter what type of lunch or dinner party you want to achieve, an array of restaurants, hotels, and event spaces here at Venuerific may accommodate your event needs and preferences. Ideally, you should book these venues because the food, drinks, tables, chairs, and staff are readily available for your event. 

What time does a dinner party usually start?
A dinner party may also serve as a celebration of time after or away from work hours. Thus, a dinner party often starts once the work hours have ended, typically after 6 PM. Scheduling the event after 6 PM will ensure the maximum number of guests that can actually attend. If you are inviting quite a lot of guests, it is best to start the party at 7 PM to give the kitchen more time to prepare the guests' food. 

What time does a lunch party usually start?
Ideally, a lunch party should start during lunchtime, around 12 NN to 1 PM. It is best to start preparing the dishes before 11 AM so that once the guests have arrived, the food is already ready to be served. Keep in mind that most people have their lunch at noon. Thus, ensure that you won't keep them waiting for long periods. 

What is the best time for a lunch and dinner party?
The best time for a lunch and dinner party will always be after the guests have gone from work. It is not ideal to host a party that will require the invitees to leave their work or disrupt their schedule just to attend the event. If it is for lunch, make sure the party starts at 12 NN onwards. For a dinner party, schedule it after 6 PM or 7PM. These are the most convenient times for both you and your guests.

Hire Lunch/Dinner Party Venues in Singapore Here at Venuerific!

We are lucky to be able to spend time with our loved ones, and a great dinner or lunch venue makes it even better. Hiring a venue will let you enjoy the party instead of running back and forth between the kitchen and the living room.

Lunch and dinner parties are some of the best ways for friends and families to bond and get to know each other better. We hope the tips above will help you organise a successful event.

Always choose Venuerific so you can rest assured that the quality and service of your chosen venue are excellent and worthy! Check out more party venues here.

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Booked at LDF 老地方 @ Kallang Riverside Park
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Lester is friendly and it was a smooth experience confirming the venue with him! The venue is clean and has many activities for my guests to do!

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Willing to accommodate requests and I could not ask for a better location and attention to the well-being of the guests were exemplary.

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Attended a family gathering at Alternate Space and my kids had a great time there.

There were plenty of space for the kids to move around and activities to keep them occupied too. Definitely an ideal place to host events and gatherings. Will recommend to my relatives and friends.

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