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If you want a unique event, do it on a yacht! Renting a yacht will make any event, whether it is a casual or corporate one, something to remember. From weddings and proposals to parties and product launches, we have the top yacht booking Singapore has to offer.

Yacht Rental Singapore Guide

Yacht Rental Singapore

Yachts are great places for any kind of event, whether it's a get-together with friends, a big business meeting, or a fancy party. Do you want to throw a unique yacht event, but you don't know what event types you can or cannot celebrate on the boat? If you are not sure what events you can do on a yacht, here are some great ideas:

Birthday parties

One of the things that might be celebrated the most on a yacht is a birthday party. Boats are a fun and unique way to celebrate a birthday, whether you are turning 16 or 60. Take your family, best friends, or maybe your partner out on a yacht for a sunset cruise to celebrate your birthday in a memorable way. You can dress up and decorate the yacht based on a theme, let your guests enjoy the beautiful views, and have fun jumping into the water.  

Baby shower

Why not celebrate the new baby's arrival on a yacht? With the ocean as a backdrop, there will be plenty of chances for family members to take pictures with the new baby. Then, add to the atmosphere by putting different colours and decorations on the boat.


The engagement announcement is just the first step on the way to the wedding. Whether it is done in front of family and friends or just between the couple, the atmosphere on a yacht is perfect for sharing such an important event with the people you care about the most. A romantic evening cruise is a perfect place to ask your partner to marry you. Imagine starting the day with fishing, going on a cruise at dusk, having dinner with the catch of the day, and then proposing to your significant other. 


Yachts are becoming more and more popular as wedding venues because they are private and romantic. On the weekend of your wedding, rent a private yacht and have a party with some of your closest friends and family. Every time you turn a corner on the yacht, you will see something interesting. Fun activities can make this party even more memorable. The wide waters are great for swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, paddle boarding, and fishing, among other water sports. If you don't want to do water activities, try karaoke or indoor games. After the solemnisation service, you will be able to take part in such activities as a nice way to end the day. When you have a yacht wedding, you can celebrate an important event while watching a beautiful sunset and enjoying the peace and quiet of the ocean.


Keeping a marriage together for one more year is an important accomplishment. You and your partner could celebrate your anniversary by taking a cruise around some of the most beautiful oceans in the world. On a yacht, you can do a lot of different romantic things, such as sunset dinners and relaxing cruises on the water. You could even go fishing and eat your catch for your dinner. The anniversary celebration you have planned is sure to be memorable.

Bachelor or bachelorette parties

You should not miss the chance to spend your last night of freedom on a yacht. After a day of swimming and tanning in the sun, you can hire a DJ to play dance music all night long.


You and your family can get together for a meal and watch the sun go down together on a yacht. Have fun trying your hand at fishing and eating what you catch for dinner as the sun goes down while cruising around Singapore.

Product launches

Do you want to make a huge impact on your upcoming product launch? Pique the interest of the press and your target audience by doing it on a yacht. On its own, the experience will create a casual but exclusive setting for potential investors or partners as well.

Team buildings

Are you tired of having your team building in a camp or resort? You could plan a fun and memorable team-building event on a yacht. Get the group closer through a variety of fun team-building activities. Make sure everyone will have a great time by providing delicious food and letting the team members appreciate the beautiful scenery.


When meetings are held in the same types of venues, they can become very routine. If you rent a private yacht, you will be able to mix serious business with a little bit of fun without stopping the flow of the event. Everyone there will have a good time, and as a result, your guests will pay more attention to what is being said.

Yacht Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of activities can you do when you rent a yacht in Singapore?
The success of your yacht event depends a lot on how well you choose the activities. Choose an activity that fits with what your guests have said they are interested in. Some of the common and interesting activities you can do on a yacht are:

  • Water sports - Snorkelling, kayaking, and jet skiing are some examples of fun things to do on a yacht. These are ideal for those who like the thrill of water sports.
  • Fishing - If you know how to fish, bring your fishing gear and book a yacht Singapore has to offer. On the other hand, if you want to start fishing as a hobby for the first time, you can rent a fishing rod and other fishing gear and learn how to fish. As soon as you catch your first fish, you will know how fun fishing can be.
  • Relaxation - Do you want a stress-free yacht event? As a way to pass the time and relax, you could get together with some of your closest friends, drink coffee, and read books.
  • Sightseeing - If your guests enjoy taking in the scenery of the great outdoors, all you have to do is take them on a yacht to give them a memorable cruise experience.
  • Dance party - If you want to have the best time possible at sea, you should stock the yacht's bar with alcoholic drinks and dance to music all night long.
  • Cooking - Fishing and cooking the food you catch is fun for the whole family. At the end of the day, you can spend some quality time together by watching the sun go down. 
What are the things you should bring to a yacht party in Singapore?
Before you hop on the yacht, you need to ensure that you have everything you need for the event. Here are some of the most important things you should bring to a yacht party: 

  • Food - During the activities, you and your guests will work up an appetite, so make sure you have food ready. It is important to prepare meals, snacks, and finger foods.
  • Beverages - A skilled bartender will be able to help you stock the bar on your boat with drinks that fit the theme of your party.
  • Warm clothes - If the yacht party is held during the night, wear warm clothes because the breeze from the ocean can be quite chilly. 
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses - You should bring sunscreen and sunglasses, especially if you plan to do water sports. Bring more sunblock with you just in case some of your guests need it.
  • Boat clothing - A dress code is an important part of any party on a yacht because it helps set the tone for the event. If you and your guests plan to spend some time in the water, you should bring a change of clothes.
How do I book a yacht in Singapore?
If you are looking to book a yacht, Singapore has plenty of available boats you can rent. Whether you are throwing a wedding or a bachelor yacht party Singapore is one of the best places for those events. To rent a yacht, simply use the smart search filter above to refine the listing results, then click the venue you want and send an inquiry directly to the venue host. Some of the best yacht rental Singapore are located in Harbourfront, Sentosa, and Keppel Bay.

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When you throw an event on a yacht, it can mean a lot of different things. You could dance all night, or you could just spend some time with your friends and family. No matter what kind of event you want to throw on a yacht, it's important to plan something that your guests will enjoy.

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