Top Training Rooms in Singapore

Venuerific provides a wide range of corporate training room rentals in Singapore that you can use for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to meetings, training, workshops, and corporate events. Check out our list of training rooms and facilities that are close to your location and can be rented at affordable prices below:

Training Room Rental Singapore Guide

Venuerific has a plethora of training room rentals that you can use for your upcoming event. From corporate training programs to leadership courses, you can hold them in an ideal and efficient training room.

A training room is a venue space that is set up to help people learn. Since there is a lot of training room Singapore has to offer, it can be daunting to find the perfect training venue for your event. Before you secure your event booking, there are a number of things you need to think about.

Is the place used to hold training events?

Training and meeting activities can come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. To achieve your event goals and focus on the agenda, you have to choose a place that can accommodate your needs and preferences. You have to make sure that the training room you choose has not only the right rooms but also the right people working there.

Ask the training room’s venue host what kinds of events they are used to planning and if they have expert staff who know how to organise training sessions. This will let you focus on the training that is going on while the venue takes care of all your other needs. 

What are the available services and transport options?

Determine how long it would take your attendees to get to the venue and if the location is near Singapore’s major transportation hubs. Also, think about the available services or facilities, such as coffee and breakout areas, as well as the number of bathrooms. All of the facilities should be on the same floor or as close as possible to the training room.  

Does the training room fit your event needs?

When planning a training event, meeting, or any gathering in a training room, it is important to have a space with lots of natural light, functioning audio-visual equipment, and comfortable chairs. For large-scale events or those that will last for longer hours, it will be better if the venue can also provide breakout areas.

Check to see what extras the venue gives you for no extra charge. Most venues are required to tell you what you can get as part of your package. An ideal training room should have free water, stationery, Wi-Fi, and the most basic audio-visual amenities.

In what arrangement should the training room be set up?

A cabaret-style setup is best if your training requires a lot of participation from the people who are there. This means that delegates can be seated in groups of tables instead of at individual tables. If you want the delegates to be able to focus on what they are doing, like taking notes or working on laptops, you should put them in rows of tables with chairs.

On the other hand, a U-shaped setup is recommended if you want to get to know your delegates better. In this format, all of your delegates will sit around a U-shaped table, and the trainer will sit in the middle. There are times when training works best without tables or other formal setups, and there are other times when rows of seats work best. 

Training Room Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

What facilities and amenities should a training room Singapore have?
An ideal training room should be easily accessible and set up to fit your needs and preferences. But apart from that, every training room should have the following amenities:

  • Air conditioning system: This will enable the delegates and trainers to work in a cool and comfortable environment, which will promote focus and concentration.
  • Lights: While some training rooms are typically enclosed to avoid distraction and noise, the space should still have adequate lighting to help the people in the room clearly see what is being presented. Windows are a great source of natural light and will make the space feel more comfortable.
  • Furniture: Furniture such as tables and chairs should be ergonomic and sturdy. This will help the delegates focus on the event without worrying about back pain or uncomfortable seating positions.
  • Breakout rooms: Breakout rooms are essential for events that are scheduled for the whole day. It is important for the delegates to have somewhere they can relax and socialise aside from the training room itself. If the venue does not have a dedicated breakout space, you can try to set up a small space where people can get refreshments and sit around with other delegates.
  • AV equipment: Last but not least, the most important amenities you should find in a training room is their AV equipment. It would be best if you had speakers, screens, and microphones to reach out to your attendees and deliver the message or lesson that you want them to learn.
What kind of events are often held in a training room rental?
Some of the events that you can hold in a training room are the following: 

  • Practical training and team building
    An ideal training room can be a blank canvas that is ready to be made into whatever type of space you want. Tables and chairs can be moved out of the way to make space for things like practical training and team-building exercises. Sliding walls make it possible to connect different rooms into a single, continuous space. You can then add breakout areas to give the attendees a chance to talk and get drinks. 

  • Lectures and workshops
    A training room’s quality AV equipment is especially important for training events with a huge number of people but mostly just one speaker. Training rooms with adequate space are vital, especially if you are going to set up the space in a way that every delegate gets the same chance to see the stage, screen, or speaker. Training rooms are also good for theatre-style seating, so delegates can see podiums, raised platforms, and screens for video demonstrations and presentation slides without any trouble. Some of the vital tools and equipment a training room should have when you are doing lectures and workshops are AV amenities like portable or ceiling-mounted projectors, speakers, internet connection, and microphones.

  • Meetings and seminars
    Some of the best ideas often come from meetings, brainstorming sessions, and seminars. So, it is important to choose an environment that helps people think of innovative and creative ideas. You can use training rooms that are open and modern. This way, the furniture, and other amenities can be set up in whatever way works best for you. 

  • Exams and private studies
    Most training rooms have a quiet and private space that is free from any distractions. This makes it ideal to rent for educational purposes such as a test, private study, or a class. Training rooms can be transformed into classrooms that can help students grow personally and professionally.  
Where is the top training room rental Singapore has to offer?
You can find a variety of available training rooms around Singapore here on Venuerific. Simply use the smart search bar above to filter the results based on your preferred location, number of guests, and venue type. Some of the best training room venues in Singapore are located in Bugis, Chinatown, and Jalan Besar. You can look through our many training room listings per neighbourhood and area if you are searching for a venue near you or in a certain place.

Book the best training room Singapore has to offer via Venuerific

Before choosing a training room for your next event, whether it is an exam, an afternoon workshop, or a day away from the office with the team, there are a lot of things to think about.

Are the furniture, layout, and number of guests suitable for the event you are planning? What kinds of catering options are there, and how are guests with special dietary needs going to be taken care of? Will the equipment you have make it easy and reliable for you to meet your audio-visual needs?

However, choosing and booking a training room should not be a daunting task. At Venuerific, we offer training room deals and packages for a variety of events. You can easily find the best venue for your event by utilising our smart search filter and reaching out to the venue hosts directly via our platform.

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