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Throw the best party in town by hiring a club venue for your event! Light up your night by organising your events in various hotspots and hidden gems around the lion city. Check out the top club venues Singapore has to offer below:

Club Venue Rental Singapore Guide

It is common knowledge that clubs are frantic, loud, dingy, and expensive places to go. However, we can't deny the fact that clubs exude youthful and wild vibes, especially once the guests had their first couple of shots! And this is what makes a club venue ideal for events.

Event ideas for club venues

Have no idea what kind of events might interest your guests? We have compiled this list of club event ideas you can use to keep your guests interested.

  • Augmented and virtual reality
    Now is the time to power up your creativity and enjoy leisurely amusement. Virtual and augmented reality will get people excited about attending your event. Bring some VR/AR headsets to the venue and encourage everyone to push their imaginations to the limits. Your guests will have a blast with anything from a virtual skydiving simulator to a round of team-building multiplayer games. 
  • Art party
    An art party is just what you are looking for if you want your club event to be unique. Aside from food and drinks, artworks are a beautiful way to amuse guests and get them inspired. Use fluorescent and neon art materials to lend a contemporary spin to your event. Invite local artists to provide guests with tips and a nudge to try something new. Just make sure that the guests know the artists who will attend to further motivate them to join. 
  • Costume party
    Fill the club with cosplayers by hosting a costume party! Make the night more fun and intriguing to spark good conversation and pop culture discussions. What better way to talk about the upcoming Avengers films than to dress up as our favourite Marvel heroes? The opportunity to get dressed up and go out is something that almost everyone welcomes. Make sure that the music, food, drinks, and venue decorations are related to the theme. 
  • Musical Night
    The power of music can certainly unite everyone, even strangers. If you want to have a jam session with your guests, you have to invite them over and tell them to bring their instruments and favourite songs to share. You may either perform your own music or ask the DJ to spin some awesome beats. 
  • Standup comedy routine
    Who says a club is only for singing and dancing? As long as you hire the whole venue for the night, you can turn the space into anything you want, even a place for standup comedy performances! Get away from your troubles and laugh at a hilarious comedy show. The evening will be memorable no matter what the group does; either participate in an open mic or settle down to watch a performance. 
  • Live performances
    Your club is perfect for a live performance because of the stage and sound equipment. A famous DJ, band, or comedian might pump up the crowd. Don't forget to promote the live performance as an integral part of your event.
How to organise a club event

Planning a club event is similar to planning any other event. Here are some of the key steps and important tips that you should consider when planning your next event in a club venue.

  • Know your guests
    Find out who will be attending your event and gauge their age range, interests, hobbies, and preferences. This will help you get an idea of what activities, types of food, and venue location is perfect for the event. 
  • Figure out where the best club is
    To start, you need to hire a club venue that can accommodate your event needs and preferences. Club venues are not all the same since some have better reputations than others. However, choosing the most popular club venue may not be ideal all the time since hotspots are often difficult to book, especially during specific days and hours like nights and weekends. The best way to determine the best club venue for your event is to make the decision based on where most of your guests are located. If most of them live around the Central Area, then find clubs around the Central Area. This will secure your guests' attendance since it will not be difficult for them to go to the venue.
  • Be sure to save some time for entertainment
    You should hire a DJ regardless of whether or not you plan to have a themed party or not. If you have decided to engage a live band or another type of entertainment for your event, make sure to coordinate with the performers and meet them virtually or in person so you can provide them with a rundown of the event. 
  • Do some security measures
    You can't skip over this vital part of your preparations. Be sure to give this some thought before the event so that you can provide the appropriate amount of security for you and your guests.
Where and how to advertise a club event

Given the demographics of your attendees, it makes sense to focus most of your promotion efforts on social media platforms. Here are some tips on how to promote or advertise your club event on social media.

  • Pay attention to the right platform
    Depending on the type of event you are organising, you have to find where your guests are spending most of their time digitally. This will ensure that your target guests can see your event promotion, or they can receive your invitation virtually. For professional guests, you can check if they are active on LinkedIn and Twitter. You can also focus on other social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram (maybe even Pinterest if you are aiming for female guests).
  • Show the previous events
    Have you done a similar event last year and are now doing it again? Make sure to post photos and videos of the previous events so your guests will get more excited and will have an idea of what is in store for them at the event. 
Club event planning tips

Now that you have done advertising and organising your nightclub event, you can start thinking about the big night itself. Finish up any remaining tasks before your visitors arrive. 

  • Put up signages: You will need some simple signage to let visitors know where the toilet is, where they may smoke, and what they can and can't do. Be sure they are large and well-lit enough to be read by those who may be under the influence of alcohol.
  • Check for health and safety: Ensure that sharp items are out of the way and that nothing is combustible.
  • Get the crowds organised: If you want to keep people safe from harm and theft, you should talk to the security firm you hired to figure out how to best control the flow of people.
  • Have a Plan B in case of an emergency: What's more efficient than a well-laid plan? Alternative plans. Make sure you have a plan B in place in case anything goes wrong on the big day.
  • Ensure a quick check-in: You want everyone to register as rapidly as possible. Make sure there are enough people to open and scan people's tickets.
Club Venues Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

What type of events can be held in a club venue?
Club venues are often used for a wide range of events, including live music performances, dance parties, comedy shows, and more. Some clubs are also popular choices for hosting private events, such as corporate functions, wedding receptions, and birthday parties. Ultimately, the types of events that can be held in a club venue will depend on the specific amenities and features offered by the venue.

How expensive are club venues Singapore?
On Venuerific, you can find club venues that cost anywhere between $10 to $180 and above per person. We have club listings that you can hire for different price levels, whether you are looking for budget, economy, premium, or luxury venue packages.

What is the legal age to enter clubs in Singapore?
The legal age to go clubbing in Singapore is 18 years old since this is the legal drinking age in the country. Some club venues may allow entry to those below 18 years old but will not serve or sell alcohol for such guests.

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