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Photo Studio Rental Singapore Guide

If you are looking to hire a studio in Singapore, there are many venues to choose from. A studio is an excellent place to take great photos since it is flexible enough to be turned into any space you can think of, whether a garden, a kitchen, or a bathroom. This allows photographers and models to have more fun during their photo or video shoot sessions.

Before securing a studio rental in Singapore, you have to know how to choose the best one. Some studios do not have the right equipment needed for shoots. Below are some essential tips when hiring the perfect studio in Singapore. 

  • Check out the studio location
    When choosing an event studio rental, location is one of the most important things to consider. The place should be as close as possible to where you work and should be easy for clients and models to get into. The best place for the studio would be near major roads, transport terminals, and other ways to get around. In addition, if most of your models or clients travel, it should be easy for them to get to nearby airports.

    The studio should be close to hotels and motels to ensure that models and clients have a comfortable place to stay before and after a shoot. Also, you might want to know if the studio has its own parking. This is important if you are bringing your own tools and equipment to the venue. 

  • Inquire about the studio's services
    Studios offer a wide range of services. Some may have free parking, kitchenettes, recreation areas, air conditioning, makeup chairs, and open floor plans. Most of the time, these studios are in bright, airy buildings with big windows that make it easy to get natural light when needed. Consider what you will need for your project and coordinate with the venue host to see if their event studio can accommodate your requirements. Most studios will provide photographers with the tools they need to do their shoots. But the devices that can be used may be different.

    You will want to rent a studio that has the following:
  • Lighting equipment such as backlights, flat lights, broad lights, etc
  • Lighting gels
  • Blackout blinds
  • High-end furniture like stools and vintage pieces
  • Multiple walls surfaces such as bricks, painted, wood, and cement
  • Paper roll backdrops or green screen
  • Outfits
  • Hair/Makeup stations
  • Professional kitchen for food photography
        Some of the tools and equipment quality in cheaper studios may not be very good. So make sure to look more closely at the studio's services to see if they meet         your needs.

  • Assess the customer service
    Although it is essential to think about technical factors when choosing a photography studio, customer service is also an important thing to consider. Is the venue host helpful and aware of what you need? What happens if the power goes out or the lights don't work? Are the staff easy to reach and ready to deal with problems right away? Reading reviews on Venuerific is an easy way to find out how good a venue is at customer service. 

  • Determine the studio size
    Even though it might seem obvious, you should carefully consider how much space you need. You need to think about every part of your production, like where your models will stand, where the cameras will be placed, and where the clothes racks will go. You may need a bigger space if you are taking pictures with a large group of models or have large props or equipment needed. Studios can tell you the exact size of each room and its maximum capacity. 

  • Ensure that the venue is comfortable to work at
    One of the main benefits of renting an event studio is that your models and clients will feel at ease. But the level of comfort in a studio may be different. You might want to check to see if the studio at least has heating or cooling systems and bathrooms. It will also be ideal if the venue is located near restaurants and cafes.

  • Don't be afraid to negotiate
    Studios in Singapore have both reasonably priced options that can meet most of your needs. It's great to secure a cheap rental, but be wary of the additional fees. You don't want to pay for a cleaning fee that is almost double the rental fee. Any expense in your rental agreement for a photo studio that seems too high is a red flag. You should either plan for it ahead of time or try to negotiate a lower rate. 
Events ideas for a studio rental

Some event studio venues offer not just production equipment but also versatile event spaces. You can do other activities in a studio aside from the usual photography and videography sessions. Here are some event ideas you can do in an event studio rental:

  • Movie Night
    Why go to a cinema when you create your own personalised theatre? A movie night is an excellent opportunity to use studio space at the lowest price. Find a comfortable space to watch movies with your team, family, or friends. This is useful when you want to have a special connection with a group. Many studios have great sound systems and projectors, so just bring a blanket and a movie.  

  • Dance Lessons
    Dance lessons are a great way to get in shape and have fun simultaneously. Run your own dance lessons or hire a dance teacher to come to the venue. It's time to see who can move the best. 

  • Cooking Classes
    If you are a passionate chef, there are various cooking studios in Singapore where you can hold cooking classes or workshops. Teach your students about various food cultures and culinary skills. Impart tips, techniques, and even your own recipes. 
Studio Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

How much is an event studio rental in Singapore?
There is no single fee that fits all situations when it comes to hiring a studio event space. However, it is best to allocate between $10 to $181 and above per person if you are planning to rent a studio space. You can also take advantage of event packages and deals for a more affordable rental fee.

On Venuerific, an event studio rental can cost $80 to $1,280, depending on the venue and the number of guests you will be bringing with you. You can use our Smart Search to filter the venues based on your desired budget, number of guests, location, and more. Doing so will provide you with a more accurate and ideal studio event space.

Where is the best event studio Singapore?
You can find various studio spaces, mostly around Jalan Besar, Taiseng, Tampines, Bukit Merah, and Tanjong Pagar. Start your search around the Central Area of the lion city since this is where most of the best studio spaces are located in Singapore.

What are the different types of studio spaces?
Studio space can be used for various purposes, whether in painting, pottery, filmmaking, photography, and so on. Here are the most common types of studio spaces: 

  • Art studios: This is where many paintings and sculptures are created. Students can practise their artistic skills by spending time in art studios. Also, some painting supplies need to be handled, stored, or used in the right way in studios to avoid accidental poisoning, chemical burns, or fires.
  • Educational studios: Through educational studios, students learn about and gain experience in a wide range of design-related fields, from architectural design to industrial design. To be more specific, educational studios are spaces where students learn how to write and design with the help of an instructor.
  • Pottery studios: A pottery studio is where potters can make their own designs and pottery products instead of in a ceramics factory.
  • Production studios: Production studios are places where works of any kind of art are made. The term "production studio" is used in the radio and TV industries to describe the place where broadcasts and commercials are recorded to be sent out later.
  • Animation studios: In some cases, especially when it comes to anime, animation studios keep up the tradition of having a group of skilled people supervise the work of less skilled artists and craftspeople to make their vision come to life.
  • Acting studio: An acting studio is a place where actors can work on their craft and get better at it. In recent years, acting studios have become more and more popular.
  • Movie studio: A movie studio is where movies are made within a controlled environment specially designed for filmmaking. This setting could be inside (on a soundstage) or outside (on a backlot), or it could be both.
  • Photo studio: A photography studio is both a place of business and a place of employment. It provides space to take, edit, develop, and duplicate photos.
  • Radio studio: A radio studio is a room where a radio show or program is made, either to be broadcast live or to be recorded so that it can be broadcast later. The room has been soundproofed so that no unwanted noise will travel through the airwaves.
  • Recording studio: In general, a recording studio is a place to record sounds and music. It has a control room where sounds from the studio are recorded and edited.
  • Television studio: A television studio is a place where live TV, videotapes, or raw footage for use in post-production are made. The layout of a studio is similar to that of a movie studio. However, a few changes have been made to fit the needs of television production. Professional television studios usually have more than one room that is kept physically separate from each other. This is done to reduce background noise and increase efficiency.
  • Yoga studio: A yoga studio is where you do activities like yoga, judo, and karate. These are not gyms or recreation centres in the usual sense. Instead, they are places where people learn how to do these things as a job or art.
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Even though it may seem simple, searching for a "photo studio near me" is usually not enough to find the best place. Hiring a photography studio can be challenging, but if you make the right choices, it could be one of the best things you do for the shoot. 

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