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Inspire new ideas and innovation in the academic and business world by booking the top seminar room rental Singapore has to offer! Whether you are planning an interactive seminar and discussion or having career counselling sessions, Venuerific has the perfect seminar room venue for you. Check out these modern spaces equipped with AV equipment and other amenities to help with your event's success

Seminar Room Rental Guide

A seminar room is where a group of people gets educated or trained together. Seminars are usually associated with the academic world, but businesses often use them for a wide range of purposes. CEOs can put on training seminars for their employees, or employees can be sent to other businesses to take part in training seminars.

Here are some of the most important things that a seminar room rental in Singapore usually has:

  • Large space: Since companies want to teach as many people as they can at once, training seminar rooms are usually bigger than typical meeting or conference rooms.
  • Lecture hall-like setup: A seminar room is set up like a university lecture hall, with long desks facing a whiteboard or projector at the front of the room.
  • Up-to-date technology: Just like conference rooms, seminar rooms usually have the most up-to-date technology, which is important for running a seminar event. The technology can vary depending on the venue. Some venues have large projection screens and wall-mounted speakers to ensure that everyone can hear the presenter and make sure nothing important is missed.
Hosting an event in seminar rooms

Hosting an event in seminar rooms is one of the best ways to ensure the effectiveness and success that you are aiming for. It requires a good understanding of how to prepare a seminar room and how to market your event. You need to invite the right kind of people to your event, make sure they have a good time, and send them home with the information you hoped they would learn. If you have never put together an event in a seminar room before, here are the things you should consider:

  • Book a seminar room at Venuerific
    You need to find the perfect location that can accommodate everything you need for your event. The location should be easy to find and have adequate parking spaces for the attendees. Venuerific is the ideal site where you can find the best seminar room for rent in Singapore has to offer. Once you get in touch with the venue host via our platform, setting up the seminar room will be a smooth process.

  • Revisit your goals
    For sure, you already have your event goal and agenda in mind before you even come across this post. If you are listing your goals mentally, it's time that you organise them on paper. Will you be launching something new? Do you want to talk to a certain part of the market? Pay attention to the specific topic that will be the focus of your upcoming presentation. Make a rough draft of your topic and use flowcharts to help you figure out how it will develop. Since most events in seminar rooms only last a few hours, you can persuade people to agree with you if you stick to one topic for the whole presentation. Also, it is best to choose a topic that most people in the audience can learn from. This will not only keep them interested, but it will also show them that you know a lot about the topic. During the whole event, you should work hard to both educate and entertain the people who are there. 

  • Prepare the budget
    One of the first things that come to mind when planning an event is the budget. Make sure you have enough money to cover the costs of organising an event. It is very important to stick to your budget and prioritise the vital tasks that need to be done. Keep an accurate record of where your money is going. You could offer refreshments to your audience, but keep in mind that you have to do this within your budget. 

  • Send out invitations
    As soon as you know the date, time, and place of your event, you should start telling people about it through invitations. If you are planning to have a paid seminar or workshop, then let people know about it through different social media platforms. When marketing or advertising your seminar, use words and pictures that are interesting and get people's attention. It is important to plan these things a few weeks ahead of time so that people can adjust or arrange their schedule to be able to come. 

  • Check out the registrations
    Sending emails to the people who have signed up for the seminar is a good way to make sure they will be there. You should keep and organise the information about your attendees because it will be useful not only for this event but also for future ones. 

  • Invite expert or professional guest speakers
    It is strongly suggested that professional speakers be hired for the seminar. This will pique your potential attendees' interests and attention. This is especially true if you are planning to hold a summit. You will need to find some expert speakers who can make your words their own and get your message across to the attendees. If you're trying to market a business or sell something, you will definitely find that help from experts and professionals is valuable. It would be great if you could also have them on your team and give them a chance to inspire and persuade the audience. 

  • Test the seminar room equipment
    If you use the seminar room's TV screen or projectors, it will be much easier for you to share information with the people who are there. Make sure the Wi-Fi connection at the venue is working, especially if you have to use the internet for your presentation. In addition, check to make sure that the microphones and speakers are working well. It would be best if you did all of this before the date of the event or at least a few hours before the event starts. 

  • Prepare for the Q&A part
    It is always a good idea to ask follow-up questions at a lecture or seminar you are giving so that you can keep the audience's attention. It will not only help them understand better, but it will also make it easier for them to talk to the other people in the room. Moreover, it kind of pushes the audience to pay attention and come up with questions. It would be best if you also let the audience say what they think about the event and suggest topics they would like to hear about in future ones. Try to build their trust by showing them how knowledgeable you are in your chosen topic. When they see that you are friendly and open, they will start to trust you. Do a lot of research on the subject and take good notes that you can use during the discussion. It would be best if you tried to include every single detail because doing so will help you answer questions from the audience. Always be calm and even-tempered, and be ready for anything. 

  • Let the attendees get in touch with you
    Make sure to give people your contact information when the event is over so they can easily get in touch with you in the future. To stay in touch with the people who went to your event, you can reach out to them after a day or two. 
Seminar Room Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

What type of seminar room design should you use?
When setting up a seminar room, there are a lot of different things to think about, especially the way the space is designed. If you are having a typical seminar, you can arrange the space in a classroom-like design. This way, it will be easy for the audience to see the presentation and the speaker. But if your event requires having activities and brainstorming sessions, then it will be ideal to add some tables and arrange them in a way that attendees can sit as a group. 

What kinds of amenities and facilities should be in a seminar room rental?
A seminar room is often used for educational and business events such as training, educational conferences, presentations, and such. Thus, an ideal seminar room venue must have speakers, microphones, projectors, and an internet connection. If your event includes holding a video conference, then a web camera is a must.

What is the best seminar room Singapore for rent?
Bugis, City Hall, Marina Bay, and Telok Ayer are some of the areas around Singapore where you can find a plethora of seminar rooms for rent. The East and Central Areas of the lion city also have plenty of available seminar rooms you can choose from. The deals and packages in Venuerific allow you to book a seminar room for $280 to $4,500, depending on the venue and the number of guests. 

Book the best Seminar Room Singapore Has to Offer Via Venuerific

Have a look at Venuerific's list of potential seminar rooms you can book in Singapore! Ensure that your event will be as educational, entertaining, and fruitful as possible by securing the ideal seminar room.

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