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In addition to serving stimulating beverages like coffee, tea, and juices, along with simple, comforting snacks and dishes. Book your spot at the top cafes Singapore by finding the perfect venue below:

Cafe Rental Guide

What makes cafes different from restaurants? Beverages. Cafes often have a small menu balanced by a wide selection of coffees, teas, and alcoholic beverages. Here, the atmosphere is very relaxing, perfect for people to meet and work.

Types of cafe venues

So, what are the types of cafes you can find in Singapore? Check out some of the best ones below or our top Instagrammable cafes Singapore.

  • Cafe Bakery: They provide freshly baked pastries, sandwiches on handmade bread, and other light meals, as well as speciality coffees and teas. Since there is something for everyone, these cafes are an ideal place to visit any time of the day.
  • Pop-up cafes: Temporary cafes, known as "pop-ups," are becoming more popular. Pop-up cafés are known for serving unique beverages and dishes while experimenting with outlandish concepts.
  • Themed-cafes: The names, logos, and overall feel of themed cafes revolve around the same central concept. Cat cafés, where customers may touch and play with cats while drinking coffee, are a typical example.
  • Rooftop cafes: There's nothing more relaxing than enjoying a cup of warm coffee while enjoying the fresh breeze and scenery around you. This is why rooftop cafes are popular, especially in city areas.

Popular and common menu items at cafes

Although there are different types of customers who visit cafes, one common denominator is their love for coffee. Some people may like their coffee cooled, while others would rather have it piping hot. More customers often mean more unique preferences. For this reason, most cafes' menus target demographics in mind. Nevertheless, the most excellent menu consists of basic and sought-after items. We have compiled a comprehensive list of every day and must-try menu items among cafes below: 

  • Espresso
    What good would a cafe be without this one basic yet essential drink? Everything from the Americano to the latte starts with espresso. Not only do certain popular drinks call for espresso, but some coffee drinkers like extra intensity in their brew. 
  • Latte
    After an espresso, it is impossible to avoid bringing up lattes. As you may guess, espresso is the main ingredient of a latte. The term "latte" may also be used to describe various other popular coffee drinks across the globe. 
  • Iced coffee
    Cold brew has become quite popular recently. However, brewing iced coffee is not something most people do at home since it takes more than just a mason jar. Some cafes differentiate themselves from the competition by offering unique twists on this beverage. 
  • Bagels
    Now that we have covered the most important coffee items you should try, we will move on to the cafe's other must-haves: breakfast dishes, snacks, and lunch items. Which item should you order first while visiting a cafe? A bagel. Bagels are a popular breakfast item that is a perfect match with morning coffee. 
  • Doughnut
    A doughnut is a way to go if you are looking for a sweet treat. Doughnuts are cheap and available in a broad range of flavours. 
  • Croissant
    When thinking of popular snacks with coffee, a croissant is the first thing that springs to mind. Its flavour and consistency are unlike those of other sweets. It is not too expensive and not too messy to eat. It also provides the kind of wake-up call that many people need with their morning brew. 
  • Breakfast sandwich
    A breakfast sandwich is one of the classic items on a cafe's menu. In addition to the standard eggs, bacon, and toast, some cafes kick it up a notch by using a base like a croissant or even a doughnut. 
  • Pizza
    Pizza is one of the world's most beloved snacks. With toppings like bacon, sausages, and cheese, this snack is beyond the standard breakfast sandwich. However, most cafes will only serve mini pizzas, especially if they are only a pop-up or food trucks. 
  • Cakes and cupcakes
    As usual, cakes and cupcakes remain a popular choice for customers in cafes. Cupcakes can be served with the simplest designs. Cakes and cupcakes are one of the best matches for coffee. 
  • Macarons
    The bright colours of these little delights, built on a meringue base, will surely catch your attention as you order your coffee. If you do not want something as heavy as a cupcake but need to quench your sweet cravings, choose macarons. 

Cafe party venue etiquette every guest should follow

So you are throwing, or you have been invited to an event that will be held in a cafe. Chances are, the whole cafe will be rented for the event, or you will be only using a certain space. Whichever it is, you should follow these basic rules of etiquette in renting or using cafe event venues:

  • Avoid being rude
    Whether you are having a bad morning or day, it is important not to take it out on the cafe staff, barista, or anyone else on the menu. Always be kind and respectful. 
  • Use the "indoor voice"
    If you have only rented a portion of the cafe, you should avoid talking loudly. Even if you are talking to a friend in person or on the phone, you should still use what is called an "indoor voice." People go to cafes for many different reasons, such as to get creative ideas, read, listen to music, or just enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea. So, it is important to respect their need for peace and quiet when they are there. 
  • Opt out of ordering complicated drinks
    One of the best things that most cafes have to offer is the ability for customers to customise their drinks. If, on the other hand, your favourite drink has a seemingly endless list of ingredients, fussy preferences, dramatic omissions, and other very specific features, you might be called a "high-maintenance customer." If the cafe has baristas who will serve beverages throughout the event, it might be ideal not to order overly complicated drinks. This is especially true if you are attending a large event. 
  • Do not make things hard for the barista
    It will be best to take a few extra minutes to look over the menu before going up to the counter to place your order. If you do it this way, you won't slow down the line or make things hard for either yourself or the barista. Ask the barista for their recommendation if you are really unsure of what to order. 
  • Be patient
    It is possible that your drink order may take a little longer to make than usual or that the baristas had to go back into the kitchen to get something. Even though it may not look like it, there is a lot going on behind the counter, and orders are not always ready as they are placed. So, always be patient. 
  • Avoid asking for several remakes
    If you asked for a vanilla latte, but it tastes like pumpkin spice, you should tell your barista to make you a new one. But it would be best if you did not take advantage of this by asking baristas to make you the same drink over and over. 
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the venue
    When you are in a cafe, you are strongly encouraged to act like you are in your own living room. Make sure your area is clean before you leave. Sweep up any crumbs, clean up any spills or mug rings, and make an extra trip to the counter, dish rack, trash can, or recycle bin. 

Cafe Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it to rent a cafe Singapore wedding venue?

You can find the perfect cafe wedding venue Singapore has to offer here at Venuerific. Check out the list of cafe wedding venues here. The cost of booking this type of venue depends on various factors, such as the number of guests and the amount of space you need. Generally, booking a venue can cost $10 up to $180 and above per guest. But there are cafe wedding venue deals and packages that you can get for $240 up to $4,500.

Is there a difference between a cafe and a coffee shop?

Although the terms cafes and coffee shops are often used interchangeably, there are subtle differences between them. A cafe's menu is not only focused on coffee but also on a variety of other food items. On the other hand, a coffee shop focuses only on beverages such as coffee, tea, and juices. 

What activities and events can I organise at a cafe Singapore?

Cafes are more than just a place to grab your morning coffee. They are also a great venue to organise events and social activities. Some of them are team-building events, 21st birthday parties, solemnisation, bridal showers, baby showers, and more. 

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A cafe is one of the best event places to hire if you love drinking coffee along with tasty snacks and dishes. At Venuerific, you will never run out of venue choices. Book the best cafe Singapore has to offer today!

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