Top Theater Venues in Singapore

Whether you are looking for a musical theatre, a black box theatre, or a movie theater Singapore has a plethora of potential venues for you here on Venuerific! Find the top theater venues for your upcoming performances, movie night, and other events below:

Theater Venue Rental Singapore Guide

Theatrical performances have been around for a long time and have always been a way to show off the artistic talent and bring people together who love art. People know them as great places for live shows, movie screenings, and dance recitals. But you might be surprised to learn that they are also great places to hold other events.

We've only listed a few formal events that can be held in a theater venue, but there are many more reasons to take advantage of their excellent audio/visual equipment, large seating capacity, and unique architecture. Here are some events you might want to hold at a theater venue.

  • Graduation or graduation party
    When hiring venues for a graduation party, make sure to book it months ahead because graduation season is so popular. Also, remember to value your local theater when choosing a venue for a graduation party. Theater venues could be a place where young people can get their diplomas and then have a party with food and drinks. Here, you can see the graduating class from any seat in the venue. Check out the best theater venues for graduation parties here.

  • Wedding
    A theatrical wedding is a great way to celebrate a couple's marriage. Starting your life together on a big stage will be an event that you and your guests will remember. More and more people are getting married in theaters because it's easy to move from the ceremony to the reception. There are enough chairs for many people, enough lights, and enough space for anything else you want or need. See the perfect theatre venues for weddings here. 

  • Charity event
    Fundraising can be challenging, and getting people excited about your non-profit organisation takes creative thinking and an event that is excited to attend. In this case, a well-planned gala could be helpful. Letting people get together for a good cause while eating delicious food gives everyone a chance to meet people who care about your event's goal. Since a theater is meant to help you put on a performance, you can have creative ways to entertain people, like live music or exciting dance performances.

  • Birthday party
    Whether your child wants a casual or formal birthday party, a theater might be the best place to host it if you want to attract people from Generation Z. The theater is made so that everything fits together quickly, and if needed, it can hold hundreds of close friends and family. Most likely, the music will be one of the most essential parts, so make sure the A/V equipment is good and the lighting is suitable for Instagram photos. Find the best theater venues for birthday parties here.

  • Retirement party
    Leaving a career can be a big decision, especially if you have worked in the same field for a long time or found your true calling later in life. Celebrate your retirement by having a party to remember the people you have met over the years and to look forward to what's to come. Theaters have space for toasts, speeches, dinner, dancing, and other activities that help set the mood for the event. 

  • Product launch
    You probably already know how important videos are when it comes to product launches. During this type of event, you will show how-to videos that will introduce and explain your new product and why consumers should purchase it. Hosting your next product launch in a movie theater is an excellent option since the large screen, and excellent sound quality will ensure you have the attention of your audience as you show your videos. As a result, they will understand your product better. Check out the ideal theater venues for product launches here.

  • Investor event
    Theaters make it easy to talk to the public and have fun afterward, whether you are a small start-up company trying to impress angel investors or a large family of shareholders who want to see the annual report. You could go all out with entertainment, special guests, drinks, and dinner, or keep things simple with finger foods and a quick presentation. In any case, you can find a theater venue that is eager to help you spread your message.

  • Movie night
    Even though it may seem obvious, why not give guests a whole movie theater experience instead of showing a movie against a white building wall? Any movie of your choice is suitable to be shown in a movie theater venue, whether it is a newly released film or some of your home recordings at a family reunion. No matter what you choose, you will take advantage of movie theater features like surround sound, a big screen, and comfortable seats.
Types of seating arrangements in a Singapore theater venue

Theater seating, which is made up of rows of chairs all facing the same way, is a common way for events to be set up. At a theater, seats don't come with tables, desks, or other things. This seating arrangement is often used for events since it is the easiest to set up the space. Specifically, theater seating works well for:

  • Conferences
  • Lectures
  • Presentations
  • Ceremonies like weddings and product launches 
There are two different ways to set up seats in a theater: multiple-aisle or continental. The maximum number of seats per row in a multiple-aisle configuration is 14 to 16. If an aisle is only accessible from one end of a row, the maximum number of seats per row may be limited to 7 or 8. The venue knows the maximum capacities, which are always set by the building code.

In a continental seating arrangement, each seat is in the middle. Here, more seats can fit in a row than in a multi-aisle layout. To make up for the longer rows allowed by building codes, increased row spacing, wider aisles, and strategically placed escape exits are often needed. You can arrange the seats in straight, circular, semicircular, or rows that face the event's focal point. Other considerations you should keep in mind when choosing a theater seating arrangement for your upcoming event are:

  • People should see the stage or screen well, even if a taller person is sitting in front of them.
  • Since banquet chairs are usually narrower than the average person's torso, ensure enough space between them so guests can sit comfortably.
  • Leave at least 24 inches of space between rows to make it easier for guests to get to and from their seats. This way, they can go to the bathroom or leave easily.
  • Consider where the presenter is standing to aid you in figuring out which seats do not provide a complete view of the stage or screen. 
Pros and cons of a theater venue

The theater is a venue choice for several events but not for all types of celebrations and gatherings. Specifically, theater venues are ideal for events that only require people to just watch and listen. It is also suitable for parties where people do not need much space to eat, take notes, or talk to each other.

Check out some of the pros and cons of using a theater venue to help you determine if it is really the best place for your upcoming event: Here are some of the benefits of theater venues:

  • Theater venues make it easy for the presenter to watch everyone and call on anyone. Since each seat faces the same way, it is easier to keep everyone's attention.
  • Theater venues guarantee the most seats and make the best use of the space at the venue.
  • Theater venues help people socialise easier because the seats are close together, and people often talk to those to their left and right. Since guests often talk to two people (the ones sitting on both sides), it keeps everyone quiet, which is essential for events like presentations, meetings, and panel discussions.
The following are some of the problems with theater venues:

  • People in the audience may find it hard to use the bathroom or leave early since they have to squeeze past many other people in a small space.
  • To make seats accessible, aisles must be built, which takes up valuable space and can quickly get crowded, which can be annoying for people.
  • Because there is little space at each seat, it is hard for each guest to set down a computer, a notepad, or a dish of food or drink.
  • There is no place for guests to keep their bulky things, like jackets and book bags.
  • Since everyone is facing forward, guests can't talk to anyone other than their immediate seatmates, which makes it hard to have a conversation. 
Singapore Theater: Frequently Asked Questions

Is food allowed in a movie theater venue?
Catering can be a great way to boost event attendance. However, the provision of catering services depends on the venue you are planning to hire. Before securing your booking, make sure you coordinate with the venue if they allow external catering services during the event. Keep in mind that having a catering service inside a theater venue will affect the space plan for your event. If you are booking the venue for only a couple of hours, arrangements must be made with the caterer to have the food ready within the event time. Consider the amount of time for the food set up and removal, as this will likely take a huge portion of your event time.

How much does it cost to book a Singapore theater?
The cost of booking a Singapore theater venue ranges from $10 to $181 and above per person. For events, it is ideal that you take advantage of packages and deals to ensure that you are getting the best reservation that fits your budget. On Venuerific, theater venue packages and deals cost $140 to $1,000 for events with up to 300 guests.

What kind of theater venues are available in Singapore?
If you want a theater seating arrangement for your event, there are many venues you can book in Singapore. The ideal venues for such arrangements are movie theaters that are equipped with large screens and top-notch sound systems. Auditoriums, conference halls, and event spaces are also other types of venues that can provide you with the same seating arrangement and AV equipment as movie theaters.

Book the best theatre venue Singapore has to offer via Venuerific

There are too many options for event venues here on Venuerific. But if you want a space with plenty of seats, a screen or stage, and space for dozens or even hundreds of people, there's no doubt that you need a Singapore theater. Book the best movie theater Singapore has to offer here on Venuerific!

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