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With the advent of flexible work options and hybrid workforces, co-working spaces are now more popular than ever. Get all you need from an ergonomic space and ensure productivity by securing the best and cheap co-working space Singapore has to offer! Take your pick from the available co-working spaces in Singapore below:

Co-working Space Rental Guide

Co-working occurs when individuals or small groups gather in a shared office space to work. Co-working spaces are different from traditional offices in a way that their occupants often do not all work for the same firm.

A co-working space has all the conveniences of a regular workplace, plus many more. The fact that you do not have to commit to a lengthy lease in a co-working space is a key selling point. WiFi, printers, and conference rooms are necessities in every co-working space. Some may even include free beverages and refreshments.

Some co-working spaces will even provide you with access to a variety of startup resources, such as coaches and advisers. Others may have access to technology that you do not often have at your disposal, such as 3D printers. When it comes to amenities, some cheaper co-working spaces provide nothing more than desk and internet access. 

Types of co-working spaces

The sizes of co-working spaces might vary widely. When looking at potential venues, there are several factors to think about. Factors such as community, amenities, and the nature of the workplace might differ greatly from one venue to the next. Here, we will outline the most common variations of shared office space. 

  • Collaborative office design
    Since the concept of co-working was first developed in open office environments, the two terms are often used interchangeably. Members of various firms use shared areas, and there is the option of "hot desking" or "dedicated seating" at these workplaces. Hot desking is when you station yourself on a random desk within the co-working space to work, socialise, and connect with other workers and professionals. On the other hand, dedicated seating is when you reserve a specific area or desk in the co-working space to work at for the day.

  • Private offices
    Having a private office is the opposite of having a shared one. Offices or specialised rooms designed for big groups are two examples of these kinds of private places. A firm may have its employees work in a single designated space or spread out across many spaces rented or leased by the business. 

  • Industry-specific
    It is nice to connect with others who have similar interests and experiences. There are, for instance, co-working spaces designed with the creative class in mind. Graphic designers, artists, and filmmakers are the sorts of people who can share an office space. Keep in mind that some of these specialised workplaces may provide open as well as closed office space. Some of the most selective co-working spaces include venture capital spaces. These office spaces are meant to attract and fund businesses by giving them the tools they need to grow. It is common practice for venture capital firms to give rent subsidies or funds in return for a stake in the businesses they work with. The aesthetics is of a workplace matter just as much as the different kinds of workplaces. There are many different kinds of co-working spaces, from those that are more formal to those that are less so. It is crucial to choose a venue that embodies the values of your business. Most co-working spaces let you book a meeting room or a virtual office package on the spot. 
Benefits of co-working spaces

The term "co-working space" refers to an office setup where employees from various organisations share the same location. Sharing resources, including equipment, utilities, receptionist and housekeeping services, and even refreshments and parcel acceptance services, may save expenses and improve efficiency.

They are ideal for sole proprietors, independent contractors, telecommuters, and startup groups that need to get things done and make connections in the business world. Relationships between companies and their employees and employers can lead to productive work together and policies and procedures that are good for everyone.

The shared office space provides them with a convenient and professional setting to get their job done. Here are more reasons why a co-working space is useful for everyone.

  • Productivity Boost
    Productivity is maximised in co-working environments. Those who are able to do their jobs from home tend to be easily distracted, affecting productivity and efficiency. Through a co-working space, people who work from home no longer have to deal with the myriad of potential interruptions such as a fussy infant, a messy house, or an endless list of everyday obligations. Leaving the house to go to a co-working space might help you get more done and be creative while still meeting deadlines. The design takes into account the wide range of employees by providing a wide range of environments, furniture, and amenities, such as workstations and conference rooms. 

  • Possibilities for networking and coordination
    The most obvious advantage of a co-working space over a traditional office is that it gives you more opportunities to meet other professionals and work on projects as a group. You can meet new people and businesses every day. This creates a dynamic and collaborative work environment where new ideas can be created. Companies can use co-working spaces to meet possible partners and clients. They also do networking events, group brainstorming sessions, and training seminars here. Co-working spaces can offer fun events like luncheons and exercise classes that are great for meeting new people and making connections that could lead to business success and personal satisfaction. 

  • Modular work week
    Members of a co-working space may come and go from the workplace at their convenience. They are free to choose their own office hours that work for both them and their companies. In addition, co-working spaces have provided a way for companies to find and attract top talent from beyond their immediate area. Club membership to co-working spaces means they do not have to relocate their remote workers.

  • Private & shared office
    Each member of a co-working space may benefit from the venue's combination of private and communal workplaces. They do away with the booths and replace them with bright conference rooms, an abundance of hot desks, private offices with glass walls, and plush break-out places. This way, employees can work alone in their own offices or with other people in common areas.

  • Better work-life balance
    A healthy work-life balance requires physical separation between your home and workplace. Without this, it is easy to lose track of both your personal and professional obligations. Co-working spaces give you this structure because they help you tell the difference between your personal life and your work life. 

  • Cost-Saving
    At a co-working space, you only pay for the space/s you use, and you have free access to all shared amenities, such as a cleaning crew and a copy machine. This is very important for small businesses that want to grow. The money that would have been spent on renting an office building may now be put to better use by growing the business.

  • Inspirational boost
    When you collaborate with other businesses and individuals that share your values, you can get various information and ideas that might inform your next major business. Changing up your routine and bouncing ideas off of others may do wonders for your productivity and inspiration levels on the job. 
Co-working Space in Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do in a co-working space?
Co-working spaces are basically just shared places to work. They have cheap office space for people who do not want to work from home or in a coffee shop. There are hot desks, private meeting rooms, kitchens, coffee, and other office amenities at these venues. 

Where is the best area of co-working space Singapore?
Bugis, Chinatown, and Paya Lebar are some of the places where you will find plenty of ideal co-working spaces in Singapore. The co-working space design will vary for each location, so make sure you check out each one by visiting their listings here at Venuerific.

What is the cheapest co-working space Singapore has?
The typical price for renting a cheap co-working space Singapore can offer ranges from $10 to $50 per person. But if you are planning to hire a co-working space with your friends or for your whole company, you can find co-working space packages and deals that cost around $100 to $2,500

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