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Whether you are looking for a place to hold meetings, product exhibitions, conferences, or the like, you can find the perfect MICE venue here on Venuerific! Check out a plethora of MICE venues around the lion city that can help you plan and execute your event successfully.

MICE Venue Rental Singapore Guide

When it comes to venue rentals, you have probably heard of the acronym: MICE. A MICE venue is a crucial segment in the hospitality industry. Keep reading to learn more about MICE venues and the types of technology used.

What is a MICE venue?

The acronym MICE means Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions. It is an essential part of global business travel since every industry has regular events. The goals of a MICE venue are to bring professionals together, foster connections, and promote new ideas.

Generally, MICE venues are used for business events. However, leisure events such as festivals and concerts can also be held in these places. Many organisers now opt for MICE venues to offer attendees better engagement and more memorable experiences.

 The four pillars of MICE

As mentioned above, MICE stands for four events: meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions. However, in recent years, MICE venues can now be used for other in-person or virtual events. Let's take a closer look at the four pillars of MICE:

Meetings are one-day events in hotel conference rooms or convention centres. As with annual shareholder meetings, they can have as few senior executives or as many as needed. The goal of a meeting is to get people who work at the same company, in the same field, or on the same project to work together to solve problems, discuss plans, and set goals. Most of the time, the food is simple, and there is rarely an entertainment program.

It is safe to say that the most fun part of MICE is the incentive part. This category includes all types of travel incentives a company offers to its employees, teams, partners, or affiliates. In this case, the goal of an incentive is to thank people for their hard work, boost employee morale, or make people more loyal to the company. Depending on the company in charge of putting them together, incentives can take many forms. A lot of people might choose to take their team out of town for the weekend to an all-inclusive resort. Others may plan activities closer to home so that staff members can get to know each other in a less formal setting. 

Think of a conference as a big version of a regular gathering that often lasts more than one day. The number of people who show up can vary, but there are usually more people at conferences than at meetings. Like incentives, conferences can look very different depending on the industry that drives them and the people who organise them.

People who go to conferences often do one or more of the following:

  • Panels: Panels are meetings where a group of people who know a lot about a subject talk about it and present new research. A moderator will be in charge of an event, make sure it runs smoothly and may let people in the audience ask questions.
  • Presentations: At a company-hosted conference, senior officials may discuss the company's most recent successes or results. Thought leaders are sometimes asked to be guest speakers at business conferences so they can talk about the latest ideas and developments. People often use props, slides, and other visual elements during presentations.
  • Speeches: Usually, speeches, which can also be called "keynote presentations," can happen at the beginning or end of a conference. Often, the host or organiser will greet the people there and thank them for coming. Sometimes, a well-known person in the field will talk about a big problem and suggest how to solve it.
  • Talks: Talks might be part of a panel discussion. In this case, a small group of people talks about something while the audience listens. Some of the people putting on the event will use breakout rooms to get smaller groups of people talking.
  • Workshops: Workshops are gatherings where a small group of people works together to solve a problem or learn more about a particular subject. This is a great way to give people attending the event an exciting way to learn.
There are many reasons to hold conferences, but most of the time, the goal is to discuss problems in a specific industry or field and try to find possible solutions. Sharing new information and research is an integral part of this event. Activities that help people work together and meet new people are also helpful.

Exhibitions, sometimes called trade shows, are usually huge events that bring in thousands of people and exhibitors worldwide. They can last from a couple of days to a week. Most exhibitions are particular to a specific industry and try to reach a certain consumer. Exhibitors go to trade shows to show off and promote their products or service, get new business, and talk to current and potential business partners. Professionals from the same industry meet, find new customers or jobs and learn new ways to solve problems. At exhibitions, you can do a single activity, a combination of activities, or all of the activities you can do at a conference. You can also do the following: 

  • Networking events: Trade shows often have parties where people from different groups can get to know each other. This is a great chance to meet potential business partners, discuss future partnerships, and share ideas about what's happening in the industry.
  • Awards: An award show is a standard part of many trade shows. Its purpose is to recognize the best people in a particular field. It also helps a lot with public relations and marketing for the winners. Even if you are not up for an award, it is still a good idea to see what the other nominees have done.
  • Business pitches: Since trade shows promote growth and new ideas in their industry, there is often a special event for new business pitches. This is because trade shows want to get more people to come. It is an excellent chance for new businesses to get noticed, get funding, find customers, and get job applications.
Technologies at MICE venues

MICE technology is used for planning and running events. If you are looking to book a MICE venue, you should consider the places that have these technologies:

  • Event diagramming tools: These let event planners carefully plan how their venue will be set up and how the floor will be laid out. It is possible to plan for and include every chair, table, booth, and hand sanitiser station.
  • Facial recognition: This technology can let registered guests into the event. Since everyone who wants to get in can have their face scanned, they no longer have to show ID or a ticket.
  • Augmented or virtual reality: These technologies open up new ways to have more immersive and exciting experiences. AR and VR are giving MICE events an endless number of new ways to use them, especially for showing off products, giving presentations, and having fun. 
  • Web-based tools: Web-based tools such as internet-controlled thermostats, speakers, and lights give businesses new and better ways to meet the needs of each customer.
MICE Venue Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

When is the perfect day to have a MICE event?
MICE events can occur at any time of the year, and their activities can happen everywhere and wherever. The number of people travelling internationally has grown so much in the past years, which immensely helps the tourism and business industry. There are many answers here. Events held in popular places can help the tourism industry, education, and business. 

Why are MICE events popular?
People mostly want to attend MICE events because they can travel, learn new things, and have fun. MICE venues are the perfect place where businesses can get the chance to introduce, trade, and sell products and ideas to their target audience. 

Where are the top MICE venues Singapore?
The top MICE venues you can find in Singapore are mainly located around the Central Area of the lion city. Bugis, Jalan Basar, and City Hall are some of the places you should check out if you are looking for a MICE venue. Here is a list of the MICE venues in the Central Area for easy reference.

If you are located in the eastern or western regions of Singapore, you can find MICE venues around Changi and Buona Vista. You can find a MICE venue in Singapore with packages and deals that cost around $199 to $2,500. You can enquire or reach out directly to the venue host to check if they have available packages and deals here on Venuerific.

Book the perfect MICE venue Singapore has to offer via Venuerific

An important decision when hosting a MICE event is the venue. The perfect venue will set the base for a fruitful and memorable meeting, conference, exhibition, and any other type of event. To ensure a successful and well-organised event, book the best MICE venue Singapore offers by choosing from the list above.

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