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Choosing the appropriate location for your conference may either make or break the success of your event. Thus, you must put the task of scouting for the best conference venues in Singapore at the top of your to-do list. After all, conference venues will have a significant influence on your budget and will also establish the overall mood of the event. Secure an informed decision by booking one of the best conference venues Singapore has to offer!

Conference Venues Rental Guide

Singapore is one of Southeast Asia's most robust business hubs. Hence, so many conferences occur in different parts of lion city. If you are tasked to organise one, it can be challenging to choose a location.

Venuerific will assist you in finding the best venues in Singapore for conferences. Hence, you concentrate on the more essential aspects of the event, such as the program and the content. Below are the top and most important characteristics of the best venues for conferences:

Convenient access

The accessibility and convenience that a location provides are important factors when selecting a conference room. Convenient locations attract the greatest number of people to the event. Before settling on the location, ensure the area has convenient access to many modes of transportation, such as trains and cars.

Venuerific provides a list of potential conference venues around the Central Area, North Region, South Region, East Region, and West Region of Singapore.

In addition, ensure sufficient parking areas for your guests. Guests should also easily find their way around the facility using signs that lead them to important places like the restrooms, break rooms and information desks.


Your financial situation will be a primary factor affecting your venue choice. However, this should not be a limitation but an effective tool for reducing the number of potential event locations instead.

There are a lot of cheap conference venues Singapore has to offer. But remember that having a budget does not mean settling for less by picking the most affordable venue. Venuerific has a plethora of budget, economy, premium, and luxury conference venues in Singapore to fit your desired price level.

You may get a better rate if you are flexible with the date because certain days of the week are typically more affordable than others. Letting the venue know your goals in advance will allow you to make the most of your budget. 

Clean surroundings

You wouldn't want to attend a conference where trash is lying everywhere. Thus, pick a place with a clean atmosphere like SG clean venues at Venuerific. Ensure that the venue provides toilet attendants and cleaning staff to be on-site during the conference, so they can keep the event space clean.


Some conferences take days up to weeks, so it is vital to ensure that the venue you book can either provide lodging or is nearby hotels or inns. Hotels are excellent conference venues since all amenities are in a single location. You can book the conference room for your event and the hotel rooms for the attendees.

On the other hand, if the conference is not taking place within a hotel, lodging options must be within a reasonable distance of the event location. If the event location is not within reasonable walking distance from the lodging, you should consider the accessibility and cost of vehicle services for participants. 

Up-to-date technology

When it comes to having a conference, technology is an essential component. The location should have completely integrated systems to make it easy for presenters to give their talks. Avoid picking an event space that does not have the necessary technology you need, like an internet connection and audio-visual equipment.

In addition, all technological equipment should be tried and evaluated before the event. Make sure you clearly understand how to use the equipment so you know what to do in case technical issues happen at the event.  

Relaxing environment

When choosing a venue, one of your priorities should be the comfort and satisfaction of the attendees. It will greatly help if participants get the impression that they are not spending the entire day sitting on uncomfortable seats in a chilly conference room.

A decent location for a conference has comfortable seating and an efficient conference table. Padded chairs are examples of comfy furniture that you should look for in a conference venue. In addition, it is also crucial to have access to refreshments at all times during the day.

Special food and drinks

The food at the conference is sure to be one of the most memorable aspects of the whole event. Although attendees may be unable to recall the conference's location, they will remember the cuisine.

A great venue will collaborate with you to build a menu that meets your needs and provides an enjoyable experience for your guests. Do not hesitate to ask for options to cover all dietary requirements, and do not be scared to explore innovative ideas to mix up the delivery or appearance of the meal.

At Venuerific, you will find venues that can offer various types of food and drinks, such as local, international, vegetarian, and halal-certified. Some venues will even let you hire external catering to make your menu more customised.

Aesthetic interior

People love visiting exciting and unique conference venues. Thus, you need to select a location that features cutting-edge architecture and characteristics that are unique to the area. This includes aesthetic furniture, great lighting and flooring, and a tastefully appointed interior design.

Inspect the room layouts of the event space to help ensure the venue can provide the best service to cater to your particular requirements. For instance, if you want as many people as possible to participate in the discussion, you may want a room with unique seating arrangements and a separate breakout area. The ideal venue will work with you to maximise the use of space while staying within your financial constraints. 

Adequate space

The capacity of a place can be determined not only by the number of people you anticipate having at your conference but also by the arrangement of the furnishings within that area.

For instance, it would not be a good idea to rent a vast conference facility that can host up to 800 guests if there are only 50 attendees. In such a case, renting a conference room on the smaller side can be easier because this will ensure the atmosphere is more intimate.

Also, think about whether or not you will need additional areas for your participants to network with one another or participate in breakout sessions. This could play a role in determining whether or not the location has the appropriate capacity.

The best option for you would be to select a location that already has seating arrangements in place. The general rule is to book a venue with at least 25% greater capacity than is required for the event. This will enable you to accommodate last-minute RSVPs without turning people away, resulting in increased revenue.

Whether you are looking for small or large conference venues, Venuerific has an ideal space for you. Click the links below to see a list of the best venues in Singapore for conferences based on their space capacities:

Helpful venue staff

You will find that venue staff and event equipment rental Singapore providers are experts in their industry, especially if they have seen different situations of their space being used creatively. If you need help organising the space, they should be more than happy to discuss your goals and assist you in arriving at inventive solutions. Some venues will also offer event management services, where they can genuinely add value, foresee potential problems before they emerge, and take some of the stress away from your tasks. 

Conference Venues Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

How can I ensure that everyone attending the conference has a pleasant experience?
To ensure a pleasant experience at your event, the venue should provide comfortable seating furniture and other amenities that attendees can use. It is also vital to have access to food and beverages during the event. Guests should not have any trouble finding their way throughout the entirety of the venue. 

What should I prioritise in choosing a conference venue in Singapore?
Location and space are some of the most critical aspects you should consider when choosing a conference venue in Singapore. Technology is another essential component. Look for a location with projectors and screens already installed in various areas of the room, as well as a high-speed internet connection that is accessible to all guests. 

How much does it cost to rent a conference venue in Singapore?
Conference venues in Singapore offer a wide range of prices, with some as low as $10 to $181 per person. Additionally, certain Singapore conference venues charge based on the hourly room rental rate.

How do I book a Singapore conference hall?
At Venuerific, you can easily book a Singapore conference hall within a few clicks:

  • First, narrow down your search results by defining the venue type you want, the number of people you expect, and your target location
  • You can also use the additional filters to further refine your search by choosing specific food and drinks, deals and packages, price levels, and more
  • Make a shortlist of your preferred venues after comparing their rates, reviews, and images
  • If necessary, make arrangements to inspect the space physically by contacting the venue managers
  • Complete the booking online 
Book the best venues in Singapore for conferences via Venuerific

When looking for the best conference venues, Keep in mind that even the smallest factors can make a difference. If you want your conference to go off without a hitch, select a venue with the above characteristics. Are you planning on having a virtual conference instead? Check out the best practices for virtual conferences here.

Selecting the perfect conference room will save a lot of time and effort throughout the planning process. Hiring a venue here at Venuerific will ensure that everyone who comes to your conference will look forward to your next event!

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