Top Meeting Rooms in Singapore

Singapore is one of the top business hubs in the Asia Pacific region. It is home to a plethora of large companies and businesses. Thus, it is not surprising that an array of meeting venues is scattered throughout the lion city! Book the best offsite meeting rooms in Singapore by checking out the best locations available here at Venuerific.

Meeting Rooms Rental Guide

Organising a successful and productive meeting outside the office starts with finding the best meeting room rental Singapore. The best meeting room should meet your corporate needs to ensure that it can help in your event’s success. If you want to secure the perfect place to meet with your prospects, here are some things to remember and consider on how to choose a meeting venue:

  • Find an easy-to-locate meeting venue
    Booking a meeting room venue that is located near your office and transportation is a great way to ensure the attendance of your clients or co-workers. No one wants to commute or drive for hours for a meeting that can be held near the office.

    Thus, making sure that the location is easily reachable by the attendees is the first thing you should keep in mind when looking for the best meeting room venue. Fortunately, it won’t be a hassle for you to host your next offsite meeting in Singapore since we have a plethora of available spaces here at Venuerific.
  • Ensure that there are adequate parking spaces
    If you are looking to meet with quite a number of clients, you must ensure that the meeting room venue has enough parking space. This will prevent you or your clients from having to park at the side of the road or paying extra for parking tickets.

    Find out if the venue requires additional costs for their parking. If possible, you can also opt to arrange alternative transportation via Uber or taxis. Typically, corporate meeting venues for 6-25 pax have adequate parking spaces.
  • Check the number of people attending your meeting
    When finalising a venue, it is vital that you keep the comfort and convenience of the attendees in mind. Ensure that the meeting room venue is large enough to accommodate the attendees. To do this accurately, you can send out the invitations in advance so your prospects can confirm whether they can attend or not. However, a better way to ensure that the space is not too big or too small for the meeting is to have an approximate headcount.

    Take a look at some small meeting venues for below 10 pax in Singapore. If you are looking for corporate meeting venues for 26-50 pax, Venuerific can provide you with many choices as well.

  • Research about the venue
    Before confirming the meeting venue booking, do your research about the place first. Is it usually used for meetings, or are you the first to organise a meeting over there? This question is vital to know whether their staff can handle your meeting requirements or specifications.

    Keep in mind that even if the meeting venue has professional workers, you can still expect small mistakes from them. Thus, it is vital that you have an idea about the expertise of the meeting room venue in hosting meetings. 
  • Arrange a site visit
    Keep in mind that the meeting environment will have a vital role to play in how your attendees will behave during the meeting. Booking an old and boring meeting room will not inspire your attendees to be innovative and creative.

    You can get an idea of what the meeting environment will look like when you arrange for a site inspection. This will let you check the ambience of the place and see if the venue can comply with your particular requirements.
  • Check the necessary technology and equipment
    If you need to present something to the meeting attendees, you will need electrical sockets where you can plug in your laptops. Even though laptops are portable, there will always be a chance that the device will get low in battery.

    In addition, some meetings may require someone to speak or present in front of a number of people. In that case, you should pick a meeting room venue that can offer a functional microphone or audio-visual equipment.

    Before the meeting starts or a day before the scheduled date, check the speakers or the microphone to ensure there will be no technical problems. Don’t forget about the projectors and screens! These are a must if you will be presenting something. Lastly, make sure that the venue offers a fast and reliable internet connection or WiFi and mobile charging stations. 
  • See if they have a catering service
    One of the crucial parts of an offsite meeting is the food. Everyone will want a delicious meal before or after a long session to keep their energy and ideas flowing. Before you confirm the meeting venue booking, ask them if they have a catering service. If they don’t provide that, inform them that you have to rent external catering for your event.

    Some people will want gluten-free or vegetarian food. Thus, check out the food options and inform the chefs if there are any special dietary restrictions or requests that they should be aware of.
  • Enquire about the cost
    A key determinant of the best meeting venue is the cost of using the location. Once you proceed with the meeting venue booking process, you need to compare the prices of the places you consider. To finalise which best meeting venue to book, enquire about the cost and see if the price is reasonable and worth it.

Choosing the best offsite meeting rooms Singapore

Most meeting rooms in Singapore are located in central business districts. Many are designed to meet corporate meeting requirements such as flexible rooms, onsite services, and stable internet connection.

When choosing the best offsite meeting venues in Singapore, make sure that they have the things you need to conduct a productive and fruitful meeting. These things include whiteboards, markets, electrical sockets, and audio-visual equipment.

It will also be best to have some onsite staff to assist you should a technical problem arise. Moreover, making a meeting venue booking does not have to be expensive. If you have a limited budget to use, check out the cool and affordable meeting rooms for rent in Singapore.

Questions to ask before booking a meeting room rental

Your chosen meeting venue is the body language of your event. Thus, it is vital that you show your meeting attendees that you know how to pick the best decisions. Here are some key questions you should consider to ensure that you book the most suitable venue for your meeting:

  • Does the meeting venue align with your purpose?
    You clearly do not have to entirely rely on the venues to secure the deal or ensure the success of your meeting. However, the location of your meeting will surely help show your attendees that you are determined to achieve your objectives or the purpose of the meeting.

    Think about whether the venue suits the topic or agenda of your meeting. Does it look corporate or serious enough for business talks? Is it unique and creative enough to spark innovative ideas during your brainstorming session? Or is the venue laid-back and cosy enough to help you get to know your prospects better?
  • Is the venue conveniently located near the attendees?
    Do not forget to ensure the comfort and convenience of your attendees. Make sure that the location is convenient to commute or drive to and that there are enough parking spaces for them.

    Keep in mind that scheduled meetings are time-sensitive, especially if you are going to talk with business clients. If the meeting venue location is hard to reach, chances are that there will be many no-shows or the agreed schedule will not be enough.

    Stop searching only for “unique meeting venues Singapore”! At Venuerific, we have a list of ideal venues in whatever region you want. Click the main areas in the beautiful lion city below to help you find the best meeting venue:
    Central Area: The Central Area of Singapore features iconic spots of the lion city such as The Merlion, Theatres on the Bay, and Gardens by the Bay. It is also the main metropolitan area of Singapore and has been tagged as the Central Business District. The meeting venues around this area can provide modern and flexible spaces with easy access to public transport.
    North Region: Singapore’s North Region is the second largest region, with 13,500 hectares of land. It has relatively urban development. Thus, you can expect an abundance of natural greenery. This is perfect for those aiming to do some creative brainstorming sessions away from the hustle and bustle of the lion city.
    South Region: The city centre of downtown Singapore is suitable for those who want to have local experiences while enjoying the scenic view of the garden city. Booking a meeting room venue around this area will ensure that you and your attendees can enjoy fresh seafood offerings and better bonding.
    East Region: East Region is also a busy metropolitan area with lively public spaces and stunning ocean views. The area has a plethora of flexible and scalable venues that are in close proximity to public transport. Most spaces are intimate and designed to inspire guests by providing majestic and stunning views of the lion city.
    West Region: The West Region is mainly made up of industrial estates and residential towns. But you won’t have to worry about running out of meeting venue choices. You can find a plethora of multi-functional event spaces around the area that can provide audio-visual equipment and easy access to public transport.
  • Is the schedule convenient for the attendees?
    Scheduling a meeting on a convenient date will make it easier for everybody. Make sure that the time and date you choose align with the attendees' calendars.

    Do not choose a date when the attendees are potentially busy, like the end and start of months, paydays, or holidays. Moreover, do not schedule the meeting during rush hour if you don’t want your attendees to arrive late.

    If you think the weather gods are not on your side on the date of the meeting, make sure you have another plan for the meet-up so your guests won’t be soaking wet. 
  • Does the venue have the essential facilities and services for the meeting?
    Check with the venue host if they can provide the required equipment and services that you need for your meeting.

    Ask the venue host if they have security personnel to ensure your attendees' safety. Can they cover the event with insurance? Do they have working audio-visual equipment, whiteboards, and other materials that you need for your presentation? Do they provide in-house catering?

    It would be great if the meeting venue could help your session become successful by taking some tasks off your shoulder and helping you with planning.
  • When can you book the venue?
    It can be hard to book a popular venue, especially during the peak season. Thus, it is vital that you book in advance. Always check the availability of the meeting venue first thing before anything else. You don’t want to waste your time researching and inspecting the venue only to discover that it will not be available on your scheduled date.

Meeting Rooms Rental Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

What types of meeting rooms are available for rent in Singapore?

There are various types of meeting rooms available for rent in Singapore, including small meeting rooms for 2-4 people, medium-sized rooms for up to 10 people, and large conference rooms that can accommodate up to 50 people or more.

When should I book a meeting room Singapore?

It is recommended to book a meeting room in Singapore in advance, ideally, a few days or weeks before the scheduled meeting, to ensure availability and avoid last-minute stress.

How can I make the most of my rented meeting room in Singapore?

You can make the most of your rented meeting room in Singapore by arriving early to set up and familiarize yourself with the room, preparing a clear agenda and any necessary materials, testing equipment beforehand, and ensuring that attendees are aware of the meeting location and time.
We hope the guide above will help you secure the best meeting room in Singapore! Make sure to keep those points in mind so you can find a suitable location that will help make your meeting a productive and successful one. Whether you are looking for a location for a sales meeting or team bonding, you can find the perfect venue and event space Singapore here at Venuerific!

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