Top Unique Meeting Rooms in Singapore

Trying to up productivity and morale? Want to change up the meeting spaces, and stray away from the normal, monotonous meeting rooms? Why not book an unconventional and super unique meeting room in Singapore! With bright decor, good facilities and enough space, you and your team will simultaneously get to work hard and have fun! You can find meeting rooms with ample space and facilities for proper meetings, and then turn around to a space to unwind and relax while you discuss! Finding that balance is really crucial, and with our unique rooms, you can do just that!

Unique Meeting Rooms Guide

Our list of unique meeting rooms will not fail to impress you. Venues facilitated with high-end technologies and equipment specifically for meetings, but throw in a little funk and you've got yourself a unique meeting room! You can have meetings in venues such as elegant and beautiful tea houses, boutique event spaces and cozy cafes! You can even book a co-working space with beanbags. How cool is that? And, located all over our tiny island, Venuerific's meeting room list is not one you want to miss!

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