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Ensure your discussions are more productive by doing them at the ideal sales meeting venues in Singapore. Whether you are looking for large conference halls or exclusive meeting rooms, we have the perfect venues for you and your team. Yield productive insights and generate more efficient ideas by hiring the top sales meeting venues in Singapore at Venuerific today!

Sales Meeting Rental Guide

Many types of sales meetings, whether quarterly or daily sales meetings have similar end goals: to talk through targets and benchmark the department’s performance. While these team gatherings are meant to rev up and encourage productivity, keeping employees engaged and inspired can sometimes be challenging.

Check some out-of-the-box sales meeting ideas to help keep your meetings as purposeful and productive as possible.

  • Have a fun, laid-back meeting
    The key to high employee engagement during a sales meeting is to make the event fun and enjoyable. Find a way to be impactful and add value to the meeting. If you have to approach the meeting as you would a stand-up set, why not? Ensure that you make the meeting loose and laid-back. You don’t want to be the guy who puts more pressure on an already hassled department. It is okay to remind them how vital reaching or exceeding goals are, but you don’t have to make the employees feel like their whole life should solely depend on their work. 

  • Be more transparent
    As a boss or team leader, you must show employees that the company is transparent. Being upfront and honest fosters openness and trust. This will help you all work together towards a common goal. Make sharing of information a regular addition to your sales meeting topics. Being transparent removes the borders between employees and bosses. This will create a stronger sense of team collaboration. 

  • Surprise the team
    Schedule your meeting at the end of the day and surprise your team with non-work-related activities like going to a restaurant for food and drinks or arranging a quick party. Make sure to include in the sales meeting announcement that the meeting might last for more than an hour.

  • Play a game with prizes
    Games or ice breakers for sales meetings are standard, but you can make the employees more enthused and engaged by offering prizes. These are also great ways how to start a sales meeting. Some of the fun games that can strengthen employee relationships are:

    Truth or lie: Each person should think of two facts and one lie about themselves. The team will guess which one is the lie, and the facts are shared with the group.

    Scavenger Hunts: Give the team a list of tasks to complete, like locating an item or doing silly things. You can also pair up team members, especially those who have not yet bonded.

    Raffle: Nothing beats a good ol’ raffle since they are easy to put together. All you have to do is to think of a good prize and create a structure for how the raffle tickets will be distributed. For instance, you can give one raffle ticket for every client closed, a ticket for every sale made, and so on. You can hold the raffle weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually, whichever you prefer. 

  • Try roleplaying
    A few days before the sales meeting, ask your staff to prepare a roleplay based on anything that makes sense in your sales environment. Some examples are how to execute the hardest pitch, how to deal with an argumentative prospect, what to do when a potential customer is interested but will only talk to someone with a higher rank, and many more. Roleplays are fun, educational, and creative sales meeting ideas, especially if you have new or less experienced staff in your team. These under-appreciated sales training tools can be valuable when honing the team members' sales skills.

  • Hold impromptu award shows
    In the corporate world, people are too focused on bigger achievements that they forget to celebrate the little ones. More frequent recognition, no matter how small or large, will make the employees happier and feel appreciated. Acknowledge your team’s small accomplishments by putting up an impromptu awards show, with rewards, of course. 

How to prepare for a sales meeting in Singapore

A sales meeting should be productive and revolve around a specific goal. Here are some pointers on how to prepare for a sales and marketing meeting and what sales meeting topics should be covered.

  • Set a goal
    Only set one specific goal for the meeting as much as possible. Otherwise, the meeting will tend to lose focus and consume a long time. Keep in mind that sales and marketing are some of the busiest departments in a company, so time is of the essence to its team members. 

  • Choose the ultimate sales meeting venue
    To make the sales team more engaged and enthusiastic about your meeting, try to hold it outside your office. Hiring a sales meeting venue is also a great way to finally meet with your virtual team. You can book meeting rooms, restaurants, co-working spaces, and other event spaces for your upcoming sales meeting venues Singapore here at Venuerific.

    Make sure the sales meeting venue can adequately accommodate all your team members. To make the search easier for you, we have compiled the lists of potential sales meeting venues you can hire depending on the number of your team members. Check them out below:
    Sales meeting venues for up to 5 team members
    Sales meeting venues for up to 6 to 25 team members
    Sales meeting venues for up to 26 to 50 team members
    Sales meeting venues for up to 51 to 100 team members
    Sales meeting venues for up to 101 to 150 team members 

  • Have a leader
    Make sure there is someone in charge of ensuring that the meeting agenda stays on track. Designate the leader ahead of time, so they know their role in the meeting and have enough time to plan for it. 

  • Construct an efficient sales meeting agenda
    To ensure you don’t waste time, you must create an efficient sales meeting agenda. Cut the fluff and only include the things you think will be impactful. For instance, an efficient sales agenda may look like this:
    Introductions: The introduction part of the meeting should be brief and should set the tone for the meeting. If there is a new addition to the team, this is the perfect opportunity to introduce them.

    Reviews from last week: Next, go back to the issues or tasks from last week that should be rolled over into the current week. Make sure all points are addressed.

    Pipeline: This is where the team should know how to keep on track when it comes to their goals and target. The presentation of numbers will let the team keep track of what should be improved.

    Sharing of information: This part is where you inform the team about important information or changes within the company. These should be no more than three points. Otherwise, the rest should be rolled over to the next meeting.

    FAQs: Questions and answers are a vital part of a meeting, but they should be time-limited. If the questions are not essential but not urgent, they should be rolled over to the next meeting.

    Motivational ending: Do not end the meeting with a simple bye. Try to boost your team’s motivation as well.
Sales Meeting Venues Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

How do you host a sales meeting successfully?

Hosting a sales meeting successfully requires a set objective and straightforward agenda. You also need to book an ideal meeting room to ensure a comfortable atmosphere among your attendees. Apart from the usual updates and task delegations, don’t forget to celebrate small accomplishments and ask the team for any feedback or suggestions.

How long should a sales meeting go on?

Ideally, a sales meeting should last for an hour, maximum. As per a survey, 84% of meeting attendees only pay attention during the first 30 minutes. The percentage falls to 64% after the 45-minute mark. This means that people’s attention and focus drop off after 30 minutes. Thus, it will be best if you can discuss the critical parts of the agenda during the first 30 minutes of the meeting.

What is the cost to rent sales meeting venues in Singapore?

You can find many potential sales meeting venues at various price levels. These sales meeting venues in Singapore cost $10 up to $181+ per person, but you can also land on valuable packages and deals depending on your chosen venue.

Book the best sales meeting venues in Singapore via Venuerific

Sales meetings should not always be serious and full of pressure. You can use some creative sales meeting ideas to add flair and excitement to your meetings. We hope the guide above will help you keep your sales team focused and motivated throughout the meeting. Hire the best sales meeting venue in Singapore here at Venuerific!

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