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Product exhibitions are a great way to meet prospective customers and increase brand visibility. Connecting with target consumers is best-done face-to-face. Thus, help brands gather sales leads and create a buzz by holding a product exhibition in the best venue!

Product Exhibition Venues Rental Guide

Product Exhibition Venue Singapore

Many brands use product exhibitions or expos to launch new products. New product exhibitions are opportunities to ensure that brands attract their target audience. They are also a great way to market items without being restricted to only a few seconds, which is what a costly advertisement can often provide.

How to make your product exhibition stand out

There are a lot of positive aspects that come along with hosting a product exhibition. To begin, you can help brands have an easier time getting up close and personal with their target consumers. Expos also encourage people to give products a try or recommend them to their friends. If you are planning to hold a new product exhibition, take a look at the following valuable pointers you should consider:

Create a budget make sure to follow it
A large part of your budget will be allocated to the product exhibition venue and your staff. Thus, it is vital to ensure that your venue booking is worthwhile. Find a venue that fits your budget and event requirements. For instance, choose a location that offers packages so you don't have to pay extra for services like audio-visual equipment, tables, and chairs.

At Venuerific, we have a list of potential product exhibition venues Singapore offers. You can find budget, economy, premium, and luxury venues that cost anywhere between $10 up to $181 and above per guest.

It is important to remember that when determining your budget, you need to consider the venue's price, transportation, accommodations, giveaways, payment for personnel, and so on. 

Select your team wisely
You can't organise and execute a product exhibition by yourself, you need event equipment rental Singapore providers, for starters! Thus, it is vital to give a great deal of attention and deliberation to who you will select to help you and become representative of the event. Your team must be composed of reliable people with a genuine passion for your industry.

Conduct research about your target exhibitors and attendees
Research is highly relevant in determining which brands, vendors, or types of businesses are ideal for participating in your product exhibition event. Focusing solely on the most popular or biggest brands is not always advantageous. Conduct research on every potential company before creating a shortlist of who will receive the invitation for your event. It would be best if you also convinced potential exhibitors to attract the right attendees for their niche. 

Book the venue in advance
You must book the venue in advance to guarantee that you secure a great location. In addition, the sooner you secure the venue, the sooner you may begin contacting potential vendors, planning the lineups, and conducting promotions and other related activities to build anticipation of the event.

Before you secure the venue, make sure that the space is ideal and suitable for the number of potential attendees. Work out how many exhibition stands and stalls you can place in the venue. At Venuerific, you can find a plethora of venues that can accommodate various numbers of people: 

Do some marketing push
Just because a product exhibition is already a marketing event does not mean that you do not need to market it before the scheduled date. Do not rely solely on the expo participants when marketing and advertising the event. Share with the world not only where the event will be and when but also the compelling reasons they absolutely must attend it.

Promote your event using social media, fliers, emails, banners, or word of mouth. Facebook and Twitter are some of the best platforms where you can create buzz around your event. LinkedIn is also growing quickly, with over 300 million active users. This is a great site where you can reach professionals and business-driven people. 

Have various product display stands for exhibitions
When it comes to exhibitions, a person's first impression is the most important. If you plan to hold a large expo, make sure that brands can differentiate themselves from the crowd. You can do this by offering different types of booths that participants can choose from.

Having a various selection of booths will allow brands to realise their exhibition product display ideas. Some of the most common booths are:

  • Inline booths: Set up side to side or back to back to maximise the number of displays. The lineup will also provide one aisle for consumers or patrons, allowing them to interact easily with all the booths.
  • Peninsula booths: Exposed and have more space than inline booths. They offer flexible layouts, designs, and display heights.
  • Perimeter booths: Has the same setup as inline booths but has a wall behind. This allows brands to utilise the wall for their design and increase brand exposure.
  • Island booths: Gives entry accessibility to potential customers since all four sides are open. Brands can have design, layout, and height flexibility since the stalls are not enclosed.
Although it is not your job to help the vendors set up their booths, it will help if you encourage them to decorate their space in a tasteful and appropriate manner for the things they are selling. Booths should not only elicit a second look from potential customers but should also cause them to stop by and try the products. Keep in mind that the success of your expo participants will also reflect the success of your event.

Encourage brands to distribute free product samples
Aside from having a great product design exhibition, freebies and samples are always well received by patrons. Encourage vendors to distribute test product versions and invite potential consumers to try them out. Knowing that there are freebies and samples will increase word of mouth regarding your event. 

Offer refreshments
It can be tiresome to demonstrate or try out products. Thus, if your budget permits, offering refreshments during the event will be a good idea. You can either pay for the food and drinks or incorporate them into the ticket prices. At Venuerific, we have a host of venues that provide refreshments, such as: 

Conduct a dry run
Before the big day, always recommend vendors conduct some practice or dry run. The most straightforward explanation is that many people within their target demographic will form their first and, in some cases, the only impression of the brand based on what they see and experience at the expo.

Each vendor's booth will be more successful if it is more efficient, attractive, and prepared. Advise every participant to test their equipment, such as TV stands, interactive gadgets, pop-up banners, and other elements within their stand. This ensures that everything goes smoothly once the event starts. 

Why conducting a product exhibition is a good idea

Product exhibitions are an effective form of marketing since they allow products and services to be promoted to a group of people who are either patrons or unfamiliar with the offerings. This provides brands with an opportunity to meet both current and new consumers. Continue reading to learn more advantages that product expos offer. 

PR possibilities
Organising a product exhibition requires a significant financial commitment to pull off successfully. Because of this, these events are often accompanied by a large amount of marketing, advertising, and promotion.

Face-to-face connection with customers
Everything from market research and advertising to receiving and placing orders may be done digitally. However, developing commercial relationships in person is still essential to running a successful business, and exhibitions offer the perfect opportunity to do so.

People still enjoy physically meeting the people they conduct business with to establish trust and cultivate relationships. Product exhibitions present an ideal opportunity to introduce brands and ideas to clients or customers. 

Selling and learning
Some companies attend expos with the sole intention of promoting and selling their goods and services. However, product exhibitions also provide attendees with a plethora of educational possibilities.

Exhibitions are a fantastic way to get a look at brand competitions. This way, brands can see who else is doing what they are doing, giving them a chance to know how to improve their products. Product exhibitions can also host informative seminars on related topics, which the participants can attend.

Since the general public is present at the event, brands can informally gauge the market's state. This is more effective if the event is held consistently and can make comparisons from year to year. 

Product Exhibition venues in Singapore FAQs

What is a product exhibition?
A product exhibition is an event in which products and services are displayed and demonstrated to the general public or a targeted audience. It is often organised so businesses in a specific industry can showcase and demonstrate their products or services and examine trends and opportunities.

Who attends a product exhibition?
Depending on the product exhibition, these events can be open to the general public or attended only by company representatives or press members. 

How can I plan a product exhibition?
Planning a product exhibition should be done with a team, especially if you aim to have a long list of big and popular brands. When planning this type of event, make sure to know your goal, find out who the attendees are, offer flexible booths and stands, secure an ideal venue, and hire a team who can ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Book your product exhibition venue via Venuerific

Product exhibitions can be exceptionally profitable and helpful for businesses operating at any level and in any industry. That is, of course, presuming that everything goes according to plan. Following our guide above will ensure that you will have an effective and successful product exhibition event. Whatever type of expo you are aiming for - be it an eco-friendly products exhibition or a large-scale product launch, you can always find an ideal venue here at Venuerific!

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