Top Rooftop Venues in Singapore

Singapore is a savvy country that knows a lot about technology, food, retail, culture, and other fields. If you want your event to stand out, whether it's a product launch, a corporate get-together, or any special occasion, choose a rooftop event venue!

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Rooftop Venue Rental Singapore Guide

Rooftop Venues Singapore

Smart event planners and organisers know that networking and valued connections are made during events. Even though COVID-19 is getting better, people still like to go to outdoor events where there is a lot of fresh air and beautiful views of the cityscapes.

Why should you hold events on rooftop venues?

Rooftop event spaces are becoming more and more popular when it comes to various types of gatherings and celebrations. When an event is held on a rooftop, it adds a whole new level of fun to the event. If you want to use a rooftop event rental, you will need a lot of experience with the logistics of event planning.

Your event will definitely stand out if it is held on a rooftop event space. Whether it is a business meeting during the day or a party at night, here are some of the reasons why you should hold a rooftop event:

  • Rooftop event spaces make the day memorable
    A memorable day or night will be one where something literally lifts your crowd up and away from the hustle and bustle of Singapore. Since Singapore is one of the cleanest and most eco-friendly countries in the world, the sky and breeze across the lion city are some of the best reasons why you should opt for a rooftop venue. 

    Whether you are looking out over the tall buildings of the cities across the central business district or appreciating the natural landscape in the western regions, rooftop event spaces will surely give your event an air of sophistication and luxury.

    Most of the time, rooftop event venues have a bright and airy feel, especially if they have access to the natural environment around them. Even when some buildings are enclosed, they are usually made with huge windows that make it seem like you are still outside.

  • Most rooftop venues are exclusive
    You can book a rooftop event rental exclusively so you can treat your guests like they are A-list celebrities. Event planners all over the country are throwing more parties than ever on rooftops these days. When you want to celebrate important life events with your friends and family, having a party outside under the stars will make you feel even better.

  • Rooftop event spaces bring in the outdoors
    For the guests' health and happiness, it is a great idea to give them a chance to relax outside and get some fresh air. One of the best things about holding an event on a rooftop is that you can see more of the area. Rooftop events can have just the right amount of glitz and class with very little work put into the decorations. This is one reason why these kinds of places may have such a strong vibe. You don't have to put a lot of work into the decorations since you can rely on the beautiful scenery. Most rooftop event venues have indoor spaces as well. Thus, whether it's a dramatic stormy day, a night sky full of stars, or a beautiful sunset, you can still see nature in all its glory while being safe and warm.

  • Rooftop events are more fun
    When you are at a rooftop bar private event, the night could go in many exciting directions. If this is a business event, you might start with a presentation, then have drinks, and end with dinner. If it is a more social event, there might be dancing and music all throughout the night.
Rooftop Venue Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the factors to consider when choosing a rooftop event venue?
When planning an event, there are always a lot of things to think about. The place where the event will take place is likely to be the most expensive part of your plans. Before booking the perfect rooftop event space Singapore has to offer, here are the factors you should think about before you sign on the dotted line:

  • Location: Is there a part of Singapore that most of your guests are likely to go to? Is there a hotel close by that your guests can stay at? 
  • Accessibility: Will you need parking spaces, or will public transportation be enough? Does anyone who is coming to your party have to meet certain requirements to get to the rooftop?
  • Layout: What kinds of activities do you want to do in the space that will require it to be set up in a certain way? If there is a speaker or screen, will everyone be able to hear and see it clearly?
  • Ambiance: How would you describe the atmosphere around the space? Does the rooftop already have the vibe you want, even before you add any decorations?
  • Capacity: About how many people are on the list of guests? Is it possible for everyone to fit on the rooftop without them feeling too crowded?
  • Amenities: What kinds of facilities and amenities are there on the property? Does the venue allow external catering? Are the AV equipment and cleaning services included in the venue package?
  • Plan B: What will you do if the weather starts to get bad? Is it possible for your event to be moved to a different place?
How do I host a rooftop event?
What are the most important things you should do to throw a good rooftop event? As with any other event, it depends on the goals you have set for yourself. But if this is your first time organising a rooftop event, we have some tips for what you should look for.

  • Choose a rooftop event space that has a nice view: The only thing that matters about a rooftop event is the view since that's what people pay to see. If you go to an event farther away from the central business district, your party will have a beautiful view of the lion city's lush greenery. You could also choose to hold your event in a more central place. From this spot, you can see a lot of the city's skyline while still being close to the action and excitement of the city.
  • Choose a suitable menu: Most rooftop events are cocktail receptions, in which you have to get ready for a night of music, socialisation, and drinks. On the other hand, there are many ways to change the meal if that's what's needed. For example, you can have a three-course meal served on the rooftop. Your guests will be greeted by a semi-private dining menu that will serve them delicious food as they look out at the beautiful view of the lion city.
  • Decorate the space minimally: One of the best things about having an event on a rooftop is that you have a lot of creative design options to choose from. But a rooftop is already a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy some truly delicious drinks, even if you do not decorate it extravagantly.
  • Always check the weather forecast: Bad weather is the worst thing that can happen in an open-air venue, but it's not impossible to get around. If you are worried about having to guess the weather when you are planning an event, you can always look into renting a weatherproof rooftop or those with indoor spaces.
What kinds of events can be held on rooftop Singapore?
Rooftops are suitable for parties, but they are also flexible enough to cater to other types of events. Some of the popular and common events you can hold on a rooftop venue space are: 

  • Product launches: Always think of your company's newest product as the most-awaited one in the business world. Thus, give it a proper start that matches its value. Using a rooftop can kickstart your product adoption and will certainly pique the interest of your target audience.
  • Corporate dinner: You should look for a place where your company can talk to each other without distraction, and rooftop spaces can be the perfect venue for that. Let you and your team breathe some fresh air and relax for the night as you get to know more about each other, talk about important goals, or celebrate achievements.
  • Personal Parties: Who among the bride and groom wouldn't want to hear congratulations while the bay or city lights sparkle in the background? Rooftops are a good place to hold parties like wedding receptions, bachelor or bachelorette parties, anniversary parties, birthday parties, and so on.
Book the best rooftop event space Singapore has to offer via Venuerific

Rooftop spaces in Singapore are great for both corporate and social events. They can make your event more unique and fun. Venuerific can help you find the best rooftop event venue Singapore has to offer. Use our smart search filter, browse through a plethora of rooftop venues Singapore, talk directly to the venue host, and confirm your booking. Easy!

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