Top Offsite Meeting Venues in Singapore

Sometimes, it's nice to take a break from holding meetings virtually or inside your office. Let you and your team conjure better ideas, solutions, and decisions by doing an offsite meeting! At Venuerific, you will find the best offsite meeting venues in Singapore.

Consider a change of meeting environment to help spark innovation as well as improve productivity and communication within the team. Take a look at the best places for offsite meetings that you can book here at Venuerific below:

Offsite Meeting Venues Rental Guide

It can be tiresome and mundane to keep having regular meetings at home or inside the office. When it comes to work, having meetings in a different environment may help you brainstorm more innovative strategies and ideas. Still not convinced that an offsite meeting is a better idea? Check out some of the significant benefits of holding an offsite meeting below:

Refines creativity
Doing the same thing daily can hinder your creativity, which is essential for making decisions and brainstorming ideas. Meeting in a place that allows creative minds to flourish and think outside the box is vital every once in a while. In addition, a change of scenery might be the thing you and your team need to conjure new, innovative, and creative ideas. Booking an offsite meeting venue with packages can inspire and reinvigorate your team and make them look forward to working together.

Fosters relationships
These days, a lot of companies are adopting hybrid or work-from-home setups. Thus, to foster better work relationships, it is crucial to meet with your teammates personally regularly. Doing this will not just result in new friendships but will also increase your team's cohesiveness and collaboration.

In addition, meeting with your teammates in person will allow you to pick up clearer facial expressions, gestures, and body language that you sometimes can't see with the camera off. Thus, you and your team members can better understand and relate to each other.

Thus, having an offsite meeting is a great way to improve communication patterns between team members and bond with each other.

Improves focus
Whether in an on-site or work-from-home setup, there will always be instances where your environment is filled with distractions.

A typical office may have a bunch of distractions such as hearing telephone rings, random constructions down the street, and the occasional urge to chat with your office bestie. On the other hand, working from home may urge you to procrastinate or do house chores instead of working on your tasks.

If you need to brainstorm ideas, create solutions, and develop strategies the fastest way possible, consider doing them in the best places for offsite meetings. This will allow you to avoid dallying in your home or getting distracted by the usual hustle and bustle in the office.

Allows attendees to use new or better amenities
Does your office or home lack the latest technology for efficient and productive meetings, such as video projectors and large screens, or adequate spaces with great acoustics? Booking an offsite meeting space can allow you to enjoy amenities that are geared toward creating a productive and fruitful meeting.

You can find offsite meeting venues in Singapore that can provide you with drinks such as coffee, juice, or tea. If your meeting takes longer than usual, the best offsite meeting locations may also allow you to have external catering. Some venues have in-house menus consisting of vegetarian, halal-certified, or even just typical finger foods.

How to arrange the best offsite meeting in Singapore

Offsite meetings help maintain the cohesiveness and productivity of your team. Thus, it is vital that you know how to organise the best offsite meeting. Here are some tips on how you can arrange a successful and productive offsite meeting in Singapore:

Ensure that the attendees are invested and engaged
Your offsite meeting will revolve around your attendees and how they cooperate and perform throughout the gathering. Thus, it would be best if you kept them engaged and interested in participating. You can do this by taking note of the activities aligned with their tasks and goals within the meeting.

Leave the office culture for the time being
Keep in mind that one of your goals in conducting an offsite meeting is to change your team's work environment. Since you will not be in the office, you don't necessarily need to stick with the usual office culture.

Change things up a little bit and try to let the attendees show their creative side without restrictions. One way to do this is to allow the offsite meeting attendees to switch the dress code from business casual to simply casual.

Stick to the goal of your offsite meeting
You may have booked the best venue that offers a different environment for the attendees, but this should not be an excuse to divert from your meeting agenda. Although it is okay to let the attendees explore what the venue can offer, make sure that the meeting will be worthwhile in terms of the created ideas and solved problems.

Each portion and session of the offsite meeting should be about solving a problem or coming up with ideas. Keep the presentations as concise and informative as possible. Moreover, make sure that pre-offsite tasks that should be done at the office beforehand must be finished to avoid wasting time.

Make the offsite meeting fun
Make the meeting fun, but not to the point where it becomes team building. Put some activities on the schedule to break the monotony and prevent the meeting from being dull. Book the best venues for offsite meetings in Singapore to ensure that your attendees will have a fun and productive time.

How to choose the best offsite meeting venues in Singapore

There are several factors that you have to consider when choosing the best offsite meeting locations around Singapore. Check out the major aspects of the best places for offsite meetings below:

Reasonable price
Make sure that the cost of renting the venue is reasonable and worth it. You have to make the most of the financial capabilities that you have. Thus, it is vital that the rental price of the venue covers all the facilities and amenities you will need for your offsite meeting.

Some venues offer packages that include venue space, catering, and working personnel. Assess your offsite meeting purpose and agenda and see whether some of the inclusions are necessary. Otherwise, you can opt out of the extra services to manage your budget wisely.

At Venuerific, we can provide you with an array of venues that fits your budget. Whether you are looking for budget ($10-$50/pax), economy ($51-$100/pax), premium ($101-$180/pax), or luxury ($181+/pax) venues, you can always find the perfect location here!

Adequate space
Space is an important factor, especially if you will meet with a large number of people. It would be best if you chose an offsite meeting venue that is big enough to accommodate the attendees. If you are holding a long meeting, you should consider picking a venue with breakout spaces or outdoor grounds for your team to relax and wander.

However, booking big spaces is not ideal for all types of offsite meetings. You don't always have to rent large rooms for meetings, especially if you are meeting with a few members only. Booking venues with small or sufficient space to accommodate your team is better, especially if you have a limited budget.

To help you find the best offsite meeting locations in Singapore, click on the links below to see a list of potential venues based on the number of your team members:

  • Offsite meeting venues for 2 to 5 pax: Sometimes, it is more productive and efficient to conduct offsite meetings with the most valuable team members. Also, if you only have a small team, booking just the right size of offsite meeting venues is the best way to go. At Venuerific, you can find cafes, meeting rooms, studios, and unique venues where you can create better ideas and solutions with your team members
  • Offsite meeting venues for 10 to 30 pax: Seminar rooms, function halls, and event spaces are some venue types you should consider booking if you have 10 to 20 meeting attendees. These venues provide flexible spaces and the necessary equipment for a productive meeting.
  • Offsite meeting venues for 50 to 100 pax: Event spaces, auditoriums, and MICE venues are some of the ideal venues if you will meet with a large group of people. You can also find venues that offer customised private rooms so you and other teams can hold their meetings separately.
Easy to access location
Choose an offsite meeting location that is accessible for all team members. Ideally, you should pick a place near your office or landmark to help the team find the venue faster and easier. If your ideal location is far from the office or within hard-to-reach zones, make sure you can arrange optional transportation services.

In addition, ensure that your location can help promote creativity and teamwork. At Venuerific, you can find tons of potential offsite meeting rooms and spaces, whether in Singapore's Central, North, South, East, or West regions.

Up-to-date technology
Another important factor you should consider when booking the best places for offsite meetings in Singapore is the technology they can provide. Keep in mind that you will want your session to be as productive and efficient as possible.

Thus, you must ensure that your chosen venue has the necessary technology you need, such as a projector, a smart TV or screen, as well as a fast and stable internet connection. 

Flexible services
The most important part of an offsite meeting is the attendees. You should ensure that the people attending the offsite meeting can connect and be comfortable within the venue.

For instance, if you are meeting guests from out of town, you should find a venue that can represent your local culture positively. Find venues that are located near famous landmarks or can offer local cuisine for your attendees to try out. On the other hand, if some of your attendees are vegetarian, choosing venues with vegetarian-friendly food options is a great plus.

Finding out the preferences of your potential attendees is ideal so you can avoid unpleasant situations because of booking the wrong venue. 

Best offsite meeting venues in Singapore

Changing where you hold meetings every once in a while is a practical approach to increasing creativity, innovation, and communication. Take a pick from the best offsite meeting locations in Singapore below. You can easily book these venues via Venuerific in just a few clicks!

SG Clean: The past years have taught us the importance of having a clean and safe environment where people can meet, connect, and collaborate. Venuerific has a plethora of SG Clean venues that uphold good hygiene practices and sanitation standards.

Hotels: Many hotels within Singapore are designed for meetings and conferences. They have large and flexible spaces that can adapt to your meeting goals and requirements. Hotels also offer technical assistance and catering services to ensure your meeting runs smoothly.

Conference halls: Conference halls are specifically designed for meetings. Thus, they mostly have technical assistance, making your job of organising the meeting much easier. These venues are often flexible spaces, which are ideal if you want to design the room in a way that you think will be more suitable for the goal of your meeting.

University/school venues: Education venues such as universities and schools often open their doors for corporate and offsite meetings to bring in extra revenue. These venues have plenty of available rooms and auditoriums that you can occupy. They also have outdoor areas and break rooms that the attendees can explore.

Event spaces: Flexible event spaces are like blank canvases that you can turn into an ideal location for your offsite meeting. These venues provide spaces that you can design and arrange as you see fit to ensure a successful and fruitful offsite meeting.

Offsite Meeting Venues Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

What is an offsite meeting?

An offsite meeting is a type of meeting that takes place outside of the office. Typically, the goal of an offsite meeting is to get the team to discuss strategy and goals or to dedicate time to think of solutions. Offsite meetings are great to build up team morale and kick off projects.

What are the benefits of hosting offsite meetings in Singapore?

Offsite meeting venues in Singapore offer a change of environment, fostering creativity and improved focus. They provide opportunities for team bonding, strategic planning, and brainstorming in a unique setting.

How can offsite meetings improve productivity?

Offsite meetings can improve productivity because they can help keep those creative juices flowing, leading to greater collaboration and innovation. They can also bring relevant team members together to work together in tackling problems and coming up with better ideas and solutions within the deadline. 

How do I organise an offsite meeting?

The first thing you should do to organise an offsite meeting is to book a venue that aligns with your meeting agenda and goal. The guide above will help you pick the ideal meeting venue. After booking the venue, you can send out the invites and prepare other essential things you need for the meeting like making presentations and regular coordination with the venue host. 

Can offsite meeting venues in Singapore accommodate hybrid meetings with both in-person and remote participants?

Yes, several offsite meeting venues in Singapore are equipped to host hybrid meetings, allowing you to seamlessly integrate in-person and virtual attendees for effective collaboration.  

What is the rental cost for offsite meeting venues in Singapore?

Typically, the cost ranges from $25 to $180 per person for offsite meeting venues in Singapore, varying based on factors such as venue pricing structure and included amenities.

Find the best offsite meeting venue at Venuerific!

Finding the best offsite meeting space can be challenging since there will be a lot of factors you should consider. Following the tips listed above can help you secure the ideal venue that you can utilise to your advantage.

Whether you are looking for corporate event space Singapore for client meetings or places where you can meet and bond with your team, Venuerific will always have ideal event spaces!

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