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Top Workshop Venues in Singapore

Your workshop venue plays a massive part in your event's success. Whether you are searching for small venues to train your employees or a vast space to cover a large-scale workshop, you won't run out of choices at Venuerific! Take a pick from various workshop venues Singapore has to offer below:

Workshop Venues Rental Guide

workshop venues singapore

An ideal workshop venue should be customisable and can fit your event requirements and budget. There are a plethora of workshops in Singapore that you can host. Nevertheless, whether you are planning a candle-making workshop, cooking workshop, tea workshop, or flower workshop, you should consider the following factors when it comes to booking the venue:

Remote offsite locations
The first thing to consider when planning a workshop session is the potential workshop venues. It is ideal to choose a location where most workshop participants reside. This will reduce the participant's travel costs and increase their possibility of attending the event.

In addition, many offices lack the ideal spaces and environment in a workshop venue. Thus, it would be best if you considered finding remote offsite locations. Make sure to check out these top creative workshop venues.

A change of scenery will be helpful, especially if the workshop participants' environment is ingrained in the status quo. If the workshop lasts for days, you should arrange to lodge the participants.  

Although it may appear to be finicky, you should give significant consideration to the details of the workshop venue's space itself. When it comes to workshops in Singapore, the area can't be too small. Find a venue that is large enough to seat all of the participants at the tables. Remember that you also need adequate space to walk around without feeling cramped.

Be sure to pick an appropriately sized workshop venue that comfortably accommodates the anticipated number of attendees without invading their personal space. Fortunately, when it comes to workshop venues Singapore will never run out of spaces, no matter how long your list of participants is.

Click one of the links below to check out the list of potential workshop venues that can accommodate a varying number of guests: 

Aside from securing the venue based on its stated capacity, another good rule of thumb is assessing it yourself. Pull a chair out from under a table. Is there enough space to get around even if the chair is in the way? If yes, then that should be the smallest room you should be willing to take. This allows for more effortless movement around the table and makes a comfortable environment for conversing and gesturing.

Consider how the workshop venue's environment will make the attendees feel. This is vital information that will determine the outcome of your event. Many workshop venues Singapore allow participants to concentrate while also having fun. You just have to choose the most conducive venue to work in terms of comfort and lack of interruptions.

When assessing the workshop venue's environment, consider the air quality, decor, lighting, and vibe that predominates in the room. Choosing a venue with windows allowing natural light inside the room is ideal.

Many people appreciate having windows because it makes them feel less like they are spending the day cooped up in a closet. It is also well-known that working in locations with plenty of natural light can boost productivity.

Another factor you should consider is the temperature of the room. Make sure you can adjust the room's temperature so that people are not uncomfortable with either the heat or the cold. If you think the weather and the natural room temperature inside the venue are cold, do not forget to inform the attendees that they should bring a sweater. 

Food and drinks
When planning workshops in Singapore, it is also essential to consider the refreshments for the attendees of the event. Even if you don't have a dedicated area for lunch, there should be enough space at the venue for people to eat. Make sure you have an extra table available so that you may set up your lunch without interfering with your current job.

Last but not least, although this may sound like a pointless detail, you should check to see that there is a good number of garbage cans in the area. If you can remove the garbage bins from the room after lunch, you will earn bonus points because this will eliminate any distracting scents that may occur after the break.

At Venuerific, you can find many workshop venues that allow guests to enjoy local and international food. Some venues allow you to hire an external catering service.

Chairs and tables
Venues that are specifically designed for workshops in Singapore would already be furnished with all of the items you will need for the event. You will require a minimum of one chair for each workshop participant. However, you do not want an excessive number of chairs or other unnecessary furniture taking up the room.

It would be best if you also looked for rooms with tables that are easily movable and that can be arranged into various configurations based on the activities you plan to do there.  

Audio-visual equipment
Enquire about the audio-visual equipment offered at the venue, and check to see whether they meet your requirements. When it comes to presenting, you typically need a TV or projector equipped with HDMI, VGA, or Airplay. Do not forget to check that there is sufficient space on the walls or room for the screen projectors or whiteboards.

Microphones and speakers are also a must, especially for large-scale workshops. Make sure to test them before the event to avoid any technical difficulties. Additionally, having access to WiFi is recommended, especially if some parts of your workshop include the participant opening an online website or files. 

How to Plan Workshops in Singapore

Planning workshops in Singapore may become daunting and overwhelming. We will help alleviate the stress that comes with organising a workshop by listing some valuable tips on how to arrange it below:

Know the purpose of the workshop
Determine the goal of organising the workshop. Is it to develop relationships, generate ideas, hone skills, or provide resolution to existing issues? Whatever it is, ensure that the event's activities and agenda reflect your intended goal. This will help you monitor the results of your workshop.

For instance, if your coffee workshop's goal is to improve the skills of your baristas, ensure that the participants are given the right equipment and taught the necessary skills throughout the workshop. Since you know your goal, your next step is to monitor their progress and improvement after the workshop. Have they mastered how to use the coffee machine? Did they manage to serve coffees more efficiently? If yes, then you have achieved your goal.

Determine your workshop budget
The company should pay for all the associated costs if the workshop is for employees. However, if the event is catered to a specific group or open to the general public, you can establish a registration fee. Decide what refreshments should be served at the event and determine how much they will cost based on the anticipated number of attendees.

Besides the food and venue, you should also include the compensation for the services of the workshop presenters, facilitators, and assistants in the budget. If taking notes is encouraged, then funds must also be allocated to cover the costs of nametags, handouts, pens, and pencils.

At Venuerific, there will always be a workshop venue that will suit your budget. You can find budget, economy, premium, and luxury venues ranging from $10 to $181 per pax.

Market the workshop
Memos should be distributed to each employee who is likely to participate if it is a company workshop. Otherwise, you can send out invitations using social media channels and email. Workshops targeted at special interest groups or open to the general public should also be promoted on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. 

Prepare follow-up questionnaires
After the workshop, requesting the participants to complete an evaluation questionnaire is ideal. This will allow you to determine whether they found the workshop interesting and beneficial, as well as whether or not it lived up to their expectations.

Moreover, inquire as to whether they would mind being contacted at a later time or whether there is a means by which they can be reached so that additional information can be sent to them later.

Sending thank-you emails to all who contributed to the successful outcome of the workshop, including paid presenters and facilitators, should also be included in the final step. 

Workshop Venues in Singapore FAQs

What is the purpose of workshops?
A workshop is where a group of people with shared interests, expertise, or professions are gathered and involved in intensive discussions and research on a specific project or topic. This event is designed to teach something or upskill a participant's expertise. 

How do I find a venue for an event?
When finding a workshop venue, go to Venuerific and enter "Workshop" at the event type filter. You will be given a plethora of potential venues. Select the venue that fits your requirements and get quotations by clicking the "Request Quote" button. You can also schedule an in-person venue inspection and book the venue directly with the Venuerific team or the venue host.

How many people can attend a workshop?
Most workshops have 10 to 20 participants so everyone can have some personal attention and chances to be heard. However, large-scale workshops consisting of more than 50 or more participants can also be held. 

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