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A conference hall is a good venue for business meetings, seminars, and press conferences of all sizes because of its highly flexible seating arrangement and advanced AV equipment. Book the best conference halls Singapore has to offer here on Venuerific!

Conference Hall Rental Singapore Guide

Organising an event in a conference hall might seem challenging and intimidating, especially if you are not familiar with the required amenities and equipment. But the planning process should not be as tedious and overwhelming as you think it is. There are plenty of efficient and quality conference halls available for booking around Singapore.

If you have an excellent modern conference hall, getting everyone together for a meeting might not seem like such a big deal. Even if you have already picked a location for your event and finished the time-consuming planning process, you still have much to do.

A good Singapore conference hall has a good mix of features that make it appealing to a wide range of people. Check as many of the following points as possible to ensure you have picked the best place for your event.

  • The Singapore conference hall seating plan has enough seats for everyone who is expected to come. You should not make the conference room feel too small for guests. To find the best setup, you have to look around and talk to the people in charge of the venue.
  • The structure of the conference hall is strong. For any kind of public speaking event, it is best to hold it in a walled structure to avoid interruptions. Glass walls are a big distraction and should be avoided at all costs.
  • The setting and environment are quiet. There will already be a lot of noise in your meeting. On top of that, you won't be able to talk clearly if there is a lot of loud noise in the room.
Must-haves for an ideal Singapore conference hall rental

You do not have to find a meeting place with a beautiful view. Just keep an eye on the technical setups that need to be done for the event. When inspecting the conference hall for rent, make sure the venue has these things before securing your booking schedule.

  • LCD, LED, and Smart Boards
    Make sure that the conference room you choose has a whiteboard and a projection screen that can be used by multiple people simultaneously. The projection screen should also handle multiple touches and mouse hovers. 
  • Wi-Fi
    Internet connection is a must-have for every meeting these days. The people at the conference will be able to work together in real-time if there is a stable internet connection. They can also look up all the necessary information required for the event. 
  • AV equipment
    For your meeting to go well, you need to be able to get your ideas across to everyone there. Thus, you need a surround sound speaker system, a microphone, and so on. Just make sure to check everything out before you start working out. 
  • Seating arrangements
    Depending on who will be at your conference, you can set up the seats in several ways. You may want to set up the chairs in a U-shape, a Boardroom, a Hollow Square, or a classroom setup. Chairs and tables should be set up based on the event's purpose. A U-shaped setup is fine for a casual get-together, but a classroom is the best place for a workshop. Talk to the venue's staff about the different types of seats and how they are set up. 
  • Video conference facilities
    For video conference facilities Singapore can certainly offer top-notch technology. These are helpful if you need to call someone in another country. Video conference is often used when a company wants to save money on travel costs.
  • Air condition
    You can't let anyone on your team or in the meeting sweat the whole time. Make sure the venue you have chosen is properly air-conditioned. It is also essential that there be a backup supply facility in the event in case something goes wrong. Choose a space with a lot of natural light and good airflow. 
  • Convenient location
    An ideal Singapore conference hall rental needs to be where people can quickly and easily get to it. Since some people may be coming from far away, the conference's location should be close to transportation hubs like an airport or train station. Choose a place that is easy to get to, easy to find, and has places to stay if you need them.
  • Breakout room
    It is impossible to go to a meeting for six hours straight. So, it's essential to consider whether the venue has a separate break area where people can talk to each other and have a cup of tea without disturbing others. 
  • Reliable staff
    A successful conference always needs people who are skilled and willing to work hard. The venue staff will ensure that your group's guests have what they need. 
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best conference hall design?
Whether you are booking a hotel conference hall or a modern conference hall furniture, equipment, and design are some of the factors you should consider. To give you an idea, here are some of the ideal conference hall designs for your event needs:

  • Boardroom style: A classic conference room design that you have seen in countless movies where executives gather around a central table to talk about vital matters. It often consists of an oval or rectangular table in the centre with chairs around it.
  • Hollow square style: Typically consists of four tables placed adjacent to each other with one empty space in the middle. The empty space allows a person to navigate between tables to facilitate discussions.
  • U-shaped style: This consists of rectangular tables placed to form a U shape. This way, each person has a table in front of them that they can use when taking down notes.
  • Auditorium style: This is a classic conference room style that is similar to a theatre where a central stage is provided for the speaker. The chairs are placed in semi-circular or straight rows facing the stage.
  • Classroom style: This meeting room allows the audience to sit in rows, facing one main stage. Here, each person will have a table in front of them to allow note-taking and other tasks.
  • Banquet style: This style is built by placing round tables in a large, open room. Depending on the event, the tables can seat up to 8 persons.
Where can I find a cheap conference hall for rent in Singapore?
When it comes to conference hall rental Singapore can provide a variety of choices. You can simply use Venuerific's smart search to filter the conference halls based on your preferred budget, location, number of guests, and many other factors.

If you are looking for a cheap conference hall rental Singapore has to offer, you can find a venue costing as little as $10 to $50 per person here on Venuerific. You can also take advantage of our available conference hall venue packages and deals with costs starting from $60 up to $9,000 depending on the venue, your desired schedule, and the number of your guests. You can find a lot of affordable and efficient conference rooms around the central area of Singapore where plenty of business establishments and venues are located.

What is the difference between a conference hall and an auditorium?
An auditorium and conference hall are often used simultaneously, but they have subtle differences. Oftentimes, a conference centre is larger than an auditorium. You can hold a variety of different events in a conference hall, such as corporate meetings, award ceremonies, exhibitions, and more.

A conference room is also often compared to a meeting room. The difference between the two is that a conference room is often larger than a meeting room. Conference rooms are usually used for video conferences or when calling members from outside the venue for the meeting. On the other hand, a regular meeting room is not often used for operating conference calls. 

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