Top 50th Birthday Party Venues in Singapore

Time to make some milestone memories! Book the perfect 50th birthday party venues Singapore has to offer to make the special day unforgettable. Search Venuerific's plethora of listings ranging from restaurants, hotels, rooftops, ballrooms, and other event spaces available at any budget.

50th Birthday Party Venue Rental Guide

Even if each birthday deserves to be celebrated with joy, there is something extraordinary about becoming 50 years old. Whether you are in charge of planning a 50th birthday party yourself or are surprising a loved one for their half-century celebration, Venuerific can help you plan a 50th birthday bash that is sure to be remembered. Check out the essential considerations on how to select the best 50th birthday party venue Singapore has to offer:


The number of people who will be celebrating their 50th birthday with you will significantly impact how much money you will need to spend. After considering all of the essential family members and friends, you will be able to determine how much you will spend on the venue, food and drinks, décor, and extras, such as party favours and additional services. 

50th Birthday Party Venues in Singapore

Think back to the birthday parties you attended when you were young. See how the location sets the tone for the whole event? Why should you celebrate your birthday in the kitchen when you can host more fun and memorable party in a unique venue?

The atmosphere will set the tone for the party, and the venue will play a significant role in that. Find a venue that makes the celebrant feel like they are being recognized adequately while maintaining their sense of elegance. At Venuerific, each listing provides incredible views and makes the good times even better. The various venue types we offer include the following: 

  • Rooftop
    Whether you want an intimate or open party, renting a rooftop venue is an excellent option for throwing a 50th birthday celebration. Make sure to decorate it using your or the celebrant's favourite colours. You might also use the timeless black and silver theme to decorate significant birthdays such as these. Don't forget to hire a DJ, band, or other 50th birthday party entertainment to make the party more exciting as the guests wander around while basking in the moonlight.
  • Bar or club
    Some of the fantastic locations for any birthday party are bars or clubs. These venue types give a substantial amount of space for guests to wander around, dance, socialise, and participate in 50th birthday party games and activities. Even if the person celebrating the birthday does not drink alcohol, most bars provide a large variety of non-alcoholic beverages. Some also have available karaoke, where you will get the opportunity to show off your rendition of "Dancing Queen," "Sweet Caroline," or another song that perfectly captures your birth era. 
  • Ballroom
    A ballroom is an excellent venue for those interested in having a good time swing dancing. Find a ballroom or function hall where you and the guests can dance the night away while playing songs for the golden oldies. If you are turning fifty, chances are that the last time you went dancing was quite some time ago. Now would be the ideal moment to kick off the celebration with a lively party!
  • Theatre
    Book a whole theatre space where you can invite all the guests to watch your favourite movie during your birth era. Aside from watching movies, another thing you can do at the theatre is to include an entertaining stand-up in the 50th birthday party program. As the adage goes, "laughter is the greatest medicine," and it may lessen the emotional impact of milestone life events such as the 50th birthday.  
  • Kids and recreational
    Adults with a childlike spirit should be allowed to let loose on special occasions like birthdays. Make your 50th birthday party memorable by putting your new eyeglasses prescription to the test on the challenging arcade games or stuffing your face with junk food till your digestive problems start acting up. Book kids and recreational venues to do all of this!
  • Yacht
    It would be a shame to miss out on the chance to have a yacht party where you can spend your special day with your closest friends and family members. Rent a yacht to enjoy the majestic views of the stars while sipping some wine or having a homemade feast while cruising the soft waves of the ocean.
  • Restaurant
    Is there a particular restaurant you or the celebration have always wanted to visit? Have the meal of your dreams by making a reservation at a restaurant. The big five-oh only comes around once in a lifetime, so ensure the guests and the celebrant feel extra appreciated by treating them to champagne, caviar, lobster, or anything fancy. You could also celebrate at a diner that looks like it was from the 1950s to mirror some elegant 50th birthday party themes.
  • Hotel
    The 50th birthday party that you throw should be something everyone talks about for years to come. Do this by sending unexpected people out of town the 50th birthday party invitations. Hotels are the best venue to book if you invite guests from out of town or country. These types of venues often have in-house catering services, entertainment, transportation, and of course, lodging.

Elegant 50th birthday party themes

The following 50th birthday party ideas are some suggestions for potential themes that you may want to implement for added value:

  • Era: Show some love for the year you were born by decorating the venue with cutouts for picture ops, fancy candles, or a particular colour palette. The party will be more fun if you ask the guests to come dressed in costumes that suit the era.
  • Hawaiian: Bring some summer vibes to the party by transforming the venue into a tropical setting with the help of inflated palm palms and hibiscus flowers. Put hula skirts on each chair so everyone can boogie down in style through the night.
  • Golden milestone: Reaching 50 is a magnificent milestone that encourages you to celebrate in the most extravagant of ways. Request the guests to wear black and have the celebrant stand out in golden attire. This will make for an exciting and classy party.

Guest list size and 50th birthday party venue capacity

Find a venue that can accept and accommodate the number of people attending your event. At Venuerific, you can easily filter the potential 50th birthday party venues based on the number of guests the space can accommodate. Here is a list of the potential 50th birthday party venues Singapore can offer based on their guest capacity.

Food & drink

Food is crucial since it can help establish the mood you want for the occasion. To ensure that the birthday celebration is not only aesthetically stunning but also incredibly delectable, ensure that the venue offers a wide variety of mouthwatering appetisers, main courses, and desserts that different taste buds can enjoy. If you want to hire a separate food service for the event, find a venue that allows external catering. External catering can be excellent if you want a customised menu, such as vegetarian-friendly or halal-certified.

Audio-visual equipment

A birthday party is a celebration of life, a chance to think back on past experiences, and an opportunity to make new ones. Since looking at old photos and videos is an excellent opportunity to reflect on the last half-century, make sure that the venue has efficient and quality audio and visual equipment. 

Venue staff

The quality of the venue is directly linked to the quality of service of the staff who work there. Ensure that the venue you book can help you guarantee that every aspect of your event goes off without a hitch. If the staff is not part of the venue package, ask for help from your friends or family members for the event planning and organising. 


Most venues allow you to bring in any of your own readily detachable decorations to create a more personalised touch on the space. Find decorations that go well with the theme you have chosen, if there are any. Get matching balloons to tie around the room if your party has a theme. Add some photo booths if you want people to get some memorabilia from your unforgettable event. Another technique to encourage the commemoration of your life is to compile a picture album. You may scatter them around the venue or set a couple on each table so your guests have something to look at while they mingle. These albums also make for fantastic conversation starters. 

Party favours

Although they are not required, fascinating and distinctive party goodies will help the guests recall their wonderful time at the event. Consider giving personalised presents like mugs, coasters, candles, or magnets. 

50th birthday party games

Playing a fun game is a great way to engage people in the celebration. "Guess That Song" is a simple game that always gets the audience involved and excited. Another fun activity that involves the celebrant is a quiz about their life. The celebration should be the one to ask the questions while everyone else tries to guess the answer. Raise the stakes by giving the winner a bottle of wine, a gift card, or other prizes. 

50th Birthday Party Venue Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the other terms for a 50th birthday?

The 50th birthday party is also known as the golden jubilee. If you turned 50, you are at your golden age or the golden jubilee year. Thus, gold is the primary colour used when celebrating this special occasion. You can also add other colours such as red, black, or white.

Where is the best venue for the 50th birthday celebration in Singapore?

The most famous event spaces for a 50th birthday celebration are fancy restaurants and hotels, unique venues, and flexible event spaces. Depending on your preferences, you can hire outdoor or SG clean venues.

How much does booking a 50th birthday party venue Singapore cost?

50th birthday party packages and deals start from $100 to $9,000, depending on the venue type and the number of guests. Budget venues start at $10 per guest and can go up to $181 and above. You can filter the venues based on the price level, number of guests, areas, and more for a more customised search.

Book the best 50th birthday party venue in Singapore via Venuerific

Throw the party you have always dreamed of with the assistance of the top 50th birthday party venues Singapore has! Now that you have access to a comprehensive list of ideas for 50th birthday celebrations, get in touch with the right birthday party venues Singapore via Venuerific.

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