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To ensure that everyone will experience a glamorous prom night, you have to plan the event carefully. Throwing an awesome prom party includes selecting from a host of potential prom venues. Fortunately, we have them here at Venuerific! Check out the top prom venues Singapore has to offer below:

Prom Venue Rental Guide

Prom Venues Singapore

Back then, most proms were held in the school gym or cafeteria, but times have changed. Now, large school events such as prom are held offsite with dj entertainment Singapore options too. Choosing the best prom venues is a decision that will have a large impact on the event.

If you are part of the Prom Committee and are getting intimidated by the planning process, do not worry, we are here with some prom venue rental guidelines so you will know what to look for in the perfect place for the event. 

How to choose from the best prom venue Singapore offers

Singapore has countless potential venues where you can hold a prom party. To ensure that you choose the right location, here are some tips and considerations you must follow and make: 

  • Budget
    During the planning process, the first thing you need to do is to set up your budget. Then, allocate a part of the budget to your venue. When scouting for potential venues, make sure that only those that fit the allocated budget will be included in the list. 
  • Venue availability
    The school will most likely already have the prom schedule in mind. Make sure that your chosen venue has available slots during the prom date. In other cases, the availability of the venue will determine when you will be having the party. Many schools may compete for the same venue so make sure to book in advance or as soon as possible. 

  • Size and capacity
    Ensure that the prom venue is large enough to accommodate all the students who are expected to attend. To ensure that you are booking the right prom venue. Here is a list of potential prom venues Singapore has to offer based on the number of guests they can accommodate:
    Top prom venues for 26 to 50 students
    Top prom venues for 51 to 100 students
    Top prom venues for 101 to 150 students
    Top prom venues for 151 to 200 students
    Top prom venues for 201 to 250 students
    Top prom venues for 251 to 300 students
    Top prom venues for 300 students and above 
    Determining the number of attendees is easy. Simply get the number of Junior and Senior students and double it, assuming that every student will bring a date. You will most likely end up with a slightly larger number, which is better than booking a prom venue that is too small to accommodate all the guests.

  • Amenities
    Amenities and services are crucial factors that you should consider when booking a prom venue. Coordinate with the venue host to know what amenities will be available for the event. Some amenities and services that you will need are kitchen facilities, restrooms, a dance floor, audio-visual equipment, table and chairs, as well as dishes and silverware. 

  • Location
    The basis of the ideal prom venue location should be the distance from the school. Ideally, your chosen prom venue should be reachable within 30 minutes from the school. Keep in mind that some students may rent a limo, which charges by mile. To get a better idea of the potential venues around your area, check out the available prom venues around the Central Area, as well as the North, South, East, and West of Singapore.

  • Safety
    You should also prioritise the safety of the students when choosing a prom venue. It is vital that everyone will feel comfortable and safe throughout the event. When checking the safety of the venue, make sure that the place has an emergency exit, on-site exit, or nearby parking lots, security guards, adequate lighting inside and outside the venue, fire extinguisher and alarms, as well as CCTV cameras. 

  • Catering
    The prom party will not be complete without food and beverages. For easier planning and organising, opt for venues that offer in-house catering such as hotels and event spaces. If the venue does not provide in-house catering, ask their permission to hire an external catering service. Prom venues that allow external catering are a great choice if you have specific dietary requirements for the menu. This way, you can customise the menu to include vegetarian, halal, local, and international dishes. For the beverages, make sure the students get a welcome drink in the form of cocktails, spirits, wine, or juices.

  • Decorations, themes, and extras
    Common prom decorations include colourful napkins, flowers, or candles. There are a variety of prom flower bouquet ideas you can find on the web to help you decorate the venue accordingly. Other extras you may want to include are photographers, entertainment such as a live band or singer, or photo booths. You can choose a theme or a simple colour scheme so the students can also prepare the best outfit for prom. Check out some of the unique prom theme ideas below:
    Fire and Ice: Make the students choose between icy blue or fiery red, which will also determine the colour of their prom outfits. Use lighting and balloons creatively to play up the colour scheme. You can also offer customised beverages based on which side the students chose.
    The Red Carpet: Give the students a chance to feel like they are Hollywood stars by throwing a red carpet-themed prom party. Encourage the students to dress up like their favourite Hollywood stars and decorate the venue with a red carpet and spotlights.
    Masquerade: A classic but fun prom theme wherein students wear carnival masks to add mystery and elegance to the party. Make sure the venue has gold, red, and black details to work perfectly with the gothic theme.
    Winter Wonderland: Who says Singapore can’t pull off a winter experience? Bring in the festive spirit by decorating the venue with white fabrics and sprinkling fake snow around. If you are having the party outdoors, make sure to spray paint the tree branches white and cover them with lights for ambience.
    Galaxy: Hang fake planets from the ceiling and sprinkle glitter around to have that galactic touch. Set up a photo booth that has a large moon as a background. A space theme will help make an out-of-this-world experience.
    Prom in Vegas: Turn the venue into a casino by setting up tables for students to play card games such as poker, without betting gambling money of course. Decorate the place with life-sized dice, playing cards, and poker chips. Don’t forget the red and black colour scheme!
    Rave: Hand out glow sticks, cover the lights with colourful fabrics, and paint your decorations graffiti-style to have that disco feel. Make sure the lights are turned low and there is an awesome DJ and efficient audio-visual equipment to encourage the students to fill the dance floor.
    The Great Gatsby: If you want to take the students back to 1920, try the great gatsby theme. Decorate the venue with red and black details and use checkers on the floor.
    Black and White: A classy yet straightforward prom theme where everything is black and white, from the flooring, decorations, food, and even everyone’s outfits.
    Retro: Make the teachers enjoy the prom party as well by having a retro or vintage theme. You can choose any era you want, whether in the 1970s or 1980s. Encourage everyone to dress accordingly based on the decade’s style and make sure that the DJ you hire has a good playlist containing music from your selected era.
Prom Venue FAQs

What is prom?
A prom is a formal dance held by a high school for Junior and Senior students. It is typically celebrated at the end of the academic year, with an aim to develop the student’s social skills. In this event, students are encouraged to dress in formal attire. Activities at prom parties include dinner and dancing. 

What are the best prom venues Singapore?
The most popular choices for prom venues are hotels, specifically their ballroom and function halls. There are tons of other amazing venues you can also consider such as event spaces, or unique and outdoor venues such as rooftops and yachts

How much does a prom venue cost?
Hiring a prom venue in Singapore ranges from $10 to $181 and above per person. On Venuerific, you can use the smart search to filter the available prom venues Singapore has to offer based on the price levels such as Budget, Economy, Premium, and Luxury. You can also find prom venue packages and deals costing from $100 to $9,000.

Book the best prom venue in Singapore via Venuerific

There is so much to consider when choosing and booking the perfect prom venue. The guide above outlines the most important considerations and best party themes to help ensure a successful and memorable event. Happy prom planning! 

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