Top 21st Birthday Party Venues in Singapore

Turning 21 years of age is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So, make sure you order the best 21st birthday cake and book the cheap 21st birthday venues Singapore has to offer! Have fun spending your memorable birthday with your friends and family by booking one of the 21st birthday party venues below:

21st Birthday Party Venues Rental Guide

Planning your dream 21st birthday party can be overwhelming since you can only throw this event once. Thus, you should ensure that the special day is fun and memorable! Let us help you enter your true adulthood by throwing the most extraordinary and unforgettable birthday party. Below are some 21st birthday ideas and tips you should consider.

Unique 21st birthday party ideas in Singapore

In most countries and cultures, celebrating your 21st birthday party is a big deal since it indicates your real adulthood. Since 21st birthday celebrants are of legal age, it is often celebrated in bars where the celebrant buys rounds of drinks for their friends and family. Break the norm –- you can be unique! Check out some affordable themes and activities for your 21st birthday party venues in Singapore:

Boozy brunch

Who says 21st birthday parties are for nighttime celebrations only? Book your favourite restaurant or cafe and add some fun to their regular breakfast or lunch menu by requesting some brunch cocktails! If your chosen venue does not offer cocktails, you can book venues that allow external catering so you can customise the food and drinks.

Food tour
Bring your guests on an exclusive food tour without walking for miles. Showcase the best food in your town or your favourite country by throwing a party featuring local and international food. There are plenty of venues here at Venuerific that offer various menus covering different cuisines. 

Outdoor picnic
Appreciate majestic views and breathe in the fresh breeze by celebrating your 21st birthday outdoors! Have a modern picnic during warm weather and request the attendees to bring something to share. 

Indoor wine tasting
Why not make your party more classy and unique? Instead of ordering beers and cocktails, bring the vineyard right into your venue instead! There are many 21st birthday party venues Singapore has to offer where you have access to different wines. Make sure to have some food pairings that will complement each glass of wine.

Cooking class
Celebrate your birthday, learn a new skill, and eat your scrumptious creations by having a cooking class. This is a unique birthday party idea since you can make your favourite dishes from scratch and share them with your friends and family. You can even decide to be the instructor and teach your guests how to cook while wearing the best dress Singapore option!

Day or night cruise
Hit the high sea or lakes by hosting your 21st birthday party on a yacht. This makes a perfect idea if you are only planning to invite a few closest friends and family members to celebrate with you on your special birthday. You can choose to have a peaceful day cruise or a night party with blasting music and alcohol.

Craft workshop
Some of the best 21st birthday gifts are personalised and made by hand! Get a memento from your special day by having a craft workshop for your birthday party. You can hire an instructor or be the workshop start by teaching the guests yourself. Show your creativity and passion and foster relationships by sharing your crafts during your birthday.

Recreational activities
Avoid having a party that is all about booze and loud music. Try incorporating recreational activities such as bowling, workshops, rock climbing, and even pool activities. You and your guests do not need to have a particular skill to join. All you need is the willingness to play along and have fun. After the activities, refuel your energy by getting something to eat at the venue.

Theatre or movie show
Another unique idea is inviting guests to watch an exclusive theatre or movie show. Hire a theatre venue and let you, your friends, and your family watch your favourite or a new show together. After the show, you can head to a restaurant or a separate room within the venue to celebrate your birthday, complete with food and drinks.

A bar is indeed the best place to get some booze and enjoy your 21st birthday with your friends. However, do not limit yourself to drinking alcohol all night! Enjoy the rest of the evening by singing your favourite tunes with your pals. Now is the perfect time to indulge with some liquid confidence and get you up and running on the stage.

Game party
Transform an event space into a game party venue. Set up multiple computers or TVs and arrange various consoles and gaming options, which you and your guests can enjoy. Make sure to include your favourite games. We know one of your 21st birthday goals is probably to get drunk. You can achieve that by being creative and turning video games into drinking games!

Requesting your guests to dress up as their favourite video game characters can also be an excellent and unique addition to your potential 21st birthday themes list.

Tea party
If you are the type of girl who enjoys tea instead of booze, one of the best and most unique 21st birthday ideas for you is a tea party. You can create a gorgeous spread of cakes, pastries, and finger food. Don't forget the tea! Invite the girls and request them to dress in their classiest outfits to suit the theme.

You will never be too old to hold a sleepover party! Book a hotel room and celebrate your birthday with your closest friends. Watch movies, put on some face masks, spill some tea, or take advantage of the available facilities within the hotel 24/7.

Rooftop party
Book the tallest rooftop venue in Singapore to enjoy the stunning views of the lion city. You and your guests will surely get lots of photos and videos, which prove that you had the most incredible 21st birthday party.

Tips for throwing a memorable 21st birthday celebration in Singapore

Keep in mind that this will be your first and last chance to throw a rocking 21st birthday party. So, make your event worthy and memorable! Here are some tips to help you plan and celebrate your special day: 

Book the best 21st birthday celebration venue
Singapore has to offer A memorable party requires the ideal 21st birthday venue Singapore offers. Choose a venue that will accommodate your needs for your special night. Make sure it is in the perfect spot for all of your guests to access and fit in. Allocate some room for dancing as much as possible.

Plan some games
Playing some games on your 21st birthday demonstrates how good your relationships are with your guests and takes you on a trip down memory lane, making your birthday more special. Put your guests' knowledge to the test and see how well they know you by asking questions to which only your true friends know the answer.

Prepare supplies
Don't go to the party unprepared! Make sure you have plenty of 21st birthday materials on hand so that you can handle anything the event has in store for you. It would be best if you had tissues for those heartwarming speeches, a sick bag for the morning after, and a pizza waiting in the fridge for when you get the cravings and wobble home at the end of the night. It also helps to find a hair and makeup artist Singapore options for you and your crew, if you don't want to prepare TOO many supplies!

Don't forget about the drinks
You should celebrate your 21st birthday by toasting champagne in the morning, drinking mimosas for lunch, or seeing how many drinks you can get before midnight!

21st birthday cake
Your event needs a 21st birthday cake too! If you want a customised cake, order it at your preferred bakery in advance, so you don't have to rush at the last minute. If you want to keep the costs down, you can opt to bake the cake yourself.

21st Birthday Party Venue Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do during my 21st birthday party?

Your goal for your 21st birthday party is simply to have fun and celebrate your special day with your friends and family. You can do this by having your first sip of alcohol at your legal age, spending the day with your loved ones, and the best one – throwing a rocking party at the best 21st birthday party venues across Singapore!

Why is the 21st birthday a special birthday?

In the United States, entering nightclubs, drinking alcohol, and smoking are considered legal for ages 21 and above. Thus, your 21st birthday is a significant turning point since you can now partake in activities limited only to adults. Aside from that, 21st birthdays are considered a milestone since this is the age when young adults typically have gotten their degrees or started considering buying a house or getting married.

What are the best 21st birthday party themes?

You can incorporate countless possible themes for your 21st birthday party. Some worthy ideas in the 21st birthday themes list are casino, masquerade, black and white, disco, and more.

When should I book a 21st birthday party venue in Singapore?

It is recommended to book a 21st birthday party venue in Singapore well in advance, ideally, a few months before the event date, to ensure availability and avoid disappointment.

Why are rooftop bars popular for 21st birthday parties in Singapore?

Rooftop bars are popular for 21st birthday parties in Singapore because they offer stunning views of the city skyline, a trendy and chic atmosphere, and an ideal setting for socializing and celebrating with friends.

Book your 21st birthday party venue at Venuerific

Keep in mind that you will usually celebrate your birthday around the same time as your friends and colleagues. Thus, make sure your party will stand out from the rest by booking the perfect 21st birthday venue in Singapore! No matter your age, Venuerific always has the best birthday party venues Singapore for you.

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User Reviews for 21st Birthday Party Venues on Venuerific

5 / 5

Held a friend's 21st Birthday Party here, and I do recommend this place if you are looking for a spacious venue. The space consists of 2 levels, the top level is half the size of the 1st level but still felt spacious enough to hold adequate amount of people. We had over 60 pax that day and thank God there were 2 bathrooms, one at the top and one at the bottom, I can't imagine if all 60 pax have to share one bathroom haha! And can I also say the backdrop and default decoration of this place is amazing, the white flooring and beautiful floral backdrop just suit each other so so well. There were many other items provided for us by the lady boss too, decorative flowers, toilet rolls, soap, mop, towel, microphone, visualiser, roller screens and studio lights (this is a huge plus, taking photos with them really up our photo quality) Becca, the lady boss, is so friendly to communicate with! Transaction was easy and fast, booking was easily made as well! Overall a good experience here and we enjoyed using this place!

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Joyce Lee
5 / 5
Booked at Norris House
Balinese vibes

Norris was truly remarkable! My guests and I were left in awe of the beautiful design and attention to detail. The amenities provided were outstanding, and we were particularly thrilled to find a karaoke system with an extensive selection of songs. It added an extra layer of enjoyment to our experience.

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5 / 5
Booked at Luna
Wonderful venue. Affordable, accessible and lots of indoor parking space.

The food was great and they had a lot of amenities including karaoke. Had the flexibility to bring in some of my own bakes. Ophelia was very responsive and answered at least 50 of my questions. She helped me customize a menu based on my budget and I am very satisfied with three degree overall. Many of my guests took an interest in the venue. I hope they contacted three degree cafe afterwards. Thank you for a memorable party!

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Fion Tay
5 / 5
Booked at Alternate Space by TheParallelSpace
I’ll definitely book this space again!

My friends and I had a lot of fun at the venue as it kept us entertained the entire time. Also, a special call out to Joey who was very patient and accommodating towards me and my party. Thank you!

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5 / 5
Booked at Acquired Space

The Venue was nice and clean and very "instagrammable". There were a variety of amenities for us to use. Roy, the owner, was very friendly and quick with his replies, which aided us to make a prompt decision. Overall, we had a lot of fun at this event space. Would recommend it and book it again in the future!

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