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Affordable Themes and Activities for Your 21st Birthday Party Venues in Singapore

Samantha Mayoralgo / Reading Time 8 minutes read / Sep 21, 2023

The big 2-1 is a milestone that deserves a celebration to remember, and finding the perfect venue with affordable yet thrilling themes and activities is key to crafting a memorable experience. In this blog, we'll unveil a curated list of affordable themes and activities that will transform your 21st birthday party venues Singapore into an unforgettable celebration.  

1. Dance the Night Away at Dreams Bar & Nightlife - Essex Dreams

people celebrating and neon bar area

Step into a whirlwind of rhythm and laughter at this 21st birthday bash, where the air crackles with the promise of movement and merriment. Neon lights, pulsating beats, and fun times await you at a “Dance The Night Away” birthday party theme. Essentially, you can hold this anywhere (just get some flashing lights and a good theme going!).

However, if you truly want to up the ante of your 21st birthday party venues in Singapore, we suggest you hold this event at Dreams Bar & Nightlife - Essex Dreams. Adorned in their signature neon turquoise and pink hues, this birthday venue is the complete event package. This includes the venue use, TVs and audio systems, free-flow drinks, tasty bar bites, and even a DJ. Book with Dreams Bar & Nightlife for your 21st birthday party!

2. Have a “Childhood Trivia Night” or a Throwback Party at Junior The Pocket Bar

cartoons on walls and hands with "quiz" on it

What better way to celebrate coming-of-age than saying goodbye to the eras that have gone? A throwback party typically involves a theme where guests dress up, decorate, and enjoy activities reminiscent of a specific era or period from the past. It could be a '90s-themed party, an '80s disco night, or even further back. Elevate this with a childhood trivia night, where participants answer questions related to their childhood memories, popular culture, toys, games, cartoons and more. 

Step into the nostalgia and luxury of Junior The Pocket Bar! This charming 21st birthday party venue in Singapore offers an intimate, cozy atmosphere with its cartoon-designed walls. Moreover, Junior's unique concepts invite guests into a world of high-touch, personalized experiences, allowing them to discover rare spirits, savor expertly crafted cocktails, and indulge in concept-matching delicacies. 

3. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane with Childhood Picture Viewings at HiThere

photographs hanging on wall and event space with game lounge

Gather to look at and reminisce about childhood memories through photographs—truly an affordable yet sweet way to celebrate your 21st birthday. It's an opportunity for people to share stories, laughter, and fond recollections associated with the moments captured in your photos.

Since this needs no further decorations, the cheap 21st birthday party venues in Singapore you can choose from are a lot. However, for a comfortable, laid-back celebration with friends and family, HiThere is the perfect spot for you. Nestled away from the bustling cityscape, HiThere is a breath of fresh air. It has game rooms, AV equipment, and natural lighting gracing every corner. Enquire about HiThere on Venuerific today!

4. Feed a Crowd at Brotzeit

spread of meat board and patio dining area

Parties are honestly only as good as the food you serve; so why not just feed a crowd of loved ones for your 21st birthday party in Singapore? Break your usual routine of meals and bring them on a delicious journey of meals that they haven’t had before.

We know just the place: Brotzeit, a well-known German restaurant and bar in Singapore! They've mastered the art of crafting authentic German dishes using only the finest ingredients, ensuring every bite is a delight. From authentic German sausages to flatbread pizza, this event space in Singapore is a no-brainer for social butterflies celebrating their 21st. Book Brotzeit on Venuerific today.

5. Comic Book Themed Party at 21Above

comicbook party and activity room with ball pit karaoke and sofa

A "Comic Book Themed Party" is a lively and colorful celebration inspired by the vibrant world of comic books. Picture a setting where guests can step right into the pages of their favorite comics. The venue would be adorned with pop art, comic book panels, and vibrant bursts of primary colors. Attendees would dress up as iconic superheroes, supervillains, or beloved comic book characters, bringing the pages to life.

A venue fit for this would be 21Above, where you can sing your favorite tunes, dance like nobody's watching, or take a playful plunge into an exclusive ball pit right in the party attic! You can also round up your pals for a delightful hotpot or sizzling grill session at the outdoor dining spot, or relish a feast around a sprawling 4-meter kitchen island. A party fit for superheroes! Book 21Above on Venuerific now.

6. Personalized Signature Board at JINJU Modern Korean Bar

guest book decoration and indoor restaurant with modern designs

If you’re a sentimental celebrant not wanting to break the bank, a personalized signature board is an ideal activity for your party. As the event unfolds, the board comes alive, bearing witness to laughter, tears, and shared experiences. In the end, the board stands as a beautiful collage of sentiments—a visual echo of the celebration, forever etched in time and cherished for years to come.

There are quite a handful of 21st birthday party venues in Singapore that can match the energy of having a personalized signature board. However, there’s no venue like Jinju Modern Korean Bar. Made for birthday celebrations, this venue has a meticulous selection of marinated raw crabs, fresh sashimi, and the ocean's prized gem—abalone. And that's not all; at JINJU, every day is a musical celebration! Live music graces their space daily, so book Jinju Modern Korean Bar today!

7. Tropical Luau Themed Party at Yacht Kingdom

luau decoration and outdoor catamaran

Guests don their finest Hawaiian shirts, grass skirts, and leis, embracing the laid-back island vibe. Play some ukulele music and enjoy the ocean breeze (or maybe something like it) in your tropical luau themed party. As themes come and go, this party is easy to stage as it is a common yet fun theme. You’re on an island anyway, right? The tropics come easy to you!

For intimate parties, why not stand out by booking unique 21st birthday party venues in Singapore like Yacht Kingdom? Step into a vast floating retreat, the 56-foot Catamaran, where outdoor deck spaces invite lounging in the sun, dining, sipping drinks, and dancing under the night sky. Inside, an air-conditioned haven awaits in the form of a spacious saloon area with a bar counter. The front beckons with a sunbathing haven adorned with comfy cushions and an entertainment zone. Book Yacht Kingdom on Venuerific today.

8. DIY Cocktail in Your Honour at Barouv Singapore

close-up of cocktail and outdoor rooftop venue

Craft a cocktail that embodies and celebrates your unique tastes, preferences or achievements. Serve it around your party to add a DIY aspect that tailors ingredients, flavors, and presentations to suit the birthday celebrant’s style. It’s an activity that requires little effort and packs a punch.

Known for its delicious cocktails, BAROUV offers a vantage point where you can survey the city skyline, right in the beating heart of Singapore's bustling Central Business District. With an enthusiastic team and a canvas of the city, BAROUV is definitely one of the popular 21st birthday party venues in Singapore. Learn more about BAROUV!  

9. DIY Pizza Party at HIGHFive

close-up of pizza and indoor apartment area with kitchen

Forget an elaborate feast! Cut to the chase—or the dough, rather. A DIY Pizza Party is a deliciously interactive gathering for your 21st birthday in Singapore. Create a lively get-together where each guest becomes a pizza maestro, crafting their own personalized culinary masterpiece. It’s a delightful way to bond with your guests without breaking the bank.

Elevate your pizza party experience by choosing HIGHfive as your venue. The contemporary event space offers ample room for a lively DIY pizza-making gathering, where guests can craft their customized pizzas using a variety of delicious toppings. With a blend of luxury and comfort, HIGHfive provides the perfect backdrop for a memorable pizza party on your 21st birthday party. Book HIGHFive on Venuerific! 

10. Game Night at Norris House

people playing games and bohemian style room

Last but not the least, imagine a gathering where friends and family come together to revel in a night of laughter, competition, and good-spirited fun. Don’t have a vast selection of games on-hand?

Get ready for a whirlwind of entertainment at Norris House! From classic games like Pool Table, Board Games, Card Games, and Foosball to interactive sessions with Karaoke Machine and Playstation 4, the fun never ends. Balinese-style 21st birthday party venues in Singapore such as this one can also challenge your skills with beer pong, mahjong, poker, and an arcade pandora box. Plus, for a touch of nostalgia, enjoy a game of Pool, creating a delightful blend of classic and modern gaming for everyone to relish. Book Norris House only on Venuerific! 

Final Word

21 on yellow background

Your 21st birthday is a significant milestone, and the island offers a plethora of budget-friendly options without compromising on the fun and excitement. From vibrant themes like retro, beach, or masquerade to engaging activities such as DIY cocktail making, karaoke, or game nights, the city has something to suit every taste.

As you embark on this journey of turning 21, may your party at birthday party venues in Singapore be a reflection of the joy, youth, and excitement that this age signifies. Here's to a memorable 21st birthday bash filled with laughter, love, and unforgettable moments!

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