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Hari Raya is the last day of Ramadan, a month of fasting. Celebrate the end of the event with your friends and family by booking the top Hari Raya venues Singapore and the best halal restaurants Singapore has to offer!

Hari Raya Venues Rental Guide

Hari Raya is an event celebrated after overcoming personal struggles during Ramadan and completing the fast. Nowadays, Hari Raya celebrations are more unique since we no longer have to follow the strict rules from years past.

A guide to celebrating Hari Raya in Singapore

Muslims have to do different rituals and things in Mecca and three other nearby places, such as Mina, Arafat, and Muzdalifah. Hari Raya marks the end of the Hajj, a pilgrimage that every Muslim who is healthy enough and has enough money must do once in their lives.

  • Origins
    Muslims celebrate Hari Raya to remember that the Prophet Ibrahim was willing to sacrifice his son Ismail to show his loyalty to God. Just as Ibrahim was about to make the sacrifice, God stepped in and gave him a sheep instead. Folklore says that God gave the father and son the job of building the Kaaba, a square stone building in Mecca that faces the direction where Muslims worship from all over the world.

  • Prayers
    Muslims go to the mosque early on the day of the festival to hear sermons and pray. Even though bigger groups can now meet, you still need to reserve a seat at a mosque because more people are likely to come. 

  • The Korban
    Hari Raya Haji is often linked to a korban, which means sacrifice. To honour the Prophet Ibrahim and his son Ismail, people who can afford to do so sacrifice animals like sheep, goats, and cows. People who are struggling will get some of the meat from the sacrifice.

  • Lessons
    There are many things to learn from this Muslim holiday. Most Muslim holidays are about making sacrifices, but this one is about how important it is to have faith in God. It also reminds us that many people may need our help. So, it is okay to give the meat from the sacrifice to people who will enjoy it more than we do. 

How to organise a Hari Raya

When hosting a Hari Raya event, some of the most critical parts you need to think about carefully are the food, venue, guest list, schedule, and more. There are many things to think about before you host a Hari Raya open house. Fortunately, organising a Hari Raya is no longer a burden now that there is a plethora of venues that can help you host events like this. Here is a quick guide on the major factors that you should focus on when planning a Hari Raya event.

  • Venue
    Open houses for Raya are usually held at people's homes. But if you want to save time, effort, and expenses, you can always rent a Hari Raya venue. Since it will be your job to keep your guests entertained, booking a venue will help reduce the amount of work you have to do.

  • Buffet offerings
    Hotels can't go wrong with serving a selection of scrumptious food, which includes traditional Malay food and street food. Traditional dishes, like rendang, curry, and Soto, bring back fond memories that will leave your guests wanting more. You can also pour free cordial punch and soft drinks to quench thirst as a final touch. Since setting up a buffet is hard on its own, one way for you and the venue to make things easier is to offer a fixed menu and package options. 

  • Decorations
    When it comes to event decorations, people often like them best when they have a theme. Arabic architecture, kampung houses, and batik fabric are all popular choices for backgrounds and decorations. Paper ketubahs that hang from the ceiling, LED or multicoloured lights, and other ornaments are also excellent ways to welcome your guests. 

Hari Raya Event Activities Ideas

Has the time of year when everyone celebrates Hari Raya come around again? A Hari Raya open house is something that you may want to go to or host. Hosting a Hari Raya open house may be challenging and take a lot of time because it requires a lot of planning. Here are some ideas for your Raya get-together: 

  • Entertainment
    A lot of venue packages come with standard audiovisual and entertainment equipment. Thus, you can hire an outside emcee or set up live entertainment if you want to. Just make sure that the venue host is informed of these things. As a nod to the past, the entertainment should focus on Hari Raya, like kompang performances and live singers singing traditional Malay songs. If you have enough money, you could hire a band or singer to entertain your guests during your Raya open house. Or you can even build a small photo booth with props for your guests if you can.

  • Choose healthy halal food
    The food is the main attraction at a Hari Raya event. Most of the time, Malay food and meals are served. You could give home-cooked food if you or someone in your family is an excellent cook. Since cooking takes a lot of work, you can always hire an external catering service or book a halal restaurant Singapore to take some things off your hands.
Common etiquette during a Hari Raya event

Even if you are hosting the event, there are various etiquette that you and your guests should follow during your Hari Raya celebration. Take a look at some of them below:

  • Get dressed appropriately
    Don't go to a Raya open house in shorts, miniskirts, or singlets. You must wear clothes that protect you and avoid revealing things. You could wear traditional Malaysian clothes like baju Melayu or baju kurung, as well as other clothes you like. 

  • Put as much food in your stomach as you can
    It is good manners to eat most of the food served since the host will be happy to see that their guests are full. However, do not try to eat everything on the table. Remember to leave some food for the other guests! Just fill your stomach with as much food as it can hold. You do not want to eat too much and then get sick. 

  • Use your right hand to eat
    Malaysians who eat with their hands tend to use their left hand most of the time. On the other hand, Malay culture says that using your left hand to eat is rude or unclean because it is used to clean yourself after going to the bathroom. 

  • Do not open your money packet in front of everyone
    If you get a Raya packet, you shouldn't open it immediately, especially in front of the host. You have to be out of sight before you can open it. Refrain from using your left hand to take the packages; use both hands or your right hand. 

Hari Raya Venues Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

What is an "open house" for Hari Raya?

During the month of Syawal, also called Hari Raya Puasa or Hari Raya Aidilfitri, many Muslims would have open houses and invite people of all races, religions, and cultures to their homes. Most of the time, anyone can stop by during certain times to talk and eat meals from a buffet. The differences in races and backgrounds are not a barrier when it comes to Hari Raya events. Even non-muslims can participate in the festivities.

When should a Hari Raya event be held?

Most people hold Hari Raya celebrations at the end of Ramadan. Hari Raya falls on the first day of the 10th month, as per the Hijrah calendar. Since the Hijrah is a lunar calendar, the dates of Hari Raya vary from year to year.

Where can I celebrate Hari Raya?

You can book a venue where you can celebrate Hari Raya with your friends, families, or co-workers. Some of the popular venue types that are often chosen for Hari Raya celebrations are hotels, restaurants, and event spaces. These types of venues are suitable for such celebrations since they can offer a wide variety of dishes based on your preferences and requirements. You can also hire internal or external catering to ensure that the food and drinks will suit your event even better. Aside from the food, venues for Hari Raya should also be large enough to accommodate the number of guests that you are planning to invite. Keep in mind that the event requires additional space for the buffet area as well as table and seat arrangements.

Organise The Best Hari Raya Singapore Has to Offer

Planning and hosting your Hari Raya celebration is not going to be tedious and overwhelming if you book the perfect Hari Raya venue in Singapore here on Venuerific! You can also check out more tips on how to celebrate the event, as well as have an idea of the best places to go to during Hari Raya when you read this blog. Find the best birthday venues Singapore has to offer today!

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